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AFL rules Richmond will wear clash jumper in AFL grand final. WTF. That's BS

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    Good win in your grand final today. Unfortunately the real GF is next week.

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    Hoping for an easy win against them next week


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    As a long suffering Carlton supporter still at least half a decade away from a Grand Final I am fully on board the Tiger Train right now… great game!


      As a long suffering Carlton supporter

      Last time Richmond was in a GF (1982), you guys beat us. Carlton have had the pleasure of playing in a GF 7 times, winning 4 of them, since 1980. Last time Richmond won a GF was against Collingwood (1980). And you say your "long time suffering". lol.

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    "AFL rules Richmond will wear clash jumper in AFL grand final. WTF. That's BS"
    Crows finished higher on the ladder. simple

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    The Crows been the best team all year, cant see them losing.

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    Who cares you'll get flogged by Adelaide next week


    As a bulldogs supporter im hoping the Yellow and black can get up next week! good on ya!

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    It's in the Tiger's blood to disappoint - hopefully Coles/Woolies/Aldi will run a special on tissues next weekend for you supporters.




    Either way its a big weekend for Beyond Blue… be it shattered Richmond fans when they lose or everyone else having to put up with Richmond fans when they win.

    And is winning a Grand Final having played 2 home finals to get there even considered a premiership when compared to the road that last years premiers had to take?

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