This was posted 3 years 4 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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7-Eleven Day - Free Large Slurpee, Regular Coffee, Iced Coffee or Coffee Melt with Any Purchase


It's here!

YEAH BOIIIII, you better believe the best 24 hours of the year are coming!

*excludes tobacco and tobacco related products.

WIN $711 every HOUR for 24 hours!
HOW? Just by posting your celebratory photos on our Facebook page ( or your Insta and hashtagging #7ElevenDay!

HINT: If you enter from Midnight, you have more chances to win!


2016 Post - Free Medium Slurpee/Reg Coffee with any purchase
2015 Post - Free Medium Slurpee/Reg Coffee with any purchase
2014 Post - Free Small Slurpee with any purchase

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    cheapest item - chupa chup

  • ANY purchase? Does this include claiming an app freebie?

    • Freebie is not a purchase?

    • Is $0 transaction that gets treated as a purchase, maybe works technically but cashiers might say no? I hope someone tries and posts back here

  • Hope they clean out the Slurpee machines in time for this.

  • Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the coffee doesn't taste as good anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    • agree…. something happened

    • +1 vote

      have noticed the hungry jacks app seems to shake up a free medium coffee whenever I shake it around 10.15am in the morning, so have been using that rather than 7-eleven coffee lately.

      • I believe the updated app shakes prizes based on your past redemption. So if you redeem coffee a lot you find more coffee regards.

      • I've found Hungry Jacks coffee to be borderline undrinkable so I just keep referring myself for Hey You :D

    • I notice the coffee quality varies from store to store. May have something to do with how often they get cleaned and how many coffees they pump out each day. The one I call into on the way to work is very good, but always 3+ people waiting in line of a morning.

  • Surely 24 hours means it's only running on the 7th and not on the 8th November…

    The promotion will be conducted from 12:01am AEDST on 07/11/2017 to 2:00am AEDST on 08/11/2017 (โ€œ7-Eleven Dayโ€).

    It actually runs for 25 hours and 59 minutes!

  • I swear this always used to be free. I know I've never paid anything for it.

    Anyway, since they're a reasonable price nowadays, and since there's piss all in the store for under a buck anyway, not a super deal since the thing's still likely to be packed out and the machines empty.

    • There's other options besides the Slurpee :)

      But yeah, last 3 years haven't been free, and you only got a medium or small

  • There's been a lot of free stuff at 7-11 lately

    Free Coke (no sugar)
    Free V
    Free Coffee
    Free Coffee Melt
    Free Fruit

    I'm pretty sure the guy behind the counter rolls his eyes every time I walk in now.

  • is fuel included as a purchase?

    • Sure, can't see any reason why it wouldn't be included. In fact it's probably something they'd like, more than say a chupa chup.

  • How much do they sell sugar condiments or single straws for? What is the minimum amount of fuel to purchase. I have to pick my nephew up from school tomorrow and would like to buy him something without buying him something.

    • $2 minimum for fuel usually.


      Also, make sure you get the slurpee (if that's your thing) with 1% sure not the other one. Better with health management :)

  • I haven't use any other petrol station rather than 7-eleven since they launch the fuel lock app. Such as great app for offers and saving money. Anyone doing the same?


      You have to lock money in don't you ? I was afraid of doing that because I'm not sure if I can get them back once I get them in.

      Can you share some thoughts ?

      Can you also please share some thoughts on how you use it ? Just travel around and look for 7-11 stores ?

      • You can only lock in the amount that you have loaded onto the app. I've loaded $70 on the app, so if fuel was $1, I could lock in 70 litres (as that is $70). But you can pay by credit card when you go to pay. If you ever want to stop using the app, just make your final purchase using the stored credit.

    • Too right. Average saving around 25c/l so far. Keeps me going back - an extra few minutes drive to fill up compared to my closest fuel.

  • Cheapest thing I can think K of is a $1 coffee but I don't need 2 coffees ๐Ÿค”

  • does opal top up count as a purchase?

  • I went up with 2 large slurpees and got both for nowt!

  • A woman in front of me went up with a coffee melt, got charged 20c and he gave her a Chuppa Chup.