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Spotify Premium: Free for 60 Days (First Time Premium Users Only)


Received an email earlier today stating Spotify premium free for 2 months.

$11.99/month afterwards.

*Open only to users who haven't already tried Premium or used a trial before.

If you don't see the 60 Day signup — try clearing your Cookies or use Incognito (Private Tab).

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  • New accounts only it seems.

  • This could be targeted, I don't see nay mention of it on their website

  • Thanks OP I had a spare email account which I used on this…

  • How is this fair for people who've paid full price for 2+ years. Shall hit them up (not expecting a response LOL)

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    Thanks OP!!!! Just signed up for another email to use it.

  • How to export and import play list?

      • My favourite and easiest method is probably the one posted by jma2509:

        Windows 7/10 ?

        • Open spotify with old account.
        • On C:\ drive create a temp folder
        • Drag and drop the playlist from spotify into this new folder, the file will have a weird name, something like 6fdpLFWvzCqiZKU5XxfddK
        • Log out of the old spotify, and login with the new account details
        • Create an empty playlist
        • Go into the play list
        • Drag and drop this file from the temp folder into spotify
        • Done

        Although I'd clarify.. and these would be my instructions:

        1. Open Spotify desktop app, login with old account.
        2. Drag and drop the playlist from Spotify desktop into a temp location. The file will have a weird name, something like 6fdpLFWvzCqiZKU5XxfddK
        3. Repeat this for all playlists which you wish to copy/transfer.
        4. Logout of old account from Spotify. Login with new account.
        5. Create an empty playlist with whatever name you wish to give it.
        6. Open the playlist.
        7. Drag and drop the temp file into Spotify desktop app. Your old playlist will appear from your old account (that temp file is just a hyperlink)
        8. Ctrl+a to highlight all the songs in the playlist
        9. Drag and drop these songs into your new replacement playlist.
        10. Repeat for any other playlist which you wish to transfer
        11. Finally, if you wish for ALL your songs to be stored under your own "Songs", ctrl+a under each playlist and drag and drop to "Songs" under "Your Library". This will now consist of your WHOLE library of songs.
        12. Done

        Step 9 makes it such that your new account now "owns" this playlist. This is important because as you jump from account to account, there are probably additional songs that you'll want to add to your playlist. This way you can keep adding to one playlist rather than having your songs scattered across a million playlists.

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    Time to make my tenth account

  • Thanks OP. Got the 60days free

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    I miss Pandora

    • I miss rdio. Paid about AUD$1.80 per month using a 'Philippines' account for unlimited music streaming. Got a solid 18 months out of that. Good times.

    • Yes. I've been using iheart on Optus. I keep up-thumping music I like, down-thumbing music I hate - and it keeps playing music I detest. There was no need for them to stop the Australia service, just to sack staff in Australia. It's ONLINE for goodness sake!


        They've cancelled it when the Australian government cracked down on businesses avoiding taxes.

  • when does this deal end? waiting for my current membership to end

  • Thanks OP.

  • Refresh, incognito, still only 30 days?

  • Thanks Op. Got mine in less than a minute (From creating new email,account, subscribe and unsubscribe).

    As always CC details required when subscribing. You can cancel immediately after sign up to prevent any charge to your card at the end of the free period.

    • You can cancel immediately after sign up to prevent any charge to your card at the end of the free period.

      Can you? In the Account section under "Change plans" where there's the option to "Cancel premium", in a subtle grey text it says

      Switching to Free will cancel your Premium subscription.

      Does this not suggest that it will immediately cancel the Premium service, or is that as technical as the wording suggests, i.e. that it is merely cancelling the subscription?

      • It cancels the subscription. You will still be a premium member until the 60 day period ends.

        • Ah cool. Thanks :D

          However, I figured I could buy myself some extra time by doing it this way..

          Use a Divipay card as the CC for the subscription. When the trial period is up, because the card will either have been cancelled or have no balance remaining by then. You'll then get automated emails from Spotify saying your payment method has failed but it gives you a bit of a "grace" period to fix up the issue before it properly cuts you off Premium.

  • In private tab worked great, thanks OP :)

  • Worked fine for me, thanks OP.

  • If you're having trouble getting the 60-day link, give this a try: https://www.spotify.com/purchase/campaign/sixty-days-trial/

  • Spotify Pinoy ftw.

  • Sweet, thanks OP!

    I just make a new gmail account and a new spotify account, then share out my spotify playlist(s) with my new spotify account and carry on as normal.

    Never even know the difference!

  • dammit I've already used my paypal, debit card and credit card on free trials so it's not letting me get through!

  • Time for me to sign up again for the 4th time using another new email!