What Other Website Do You Open Apart from OzBargain?

So I'm finding myself lately opening OzBargain and nothing else on the net (except the link from OzBargain) - and it gets costly after awhile too. Honestly running out of interesting website to visit. Other websites I open are News.com.au and faceboook but they get pretty boring.

Any suggestions? Nothing NFSW. I still want to keep my job.


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    Reddit is great. TECHNICALLY, might not be safe for work. (If your boss expects you to work?)

    There are SO many subreddits to lose yourself in. Literally anything you can think of, there will be some reiteration of it. Woodworking, DIY, car audio, gaming, mixed martial arts, sport, whatever your heart desires. There's even a random button if you get bored.

    And you can generally have intelligent conversations with other users.

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      I've been stuck reading the top of /r/indianpeoplefacebook for the last 3 hours :(

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        Oh gosh, I just wasted an hour of work time reading that subreddit… being from an Indian background myself, I can attest to everything that's on there. It's hilaeryus (typo intended).

      • Open bob

    • Here's one for the OzBargain community


    • If you post some of your interests, I can suggest a few subreddits for your viewing pleasure! (Or PM me!)

    • Someone started a subreddit of bargains (mostly grocery items) fit Australia

    • Oh wow I never really actually read into Reddit - only came across from google searches for random things. I guess I am interested in science (mainly space), holidays (although will only make me depressed), movies and gaming. Any suggestions from these categories to get me started? :D

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        Oh man you are missing out!

        Science Questions and Discussion
        Gorgeous Photos of Our Planet

        If you browse thought this list, you'll find the subreddits with most subscribers. (More subscriber generally means more stuff to browse)

        Don't be afraid to create your own account, and start adding to the discussions!

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          Nice! This will keep up me busy at work…. apart from working of course. Thanks :)

        • A sparky with an in-depth knowledge of Reddit… very nice I like

      • I keep /r/eyebleach handy - you'll need it some day.

  • I've been trying to beat Cat Mario for a while. Definitely worth having a go at it.

    • I think I'd rather keep my sanity hahaha. I'm not that challenged when it comes to gaming

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    overclockers.com.au forums

  • TopBargains is pretty good. Looks quite a few posters here get the deals from TopBargains

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  • Theage.com.au

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    There are other websites???

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      Not really.

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  • I used to Google and read all kinds of stuff from all kinds of websites, mostly tech and gaming stuff.
    Nowadays I can't think of anything outside of Ozbargain, I do sometimes check Facebook but that's about it…. :/

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      Same here, it's a real problem.

  • reddit

  • steam

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    • ^This. And it's generally even safe for work.

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  • thanks OBs … I'm not going to get any housework done AGAIN today! :P lol

  • FML

  • Funtrivia is addictive, also youplay if you enjoy quizzes and word puzzles etc.

  • github hakchi2

    Just in case a new mod update for the SNES MINI comes out.

    ~very happy with my mini snes, having a blast playing it with my son ^o^

  • Uberhumour is a good form of procrastination

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      I second this.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/ Always worth a chuckle

    https://slashdot.org/ News for Nerds - Stuff that Matters

  • Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku are my current main tech ones because they have some Australian news and I get frequent subscriptions from them.

    Also Business Insider Australia and ITNews, same with email subscription.

    Whirlpool Forums.



    Used to go to Tom's hardware and anandtech and stuff a lot but I find watching YouTube videos a lot more easier now unless I really want to slowdown and read the details.. cliff notes from somebody more knowledgeable is usually better for me and all the benchmarks are displayed and explained easily don't have to use my brain so much. Less is more.

    Kickstarter is always fun especially for laughing at random ideas and going wow that is something I will never need to buy lol.

    Humble Bundle to see what disappointing deals they have on now and Steam but this is probably most definitely NSFW.

    Lately I have been going through all the super cheap Chinese and Australian catch of the day type sites and looking at what they are selling.

    But yeah at the end of the day it's memes, awesome gameplay videos, some twitch videos, some chill beats and simpsonwave and lovely food recipe videos of exquisite non lethal food I will never make in my lifetime.

