Overnight Car Park in Sydney CBD

Can I please get suggestion on where I can park my car for an overnight in the city (Sydney CBD) at a reasonable rate?

Any input will be much appreciated. TIA


  • carparking.info might help

  • Is it possible for multiple entries for Secure Parking or Wilson Parking?

    Plan to enter Saturday but need to travel in and out the city and overnight then exit the next day.

  • Allianz Centre is showing as $21 (cheaper using the NRMA17 discount) with entry on a Saturday entering at 6pm and leaving at 9am the next day. You can shift the times to suit but cost may increase. Also leaving before 6am is $10 from memory.

    Otherwise park out in the suburbs somewhere and train it in.

  • Which side of the Sydney CBD? There is a big difference in pricing from one side of town to another. Can you tell us the nearest corner?

    1. Make sure you check the hours for the car park you are staying in. Some do not open 24 hours. You don't want to be locked in.
    2. Rates are charged per exit.
    3. For multiple entries and exits throughout the night you could park your car up until around midnight and then move your car onto the street. Make sure you check the street parking signage to be suitable for you.
  • Recommend checking out https://application.sharewithoscar.com - you can park overnight for pretty cheap in the cbd or even just outside the cbd as well.