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MSI GeForce GTX470 1280MB Only $249! [Coupon Code REMOVED]


MSI GeForce GTX470

  • 1280MB DDR5
  • 607MHz Core
  • 3348MHz Memory
  • 320 Bit
  • PCI-E 2.0
  • 2x Dual Link DVI
  • HDMI
  • DirectX 11
  • Military Class Hi-C Cap
  • 3 Year Warranty

WAS $299… NOW ONLY $249

Enter Promo Code: OCAU470 to redeem

Limit 1 per customer, Offer strictly whilst stocks last!

[Coupon Code REMOVED]

Deal exclusive to OCAU Members Only.

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  • Nice, cheapest I found is $280, i heard there are heating problems with this card though ?

  • not bad :/ good timing right after i spent $700 on computer components >.<

  • This or GTX460 king at this pricerange?

  • I reckon a 1.2gb GTX 470 at $249 has to be better than a 1gb GTX 460 at $229.

    The extra memory and faster processor must mean something.

  • Nice price, but the $20 shipping to NSW kinda hurts. Yeah, I can go run pickup a GTX 460 1GB at $229 from Fluidtek 20 minutes away as well… Is the $40 premium worth it?

  • Damn the GTX470 has really come down in price… I bought my Gigabyte one from 9289 literally like 2 months ago on 'special' for about $330…

    From what I've read, the GTX470 is in a different league to the GTX460.

    Coming from a pair of 9800GT in SLI, this GTX470 is a beast. Furthermore, my idle temp on the card is 43c. My previous cards idled between 60-70c. Under the pump, the GTX operates at about 70-80c, on my system at least.

  • I think just get the 6870, its only a bit more pricier, but more powerful and much newer.

  • Whelp, Nvidia VS ATi price wars have begun.

    Win-win for the consumers.

  • Not bad
    I actually knew that the price was gonna drop due to 6800 series
    but I'd rather wait for 6900 series since 470s use too much electricity for its performance.

    I'm not complaining about my electricity bill
    I just don't like to have a noisy VGA card that uses so much electricity for its performance and goes up high in temperature as well.
    I just prefer 460 & Radeons over 470s despite its performance

    Still Positive to the deal

  • let this be one of many price drops.
    great spot too :)

  • Its not win when some cad software prefer Nvidia with rendering solutions… I got the ati 5850 a while back. Not sure if I should… Upgrade?

    • 5850 to 470 is such a waste of money

      470 can do better frames in some games

      but so can 5850.

      you won't tell any difference in performance

      if you wanna upgrade go for 480 or 6900 series

      or you can crossfire with another 5850 once the price drops when 6900 series is out

  • Some moron called Copie is upset that his precious OCAU code was posted on another forum.

  • keen price, keep in mind the GTX470 consumes way more watts, load well over 420w, compared to 6850 around ~275w so a new p/s maybe needed, re performance, according to neoseeker the new 68XX series have great bang4buck

  • +2 votes

    That's really cheap, i forsee the day when every person with a PC will be able to afford to play crysis on 'very high' settings :P

  • is this a noisy card?

    • depends on the cooling/airflow of your case, if its cramped up expect the fan to go into full power and yes, it'll sound like a jet, as nearly all video cards do, if you have a decent sized case and good airflow/cable management it should be fairly quiet.

    • The (Gigabyte) GTX460 is beautifully quiet (imho), also consumes a lot less power.
      The fan design on this GTX470 looks like it would be noisier.

      End of Life? Hmm, that was quite fast.

      • its the same design as my EVGA GTX460 S/C EE cards, they arent loud in my case, they have good airflow, even under stress the temps dont reach over 72. no cables in the way either, same thing with my mates GTX480 tried in my case, good airflow, no noisy fan.

        edit: forgot to add, ordered this GTX470 pickup tomorrow, will reply back up if it is noisy.

  • This deal is supposed to be exclusive to OCAU members. Negged.

    • Hypocrite much? You positive voted the GelaSkins deal, which specifically said “Open to residents of Canada, 16 years and older, who are existing Rogers customers and who received the invite to the special gift offer & contest”.

      I like Scorptec, they're local and they've always been very helpful, reasonably priced and fair, but I'm a bit disappointed that they're using price discrimination.

  • why is the code back up?
    Stupid people who post these codes everywhere will just make it so, in the end, Scorptec and other retaillers will simply stop giving OCAU members good deals.

    • the code IS removed(there was like a coupon cutout thing that said the code.

      But, in saying that, he did forget that he wrote it in the description, but he did remove the coupon code lol
      (i accidentally negged you and cant undo, sorreh)

      BTW these cards are good, get a fair bit hot, i replaced the thermal compound and now its running about 20degrees cels. cooler, fairly big decrease, stock compound was thick, gunky and wayyyy too much on GPU.

  • This is the first time an OCAU sponsor deal was posted on Ozbargain.

    Know that to access the trade and sell forum you need to be at least an OCAU member (in good standing) for 90 days, otherwise you won't get access to this sort of stuff.

    Because it has now been posted on Ozbargain its pretty much public.

  • Maybe the posting guidelines should be updated to state that the exclusivity of the deals should be considered beforehand?

    For example with OCAU, you had to be a member for at least 90 days to get access to this and therefore could be deemed as being more exclusive to say belonging to a mailing list.

  • I am pretty sure OCAU Dominos Pizza codes have been posted several times before…..