Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro

I'm currently presented with somewhat of a predicament.

I have an Xbox One, and am looking to move into a 4K gaming console before the end of the year. I cannot decide between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, with the following proposition:

Benefits of PS4 Pro: Opens up a new game library, Many of my friends use this platform, Gives me flexibility between PS and XB titles

Benefits of Xbox One X: Much more powerful (which is the main reason I am upgrading), Will be roughly the same price as I can trade my Xbox One towards it, I prefer the XB platform over PS (XBL much better service, Controller is insanely better than the DS4, etc)

I am extremely busy, with a total of 0 days off over the next 10 weeks so this decision won't be executed until early December (if not delayed until Christmas to capitalise on sales), so I will be able to see out the early artificial stock shortages of the One X and any teething issues, as well as the potential for Sony to get aggressive and cut the price of the Pro to drive people away from the OneX.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and can she light on what they have decided to do?


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    both will still play games at 30FPS, buy a gaming PC and 144hz screen and youll never want to go back..

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      If you do not desire to play your games hunched over a keyboard/mouse; and sit back on your couch with 0 effort required to set up games, consoles are awesome.

      Pick whatever one you want the exclusives off.

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        its 2017, all console controllers work on a PC…..

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          True but not many people have a couch in front of their PC monitor, or a PC monitor as large as their tv.

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          @GreyGargoyle: no, but they have these magical components called GPUs which have HDMI ports in them. thus allowing you to plonk down in the comfort of your lounge room and play just as you would with a console, just with the ability to do more things.
          and the argument from eggmaster about 0 effort it bollocks. the amount of day one updates for console games that are HUGE downloads is ridiculous.
          i dont really have a side as im a console and PC gamer and i do both on my TV.


        I use an xbox controller and sit on my couch.


        Steam and other launchers take most the effort out of game setup anyway. It installs, patches and installs prerequisites. It can even do your driver installs for you. You have to be pretty bone idle to not be able to figure out PC gaming in 2017.

        Steam also natively supports Xbox and PS4 controllers, Windows too but less customisation, and there are endless third party tools if you don't like those options.

        Can even stream games from a PC in another room to your TV with a $20 box if you don't want the PC in the room with your TV.

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    Most of the developers will produce base game + enhanced edition for the "pro" consoles - I foresee third party games basically being the same on Pro vs X, obviously first party games are going to be optimised for the system they are on, and MS doesn't really have too many system sellers these days.

    The biggest factor for most people is the platform your friend have (multiplayer, swapping games, etc).

    I find the PS+ free monthly games better than the Games with Gold, as well as the deals more attractive.

    Playstation is cheaper.

    I bought the Pro mainly for the PSVR and can't really tell the difference in resolution, that said, HDR looks lovely (but base consoles do HDR now, with the exception of Xbox One Original)


    "XBL much better service, Controller is insanely better than the DS4"

    This is bullshit ive seen people on xbox have the same problems i have/seen others have on PSN
    Party chat issues
    Nat type issues
    Slow download issues
    Ive seen people complain about on BOTH!

    As someone who plays rocket league 716 hours and counting and other games like Forza horizon 3 on PC with a Xbox one controller and plays a lot on PS4 with a PS4 controller both are awesome Xbox is certainly NOT "insanely" better or better at all there both equal with nothing making on better or worse than the other.

    As for the console

    Pro's for PS4 Pro:
    Better and A LOT more exclusive games (which are insanely fun)
    Your mates are there

    Pro's for Xbox one x:
    More power system

    Pointless to get something that has no games and no one to play with.

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    Ah, I love these Xbox vs. Playstation topics. Brings the "best" out of the knowledgeable.

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    Having both played extensively on the PS4 and Xbox One, I have to say the Xbox Live network is better than the PS network. Just less dropouts, more servers and generally better service all around. Downside is the freaking advertising everywhere (like I need that on a $600 console) and how Microsoft loves redesigning the UI every couple of years. Also as someone with large hands, the Xbone controllers are amazing compared to the DS4's (though perfection has not existed since the X360 controller).

