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Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Convertible Stand with AFC Adapter (2017 Model) US $57.07 (~ $71.10) Delivered @ Amazon


This Samsung Convertible Fast Charge Wireless Pad (2017 model) was very popular in this deal from TGG https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/322367

It's slightly more expensive now at ~$71.10, but this is US model, which comes with Adaptive Fast Charge Adapter + USB type-C cable (same as the one provided with S8/S8+)

Only Tan colour available at this price (I think this colour isn't available for sale in Australia?). Cheapest according to 3xCamel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Should be compatible with new iPhones?


      should be as apparently the new iphone wireless charging is also using the qi standard =/



    while there are many chargers that claim to be "Qi" compatible I found 2 wireless chargers in a Samsung store and only one worked on my Samsung Galaxy Note.

    The wireless chargers typically need 5v 2A power supply and have a tolerance of up to 5mm from the wireless charging point to the actual wire inside the case that is - the closer the case to the wireless charging point the better. There are differences in charging units, from the very cheap $5 to the $100 Samsung 2017 Fast Charger. In my experience I found that the genuine Samsung wireless chargers definitely work better/faster than the cheaper units.

    "But in the meantime, Apple said, you can use any charger that uses the Qi standard — the same wireless charging format that Samsung and other phone makers use."

    If you plan on adding an aftermarket case to an iPhone 8, depending on the material and thickness it may or may not work.


      How old was the note? Some phones are 'nicer' than others with chargers.

      But yes, brand name product do work better for charging and yes you really need the right wall wart otherwise the charger won't work correctly.

      For this reason, I would buy AU stock to get a AU wall wart.


        hi the wireless chargers generally do not come with power suppliers so the AU plug isn't an issue. 2A charger makes the biggest difference.

        My Samsung was a Note 4 with a Samsung Wireless case. In this situation you remove the original rear housing from the phone, insert the phone into the wireless case which has the qi charger built in. There are aftermarket cases like the Samsung but they may not provide the touch screen (in the clear window on the outside of the case), access to volume controls, and another function which activates the case when it closes. I assume theres a magnet / NFC or something in the Samsung case.



          Not sure what wireless chargers you have gotten, but all my BRAND NAME ones like the Samsung/Google ones have come with wall warts. The cheap no name ones are minus them. But we're talking about the Samsung one, not these.

          Interesting the Samsung the wireless case was a bit picky.


    Lots of options for <$60 on ebay. What am I missing?



    Also, is this much better than other quality chargers, say from Belkin, Anker etc?

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      From what I've found on the net, the AU (and EU) models don't come with the actual fast charger and USB-C cable, just the wireless charger, which you need to plug in to your current fast charger that came with the phone.

      Of course, you will receive a US charger from Amazon though, not an Aussie one.

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      Many are fake


      I've been wondering the same thing too. If they're grey imports they won't be covered under warranty by Samsung Australia - has anyone messaged to confirm this before?


        AMAZON is generally very good with their warranty or after sale services. They usually pay for your return shipping cost for high valued items or full refund for cheap items without the need of returning it. (This is my personal experience with them, but YMMV)


    With out shipping amazon shows 49$ usd for tan!