expired Samsung UBD-M9500 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player $299 @ JB Hi-Fi (Was $599) - Code Required


The coupon is 92145331846. It's generic. It's one per customer and ends 15th October or until sold out (thanks to Sparkle for code)

The definitive 4K UHD Blu-ray™ Player
Bring the cinema experience home, with incredible 4K entertainment from the UBD-M9500. Watch Ultra HD Blu-ray™ movies and streaming content with twice the colour range and up to four times more picture detail than a conventional Samsung Blu-ray™ player, and play your 360° content with ease.[1,2]

Key Features

Wider & detailed colour spectrum

Blu-ray To Mobile

360° content playback

4K Resolution

7.1 ch audio decoding output

High Dynamic Range

Auto HDR setting

Private cinema mode

Smart Hub

Web Browser

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

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    Just buy an Xbox one costs less

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      Not the same

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        Tru. Xbox does more.. Just a bit louder


        Could you elaborate?

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          with Xbox you will be able to update to latest technology when it comes (if microsoft releases it)

          exists - Dolby atmos
          Future possibility- VR, Dolby Vision etc

          where as standalone players stop getting firmware and app updates within 1-2 years
          remember when skype stopped support for skype all those tv's with webcam are TV's with cam for no use.

          But yea the Disc load time is more in Xbox comparing to standalone players
          and yea the xbox interface can be bit complicated for some comparing to simpler options with standalone player (i prefer xbox interface as i am used to it)


          @APN Adelaide:

          I was asking swimmingtoad to elaborate why an Xbox wouldn't be a better purchase.


    Never been 599 tho…

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    After a rather cheap and cheerful debut 4K Blu-ray player last year, Samsung has stepped up its game considerably with the M9500. It performs better, it looks better, and it provides some genuinely innovative and useful features. A couple of other potentially key features have gone AWOL, though, and its UK price feels rather high.

    Easy to set up
    Good picture quality
    Great multimedia features
    High quality display

    No 3D support
    No Dolby Vision support
    No SACD/DVD-Audio support

    Update: Samsung has lowered the original price of the M9500 from £499 to £349, bringing it closer in line with the US price of $399. Considering that its UK price was one of the player's major flaws, and that's no longer an issue, we have decided to give it a "Recommended" award.



    Can anyone explain why this is better than an xbox one ?

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      A few reasons why you might want to go for a dedicated player like this one is two HDMI outputs so you can route the audio separately through an older receiver that doesn't support 4K or HDR passthrough (big one for me) in addition to the ability to stream 4k bkurays wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet (complete with Blu-ray menu navigation) while you watch something else on your main TV.

      Another reason to consider a dedicated player is that you don't want to wear down your Blu-ray drive on your Xbox one - if history is anything to go by the drives on game consoles don't have strong lasers so best to keep them purely to play games.



        I've never had a laser malfunction on a console. Ever.


          Lucky you - happen to me on every 360 I bought. Google it and you'll see that it is more common than you might think


        But…. if you just stream your 4k HDR signal straight to your tv, you can then get your tv to pass the audio to your receiver using an optical cable (as interpreted/decoded PCM or 'as is').


          If your TV and receiver have ARC HDMI ports, than isn't it better than using their optical cable ports?


          Huh? Using Optical cable won't give you lossless audio so no Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD let alone Atmos sound. The best you will be able to get is just regular 5.1 dolby digital and DTS. Using a seperate HDMI cable for the audio from the player to the receiver will decode whatever audio codecs your receiver is capable of decoding.

          Personally I would recommend LG's 4K Blu-ray player as it supports Dolby Vision and can be had for the same price.


          @merajaan: My understanding is that PCM is the decoded, decompressed audio. Am I wrong? If you get your tv to interpret the TrueHD or DTS-HD stream and send it to a receiver in PCM format over an optical cable, does that not result in lossless audio?


        You can stream the Xbox 1 to Windows 10 devices. So you also have options if the main TV is being used.


    If you want better, go with oppo udp-203. 400% Price difference though lol


    Is this a sale price or the new RRP for this product?


    Page no longer available - should mark deal as expired

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    You need a coupon to access this price. The coupon is 92145331846. It's generic. It's one per customer and ends 15th October or until sold out.

    Also, pickup is not available. Postage is $9.95.


      Thanks Sparkles. They must have screwed it up and changed the price rather than just for code


    Sony ubp-x800 is $397 if you ask Hardly Normal for their best price.


    Or the ubp-x800 is $280 from Costco at the moment ,apparently.

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