    PS Plus generally has better monthly games, a larger catalog and more sales than Microsoft though, so I end up playing way more games on the PS4. Plus most of the Japanese games come out on PS4, so if you're a bit of a weeb keep that in mind. Also keep in mind Microsoft is bringing most of it's big titles to PC too so if you have a gaming PC as well(like I do), the Xbox gets a bit redundant.

    Ultimately, get the console your friends game on, that by far is the most important thing.

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    Why does it have to be a choice ? if you can afford 1 then you can afford both. Just buy both and enjoy.


    Get a PC if you want to game.
    Better backwards compatibility, better online experience, better accessories, better graphics and sound, and cheaper.

    Get a console for the exclusives.

    Gaming on the go?
    iPhone, Android, Nintendo Switch.


    Don't buy an Xbox one! I made this decision and strongly regret it! Reason: all the good games I want to play are on PlayStation. And a BS amount of updates all 3 times I've actually sat down and played it.

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    You have an Xbone, so double your potential gaming library and get the PS4 Pro. Its the better 4k device anyway.

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    STOP. You do not play graphics - you play games. The Xbox One X will be a great bit of hardware, but unfortunately it won't see enough exclusives to make it worth the heavy premium you'd need to pay to make it worthwhile. I'd stick with the Xbox One you have to play the same games as will be available for X - the graphics are still good, it won't make a huge difference in how you enjoy the game.

    Don't get a PS4 PRO just because of 4K - get it because you want to broaden your reach and try one of the many unique console exclusives that they have.

    People get too focused on which console is the most powerful, in the end it doesn't really mean much. The Xbox was more powerful than the PS2 but the PS2 killed it. The PS3 was more powerful than the Xbox 360 - but the 360 came out earlier and had more games for a while and did pretty well. The PS4 and the Xbox were similiar in power (some RAM differences) but in the end the PS4 kicked ass because they invested in a lot more games and exclusive content.

    Don't believe the hype. Graphics aren't everything. Just look at the success of Nintendo to understand that gameplay beats graphics. Graphics is just easier to market.


    personally, unless you're a poor teenager or extremely busy and have no time for games, just get everything…

    i dont see how anyone can choose xbox over ps4. they locked up this generation years ago. the run of games they have coming out right now in particular and the next 6-12months is epic. i barely game but find a ps4, a switch and a pc covers all the best games have to offer.

    each has a fundamentally different mindset though, veging on the couch, sitting in your lil study/computer room, or in bed or on the go etc. all bases covered but the couch does rule supreme for me and ps4 is no contest.

    people espousing the benefits of xbox live are full of it, psn has literally paid for itself several times over and the online experience is great and always has been.. any xbox game you might want to play, you can do so just fine even on low level windows pc with a 200-300 video card and still be better off.


      Pretty much this. If you wanted to play every modern videogame that comes out, you would miss out on a large percentage if you got a PC and an Xbox One, but you would miss out on barely anything if you got a PC and a PS4. Microsoft's silly decision of making everything multi-platform makes it redundant for people like me to buy the console.

      Earlier in the month, a colleague and I added up how expensive it would be to make a low end 'xbox quality' PC, and it came to 986, with a 1060 and without an SSD. For that price you can play all your Forza's and Gears of War's, and everything else coming out except for exclusives. Keeping in mind, that might be a big difference between the Xbox and the PC, but it has decades of backwards compatibility and emulation.

      Used to be a strong xbox supporter, but if a console has no exclusivity, I'll just play the game I wanted on the PC I already own. Seems to be Windows has been porting some exclusives to steam, of all things, so I don't even have to wade through their store to get it.

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    xbox more powerful - store generally more expensive unless region hop.

    pro - half baked upgrade - in comparison over priced. Slash the pro price it wins for the next year. NEEDS TO DROP 75- 100 is all.

    Pro game patches are substantial and hit and miss.

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    Xbox One X has better hardware - more power, more graphics.

    PS4 has better games - more exclusives, more variety.

    I personally get 10x more use out of the PS4.