Question Regarding Purchasing Property in Reservoir [VIC]

Sorry if the topic in discussion excludes so many people due to the specificity of the area.

Basically, I am searching for a property in the Reservoir area in Victoria.

I heard from multiple sources that there is a 'bad side' of Reservoir and a 'good side' of Reservoir.
I am aware that the closer to the city I get, the more expensive properties will get which gives me the idea that it will be less 'bad' but I heard north west of Reservoir train station has a lot of government housing and has a higher presence of crime and drug use compared to the other areas.
It hasn't been long since I moved interstate into Victoria so I would appreciate some advice from people who know the area well.

Which side of the area should I definitely avoid if I want to avoid getting my house burgled?

Thanks in advance.



    broadmeadows or frankston are better buys


    I'd be careful of flooding and insurance issues due to the constant threat of water damage.


    I live on the north east side, near Ruthven train station, and can confirm this is the good side ;)

    Also NW of Reservoir station, has the 500,000 volt transmission towers. (Eyesores, alleged radiation).

    Depending on where you work, you don't want to be crossing the High Street, Cheddar Road intersection during peak hour. The boom gates are down for about 30 minutes every hour, and they are starting the level crossing removal soon.


    Looking at Google maps, I assume best place to be is either close to Edwardes St or Broadway where the shops, trains and police station are. Or South East closer to Northlands Shopping Centre.

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