  • Mr Money Moustache and Becoming Minimalist.

    The antidote to OzBargain.

  • Only check here if I want to buy something and look for a bargain
    Otherwise My daily habit mostly read financial papers, financial sites, investment discussion board and news sites

  • Youtube, Whirlpool & Netflix.

  • Merged from Apart from OzBargain, Any Other Website You Feeling Like Opening Every Few Minutes?Why

    By all means I like OzBargain, I reckon this is so far the most opened website I do everyday, because I don't wanna miss a good deal.

    Do you guys have a website that apart from OzBargain that you do feel like open every few minutes? if so, why?

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      HotCopper - a share market forum where you can track the chats and announcements for companies you're interested in.

      Not too much Facebook lately, so I just be breaking that habit.

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      For me its OzBargain and Reddit, with the occasional Facebook and Twitter though thats gone down a whole lot. I use Nextgen Reader (RSS Reader) for most other sites though so kind of cheating.

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      There are other websites? Are you sure?

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        Very few Care and Feeding of Pangolins websites, so you probably aren't missing out on much…

        Yes, yes, I know that you only eat (and luxuriate in baths, full of) warm, Thermomixed, SPAM!


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          It's like … you've been watching!

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            @PJC: I may have had an OzBargain-inspired, lucid nightmare…

            I'm never going to sleep again!

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            @PJC: @Dne: This will help you sleep. You know you want some.

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            @PJC: @PJC: LOL + AAARGH!!

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      Pornhub, seek, realestate, btcmarkets, travelzoo, secretflying, iknowthepilot, google.com?q=bored

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        Pornhub every few minutes? Are you one of those commenters on the videos? RIP your hand

        • Haven't heard that one before

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        username checks out

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      Only amateurs refresh every few minutes, I do every few seconds.

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        I’m refreshing right now

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      What are these "other websites" that you speak of?

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      Google - i have NFI what these abbreviated words mean these days or this new slang kids are using. Drives me cray cray

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        what does NFI mean?

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          maybe "no f****** idea"?

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: thank you!! when I searched only National Fisheries Institute came up

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: I was sure you were joking.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @PJC: lol nobody even messages me

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: I had PMs switched off for 6 years.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas:

            If you ever need to know the meaning of a slang term or abbreviation, just type it and the term "urbandictionary" after it in google

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Burger001:

            cray cray

            meaning really crazy
            damn homie, this party is cray cray

            it worked!!

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: G'day, Savas.
            In silly flourish of comments since outlander and his tyre-buying escapades, I did, yesterday, consider using the word mavens in a comment. Gender-specific in opposite-direction than I had thought, so not appropriate to go with the word makeup.

            I did stumble across this for maeven, though -

            I'm at a loss to know just how many girls like that may roam in and around Braidwood, but you should probably be vigilant, for one reason or another…

            lol nobody even messages me

            Would you settle for a PS + PPS, in lieu of a PM?

            P.S. You had better reassure me that your dogs - especially that bloody kelpie/mongoose cross you own, are still at least a little more alive than your beloved Windows Phone.. ;)
            This was in my newsfeed a month ago. As means of cheaply extending your devotion even after your Lumia lunches itself, should I have linked that for you?

            P.P.S. I hope that you still intend on buying some of that vermin - or at least aviary netting, to go around the base of that dog pen? I appreciate expensive in the length you require.
            Keep in mind, that while indeed more attracted to your chookshed, the scent left by mice that will be getting in to have a munch on any dry/other scraps of food not immediately eat by the hounds, will in turn be assisting in the attraction of those sneaky sneks. I'm sure that you have also bought a rubber snek (aliexpress?) in order to at least attempt some kelpie v snek aversion training. Lol - it may actually be worth a try!

            (Please message and engage with outlander. I fear that he may be inclined to mischief and could benefit from some contact with a good country kid. That's you, Savas! :)

            All the best for your ATAR if not yet received!

