Recommend Me a Good Solid "Works Every Time" Can Opener

It just recently came to my attention that my household still doesn't have a good solid can opener after like 10 years we have gone through over a dozen what we thought would be the greatest last can opener we would ever need to buy but they have all either started to fail or was just complete shit and didn't do anything to the can at all.

So now I am on my umpteenth mission to find a good can opener especially since a recent shipment of 40 kgs of various cans have just arrived so finding a solid hopefully cheap can opener will be my next duty role.

I am open to any options including electronic if It is hopefully not too costly but I have no idea how much these things go for.

I think my next purchase might be the top seller in this field on Amazon which is a different design from my previous standard wrench looking sized can openers.

But yea I come to you now at the darkest of can opening times for me myself and I in search of the greatest or at least most solid reliable can openers that have been to know man or at least Ozbargainer's.

Do you choose to answer the call and accept this most honorable of quests?

Sorry I may have been playing shadow of mordor on android recently so it may have leaked into my posting exercise.


  • CULINARE MAGICAN AUTO CAN OPENER like $29 on ebay - used for many years and bought for relatives

  • I am using a brand call "wife". It works every single time.

  • I've been using a Swing-A-Way for almost 15 years and it's still going strong.

    • Gone through a few similar ones like that. I must have the midas touch for can openers because they keep dying on me.


        I'd have to vouch for swingaway brand too. My mum still has the same one from about 15 years ago. There are plenty that look similar but are just shit.

        • Hmm ok. Only reason I am not considering it is I swear I heard my roommate break one earlier this year so that's not good or reassuring but will have to confirm.. it definitely had swing in the name of it.

    • Yep. Swing-A-Way for us as well. First one lasted over 10 years until it got rusty. The latest one is still going strong after 12+ years - but we aren't big-time can openers. I think you can still get this particular can opener at Woolies.

  • Jedi Lightsaber works every time.

  • If anybody can vouch for any electric can openers that would be great so I can either rule it out or not.

    Ultimately electric is better over manual especially with the amount of cans my household goes through.

    • You live at Hooters?

      • No just with a very can oriented family or household.. we go through cans quite a lot every day for some reason.. or at least it is near the top of our headaches.. don't ask.

  • Does it have to be electric?? My parents have this one and it’s lasted over 25 years and still going strong..

    • Doesn't have to be I was well I just assumed it might be a little bit easier on the kitchen and cooking also.. I find electronics reduces stress somehow for some reason.. It could be the noise.. definitely hard physical laborious work and food don't go to well together especially for the cook.

      • Never cook commercially then 😂😂😂

      • Wow.. It takes less than 10 seconds to open a can with the manual can opener. I don't know what "hard physical laborious work" is required to open cans?? My father is a chef and he's been using that kind of can opener for decades.

        Electrical tools have parts that break down, need a power cord or batteries - less reliable than something manual.

        • Not with the can openers I have been using.. 10 seconds would be 5-10% of the can per turn then it loses grip or something and reshuffle.. like I said I need a solid reliable can opener as I have been getting new can openers with terrible results.. and this is not just one can opener this has been like the last 5 to 10 that I have used and I have no idea why.. maybe like 1 in 10 cans it will do it in one go but the rest is a stop and start 2 steps forward 3 steps back nightmare.

          Ha and yeah I would never work in a commercial kitchen unless it was simple duties like chopping and cleaning or subway haha lol

          Already volunteer at a soup kitchen and some retreats and I can easily pull my own weight with those simple duties but for some reason actually using the stove and can opening can sometimes be beyond me even though I used to be great at it.. It has become a real issue lol comparatively to all other kitchen duties.

  • To be honest, can opener is just a circular blade to cut open tin. You can't expect the blade to stay sharp forever, unless the blade is made of diamond.

    I have been using this for a year or two:

    And so far it DOES work everytime.

    I have gone through a few of them over the years. Just throw them away when they are blunt.

  • We have the Magic Can Opener and it has worked every single time. Sits on top of the can rather than the side.


      Yep. This one. We've got two.. one is many many years older than the other and both still work no problems.

    • The old Magicans used to be great. I had a lot of respect for the brand but then I bought this $14 model and was very disappointed. Maybe the $19 model recommended above is better.

    • We have this exact model, five years on with zero problems. Our previous Magican (we suspect) fell into the open kitchen scraps bin.

      My personal strategy: use a $1 metal opener in the first instance. If the "grip wheel" can't get purchase and it slips, out with the Magican.
      This rarely happens, and keeps the "fancy" one sharp.

  • THIS is the only answer!

    I've used one of these for over 10 years, passed down through the family. Couldn't even tell you how old it is.

    Never failed me once.

  • Quick question: Do the contents of the can need to be intact?

    • When you say intact do you mean not in pieces because then the answer is no. The contents can be chopped up or cut up after opening heck that might cut down some labour and time on cutting.

  • Interesting review here
    We have the oxo good grips lid catch and happy with it.

  • I use my teeth, like a real man.


    Swiss army knife
    Just do half the top then peal back

  • The best one that never breaks is what we use in France

  • Zyliss Lock 'n Lift can opener. The best I've owned. Better than electric and less space needed.
    catch of the day have it, but available lots of places.
    Their salad spinner is a winner as well.

  • I'm happy with my Sunbeam OopenAll, has lasted since I bought it and never had to repurchase, cost about $30

  • Kenwood electronic - apx. cost $30. Our first one lasted over 14 years before bits started breaking. Went to look for a new one & found the design hadn’t changed at all, which proves the old theory of if it ain’t a problem, don’t change it. This one is equally as good as the old one.
    Imagine how many of the manual, wrist breaking variety you would buy in that time ! ?
    Just remember to keep the opening blade clean of debris from opening cans & you will have trouble free use for years. Far more cost effective over the long run.
    ( Even opens our 1200 grm.cans of dog meat with no effort )

  • Definitely + 100 for the Swing-away. They last forever & they cut perfectly. I wash ours, dry it, then spray a bit of olive oil on to keep it rust-free. Amazing, they are!

    Get the larger sized one. The small is probably still good, but I wonder if it would be as long-lasting.

  • Always used the can opener on a Swiss Army Knife, never broken or failed. We have one left with that tool permanently open in cutlery draw..

  • go to big w and buy a sunbeam electric i purchased mine approx 4 yrs ago costing $39 still going as good as new,you can also find them on ebay a hands free you just put it on the top of tin press the button and it works on its own until top has been cut all way around

    • Thinking of going with this. Might opt for the Kenwood version as I hear it has a knife sharpener and is sometimes much cheaper than the sunbeam equivalent well roughly the same..

      I have seen a few brand new Kenwood's go for around $29 + $9 postage delivery on eBay so might go with that.

  • A small sharp knife i have been using to open cans for years, works every time.