2017 First Annual Beijing OzBargain Meet up

The first annual Beijing Ozbargain meet up was held today. Mskeggs and Altomic meet up and enjoyed a motorised boat cruise around Qianhai lake. Beijing bargainology was discussed. #1 tip when mall shopping - look for the rampaging hoard of middle age women to find the bargains.

Next years meet up will be determined by the cheapest airfare based on kilometers divided by cost.

Funny story - in a city of 25,000,000 I was on the top floor of Tiyani market. Saw a bloke with his son next to me in a store. I asked if he was Australian, he said "yes", I enquired "mskeggs?" It was. What are the chances?


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    great story,
    i hope you pass it down for generations to come.


    It is Tianyi market btw.


      The news says it is due to close. Don't know if the Boxing Day/Black Friday crowds were up because of that, but wow! It was busy.


        Seems like it is closing down according to some news articles. That is when you get the ultimate bargains.

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      Not a big market huh?

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        Only 7 floors and across 2 buildings with over 1500 stalls and probably over 25,000 customers (probably way more), I was glad to be a 183 cm guy weighing 90kgs just to be able to push the throng.

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    Cheers Altomic.
    A good time was had by all.
    I must say I was a bit startled to be accosted by name in a place pretty alien to my usual haunts.
    I'll know not to bother with planning next time, pretty good chance to meet your fellow OzBargain members just heading to the local cheap joints.


    I asked if he was Australian

    Did you ask because you heard him speak? (i.e. accent)

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      We knew we were in Beijing at the same time, as we both bought tickets in the same cheap deal and I had previously made a flippant comment to have a meet up.
      The unexpected crossing of paths was a surprise.
      I look pretty Aussie. I think in a place like Asia you can often spot the Aussie due to the way they dress, hair cut, sun-damaged skin, compared to smartly dressed Europeans with blow dry haircuts and good complexions or less smartly dressed Americans with baseball caps commemorating a navy vessel and bumbag, even if the American was silent for a moment ;-)
      Not that I was rocking a Bintang singlet or sporting a southern cross neck tattoo…


        Nice one. It does sound nicely coincidental.

        I had previously made a flippant comment to have a meet up

        I recall reading that comment. Was tempted to tell you guys to get a room ;)

        But you don't need a room. You've got the whole Tianyi market to yourself!

        Do either of you speak Chinese (out of curiosity)? I'd imagine you'd have a somewhat different experience being able to speak Chinese.


          I read some kanji (Japanese) so that sort of helped but my Mandarin is nonexistent.

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          I learnt to count to ten on the plane…
          Most people in a shop or a cafe know the universal English words, yes/no/ok which are pretty communicable with sign language anyway. I learn greetings and please/thank-you/sorry/excuse me.
          Every market stall has a calculator to hand to facilitate haggling.
          The worst that happened was I order some chicken hearts by mistake (ok but chewy) and another BBQ stick with the cartilage bit from a chicken breast (not good eating).

          The only thing I particularly miss is being able to strike up random conversations, but I found here I was approached by a few different people seeking to practice their English (legitimately, as well as a few touts trying to sell things). My son is blondish and attracts teen girls asking to take a pick with him.

          I'd love to learn another language, and spent a year doing Italian night classes once a week, but how, can you possibly learn all the languages to support the destinations available,each week on the front page here!


        Is it racist if it's true? 🤔


      Yes. Accent and white guy.

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    What are the chances?

    one in 25 million.

    I'm good at probability :)

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    So are you guys married now and when's the honeymoon and will it be at costco?

    Can I be maid of honouring bargains?

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      Waiting for the plebiscite to pass.

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      Can't rule it out, but more likely the next generation, as he does have some lovely daughters, and my son is less feral than many that age. A joining of OzBargain dynasties, Game of Thrones style.

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    Now he's on the same train to the airport.
    Bloody stalker.

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    Wow! What are the odds of this - incredible. (Just saw this rather old post … but find it amazing!)

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