Which Credit Card Gives Points for Paying VicRoads Registration?

Which credit card gives reward points for VicRoads rego payment? I'm thinking of applying for a new Visa or Mastercard with sign up bonus but I'm not sure if payment to VicRoads counts toward min spend (for bonuses)

I had briefly chatted with Citibank online (Sig Visa) and ANZ (Black) and were told the same thing…no points for payment made to government agencies including VicRoads, and doesn't count towards minimum spend ($3,000 for Citi Sig, $2,500 for ANZ Black)…somehow I think they might be wrong.

My last option would be to use up all the eftpos gift cards purchased using Amex to pay VicRoads…but then again I don't know if paying over the counter is an option…I'm still waiting for VicRoads to reply.



    but then again I don't know if paying over the counter is an option

    the answer is no



      Over the counter at Post Offices is an option I'm reasonably sure?


        Not sure. It could be an option (too lazy to find rego paper and look) but it wasn't listed on the vicroads website on how to pay your rego.

        So maybe its been removed recently. Auspost do charge vicroads a fee for accepting payment etc.


      I just paid for my rego over the counter today using 8 $100 eftpos gift card. Took a long time though. they said they never did it before. Max was $300, so they split it into 3 transactions


    I got points for my Vic Roads payment on my Woolworths Visa Card last January. But I don't know how often they offer sign on bonuses.

    I'd also be wary of them as it seems as though it is hit or miss sometimes with what they regard as Government spend. I received points for a Department of Immigration purchase as well in the same month.

    Presumably it is processed offshore, and our friends in the Phillipines don't know what to classify as government!


    I just paid my Vic Rds rego and for the first time, paid direct BSB into their account. If you read the fine print, there is now a nasty surcharge for all credit card and visa payments. Never used to be before.


    The extra you pay using the credit card will counteract the points. Isn't there a 1% or so charge when you pay the bill with a CC?

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