Quality Roasted Coffee Beans for Cheap?

Hi All,

Would appreciate if you could help me find cheap roasted coffee beans!

My wife is a total coffee snob, and so far has refused to get anything but Campos roasted coffee beans (not ground) for our home coffee machine & grinder. These are quite expensive though, around $15 for a 250g bag. We usually get the Roma & Dark City blends (the darker ones).
This contributes quite a bit of $$ to our monthly shopping bill, so was wondering if anyone knows a good online (or even bricks&mortar in sydney cbd) place to buy beans a fair bit cheaper.

Happy to buy bags as big as 500g, and dont mind buying a few at a time, but wouldnt go for 1kg bags as we cant drink that quick enough and after a bag is opened it loses a bit of its freshness. Have never tried freezing unground coffee beans, actually, not sure if thats an option.

Have tried the $4 Aldi organic coffee, but wife recons its not up to scratch.

So, can anyone recommend high quality cheap roasted un-ground coffee beans please?

thanks so much!
Regards, Dimitry


  • Have tried the $4 Aldi organic coffee, but wife recons its not up to scratch.

    time for a new wife

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      but i like her! :)

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    I buy all of mine from Coffee Snobs. I buy green beans and roast them myself using just the regular oven, about 15 minutes effort a week and 1Kg of green beans is usually $9.50-13. This way I know they are always freshly roasted and you can keep the green beans for months without them going stale like roasted beans.

    Will take a couple of batches to work out what you're doing, but once you've done it a few times it's really easy.

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      Doing this saves me over $1,000 per year and gives me access to the best coffee.

    • hmm, roasting our own.. never thought of that, but the wife will probably dig that. Should try it!
      Any recommendations on how to store green coffee, and how long one can store it for?
      Also, is there any generally accepted length of time one can store roasted beans in vacuum sealed bags before going stale?

      Might grab the trial pack of their roasted coffees, and then whichever is best we could buy in green.


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        It comes in bags that can be used for storage. I think I've read 12 months should be no problem for storing green beans, just keep them in a cool dark location would be my only suggestion. I buy about 4-6 month supply at a time generally. The available beans change over time, so don't get too attached to one type.

        Never tried vacuum storage for beans, but the freshly roasted beans are best consumed within 3-10 days of roasting I have found. (Don't use them within the first 24 hours). I use a Friis Coffee Vault to store my roasted beans, and works well. It was definitely cheaper to import these when I bought them rather than buying locally.

      • another vote to roast even as basic as a frypan OUTSIDE with wooden spoon

    • hi, hope it is not too late to ask about your process. When you say you roast the beans using just the regular oven. Do you mean like in grill option in the oven? Could you expand a bit more on this process as I found your answer fascinating. Thanks

  • Try the Coles organic fair trade. $5 for 250g.
    I must say if I was prepared to spend $60 a kilo, I'd be looking for a local roaster. I would expect around $30kg.

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    Aldi dark roast (red bags) are nice.

    • +1 after reading https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/325013 I bought a 1kg bag for $11.50 at Aldi.
      I'll struggle to finish 1kg before they go stale.

    • The Aldi's i go to in Syd (Broadway, Marrickville, Canterbury) only ever seem to have the $4 Medium Organic stuff. Or am i looking on the wrong shelves perhaps?

  • Any chance a nearby cafe your wife likes would do you a solid and sell you half a bag?

    • maybe, but not a sound long-term strategy..
      Even though there's only 2 of us in the house we still go through a sh*t-tonne of coffee

      • Then buy a kg bag off them..
        used to sell a bag or half bag either ground or not to good customers who asked if we could
        Given coffee shops obviously buy in bulk they might give u a good price. You'd wanna find one that typically doesn't actually sell coffee beans, cos then they'll just conjure up a price or base it on what they pay for the beans?

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    source GREEN coffee adn roast at home if you need consistency the grab a "Behemor" will do batvhes in a perfect size for you from beanbay.coffeesnobs.com.au which includes free delivery and a circa $40(delivered indivdually) bag of green coffee beans
    $30-$60+ per kilo or a $499 roasting machine with 2.5kg raw = 2.2kg roasted coffee included the machine is already down to $440-$420
    not affiliated but have roasted near on 200gk of my own coffee in a pot and heat gun

    • Planning to go the green bean route. Dont super wanna spend $500 on a coffee roasting machine though. There's ones circa $100 on ebay, would those do the trick?


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        Would definitely not buy a 110 volt roaster, you'd need to buy a power converter as well, and I wouldn't expect it to last a year. Start with the popcorn popper, or a heat gun. I've roasted with just about everything and even if you bought a roaster I'd recommend you buy a popper because it gives you a good understanding of what happens to the beans as they roast.

        My Behmor is over 10 years old now, so more than 250 kg roasted and it paid for itself in the first six months.

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    I can highly recommend Manna Beans, who post deals on ozbargain regularly (though they rarely make the front page).
    They pretty much always have an active ozbargain deal of 4 x 480g bags for $60 so considerably cheaper than $15 for 250g.
    The coffee is always freshly roasted and it's always a different range of single origins and blends.
    Been buying these deals for years now and been very happy with the coffee.


  • Manna has Geisha Coffee now. Give that a try.

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