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[PS4] Weekly PSN Sale - Uncharted 4 $24.95, Horizon $39.95 with PS+ and more


A bunch of good games on sale, here are just a select few.

Also lots of VR games on sale too (not listed).

Game Was Now PS+ Price
Killzone Shadowfall $54.95…… $17.95 $9.70
The Order $54.95 $17.95 $12.45
Uncharted 4 $56.95 $24.95 N/A
Horizon Zero Dawn $79.95 $47.95 $39.95
Uncharted Collection $47.95 $24.95 N/A
The Last of Us Remastered $56.95 $24.95 $19.25
God of War 3 Remastered $43.95 $19.45 N/A
Ratchet and Clank $52.95 $26.95 $21.65
Bound $29.95 $11.95 N/A
The Last Guardian $47.95 $26.95 N/A
Gravity Rush 2 $56.95 $24.95 N/A
Patapon Remastered $22.95 $14.95 N/A
Parappa the Rapper $22.95 $14.95 $12.65
MLB The Show 17 $75.95 $39.95 N/A
F1 2017 $99.95 $62.95 N/A
Driveclub $44.95 $14.95 N/A
Bloodborne GOTY $62.95 $30.95 N/A
Wipeout Omega Collection $47.95 $24.95 $20.15
Resogun $19.45 $7.55 N/A

Happy gaming!

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  • Sorry, a noob question… Just joined PS+ (14 days trial). If I were to purchase games at PS+ discounted price, do I get to keep them if I don't renew/pay for the subscription after 14 days (i.e. do I still own the game after losing PS+)?

  • Wipeout Omega Collection is what i'll get. Possibly The Last of Us Remastered (already played it).

    I'm going to reluctantly pass on Horizon Zero Dawn, for now, because there will be a GOTY edition.

    I won't be getting the below as I already own / or have owned them, but i'd say they're worth the price for anyone looking for recommendations

    Killzone Shadowfall - I kind of hated this game, but still worth giving it a go
    The Order - This game is flawed and unimpressive, but entertaining enough
    Uncharted 4 - Sublime game
    Ratchet and Clank - A solid R & C. Arguably not the best R &C, but very good.
    Driveclub - Awesome and great price

      • Oh no someone shared some thoughts and opinion in the comments section

        • I got driveclub from my uncle George. He was a railroad worker from the 50's. Driveclub was crap. Complete rip off. Terrible game.

        • @OnlinePred: DriveClub came with my PS4 when I bought it, along with LBP3 and Uncharted 4.

          I listed all 3 games on ebay but I couldn't get a good price for DriveClub so I kept it.

          It is great and is widely regarded as such.

          It's not as realistic and Sim like as Project Cars, but not as arcadey as Need for Speed. Personally I enjoy almost all racing games, but I do find the arcadey ones more casual and more palatable. For me DriveClub sits somewhere in the middle of the two, but arguably closer to a Sim than Arcade style, and is a game i'd like to spend more time with.

          And I bought the season pass, which is also widely regarded as one of the best value season passes available.

          Personally I'm very tempted to buy the Bundle of the game + the Bikes expansion, that I do not currently own, so that I can own the game digitally, which is my preference for games that I intend of keeping as it is easier to pop in and out of the game.

        • @davedrastic: I'm more of a semi SIM. If I want unrealistic driving I'd go GTA V as it's more fun as a driving game

    • GOTY Dec 5th :)

      • Yeah. I'll get it once that drops in price. It will come with the to be released DLC which a lot of people are excited for.

        It seems like Horizon will be a game that i'll like and will want to keep, and I prefer to keep games digitally. If I wait that long I might find that used copies of the game start selling for $20.

    • Why are ypu recommending Killzone if you hated it???

      • Well because of the price. It's a low price isn't it.

        I did hate it, but then I was hyped for it and was very disapointed. People that would be buying today would be in a different situation.

    • The PS+ price for HZD + the DLC might end up cheaper than a GOTY physical version

  • Crap why did I sign up with a US account QQ

    • You can have multiple accounts, and your main can play any that are downloaded to your console. Worth having a US, UK and even Japanese PSN account as well as an AU.

      • I do this too since the ps3 but just a warning its against the TOS. Slight risk of ban but never heard of it happen.

  • +6 votes

    Some good prices there.
    $39.95 is a bargain price for Horizon Zero Dawn. Currently playing through it again, my favourite game thus far of 2017.

  • Nice pricing!

    On my hit list and look great on PRO

    • Ratchet and Clank (3200x1800 HDR, temporal injection)
    • Wipeout Omega Collection (Native 4K 60fps, high resolution textures, global illumination, realtime reflections, high resolution shadows, heat waves, high quality alpha effects, AF, HDR)
  • Resogun for $7.55 is a must have. I bought the game back when it was $20 and I killed it! Great game to play when you also have a few mates around.

  • US store?

  • ive heard good things about bound. i might give this one a go. anyone like to share their thoughts on that game?

    • bound is a unique little title…. a lot of people don't like it… in fact I didn't like it initially but then loved it playing in VR (when they added the VR patch)….. good price to give it a go….

  • I saw these special on the PSN store as well… don't forget Nioh… that's a must have (for someone who's not a fan of Dark Souls/Bloodborne)…

    Having a look at the titles, I think they must be having a Playstation Exclusive Title sales….. I think these games are exclusive on the PS aren't they?

  • Finally Driveclub on sale

  • For that price, I wholeheartedly recommend Wipeout Collection if you've been curious but haven't pulled the trigger. I'm loving it.

  • Patapon on PS4! Yeahhhh! last time I checked to see if this was happening was about 2 years ago and I thought would never happen.

  • Just note that there is a Horizon Zero Dawn GOTY edition retail listing that was leaked recently, that means we can expect DLC to come out in the very near future.

    • +1 vote

      There's DLC due out November 7th, called "The Frozen Wilds".

      • Yup you are right. Rumour has it that the GOTY edition will be out Jan 2018. FYI for people who are patient enough to wait

  • Hopefully the disc copy of Horizon goes around or under $40 again, I'd prefer a disc due to the necessity to install games (low data cap and don't want to redownload if I ever uninstall a game) and just missed out on the $40 deal back in June

    • I initially thought the same but I have a 2tb external drive that I store all of my games I'm not currently playing on.

      • Agreed. I hate the hassle of Disc, but they are cheaper. I was tired of deleting AAA games to make room all the time so I got a 2TB WD Elements. "The 4.50 software update, which becomes available on March 9, lets you add any USB 3.0 hard drive as external storage".

      • Oh yeah, forgot about that but doesn't help that my data limit is just larger than the download size for Horizon :(

  • Uncharted Collection for $25 is great! It's only been cheaper than that once back in this deal

    • Yeah, if you didn't play it last gen, then $8 per game for one of the best series on the PS3 is a no brainer.

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