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Dne: Your message is beautiful, you must be very intelligent. I only got an ATAR of 73.10 and thank you for the wishes! Hahaha i haven't seen any maevens around and i always try to make friends with strangers.

            My dogs are very healthy, i told my parents about your idea but they thought they would bark at anything that comes near. Also the pen is elevated concrete, its more of an issue in the paddock so the rubber snake is a great idea. Also I do love Windows phone lol

            We haven't seen any snakes around lately, but will try to trap any with condensed milk so we can get them relocated. The farm is well and soon we'll have baby peacocks.

            I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, many thanks.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: Baby Peacocks!
            Peacocks are gorgeous creatures. Paint yourself as a proverbial lucky duck!

            I'm sorry that your ranking isn't maybe quite as you were hoping for. Absolutely NOT The End of The World.

            Kimbo and Trump may well play that one out - for all of us!

            Since younger than you, I have apparently laboured under the misapprehension that a maven was always female, so can't be that cluey. I also used the word pour, as in "over detail", instead of pore, recently. Duh, that wasn't very smart.

            Just your aptitude for certain areas of maths/physics would be vastly beyond mine, at this point. Don't doubt that for a minute, or yourself, as relates anything excellent that you may wish to pursue. You will find your niche.

            Have some good fun in the meantime.

            Thanks for the Christmas wishes, and to you and yours, too!

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Dne: thank you very much, you know so much about me! you and PJC would make a great pair, both of you would be interesting to meet.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: Morning Savas. Just quickly, further to the above. At least two of the five dogs mentioned in original pm were bitten in their kennels. Very difficult for any dog (even sensible ones) to resist close-quarters barking and other interaction when an intruder is right there in their territory.

            On somewhat lighter note. There would be very few OzBargainers who haven't seen least a couple of your comments that speak to your deep and abiding love for Windows Phone! :-) Lol!
            Maybe you could start writing some apps in order to save the platform?

            There are zip OzBargainers who could quite compete, nor should even try to compete, with Pangolin Jeremiah Cuddleton III.

            Apologies, PJC. I know that you're a little bit self-conscious about your full title.
            Have you considered a name change? Don't you dare! :)

            Merry Christmas to you, too. I can only imagine - very lucidly - the sheer aisle-display-sized amount of Spiced Ham, that will surround your tree this year!
            Take care + You get some sleep!

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Dne: Thank you, sounds like the netting is a good investment. Wow slightly embarrassing, I'll learn coding later. Thanks again, there will be lots of glazed SPAM.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Savas: My proclivity for enthusiastically advocating purchase of Hormel's most versatile product conceals the fact I barely remember the taste. Many years ago a tin of generic "chopped ham & pork" caused me a brief bout of food poisoning and I have never since knowingly consumed any tinned pork product. My lifelong rule is to never eat again what once made me ill. The only other product in that category is a dip named taramasalata. My wife has seen me walk past tubs priced 10c.

            As for a name change, there is only The One PJC.

            Wishing you both a superb Christmas and an even better 2018.

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @PJC: wow this is very interesting, I'm very confused now.

            have a fantastic Christmas PJC!

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @PJC: You Exultant Rascal.
            Upvoted for the superb Christmas and New Year wishes. Cheers.

            P.S. To meTo your OzBargain Mother Savvy and I, you will always be our cute little spam-munching Pango Jerry. (Your Mum is also a Peacock Dad. It's complicated.)

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            @lcLtBRQM18bM90pU9jrL: @Dne: If there's a cure for this, I don't want it.

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    • Xhamster

    • liveleak, mainly the gore section

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        …you're the one

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      Judging by the large number of people I've seen looking at the feeds on their mobiles whilst walking and on public transport, I am surprised no one has mentioned Facebook yet in over 14 hours. Personally I hate Facebook and I have a fake account only for freebies.

  • I do facebook too, but always fancy these auto sales parts sections or people's cars that has been modded hard for sale. Lol

  • Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, IMBD, Netflix, Whirlpool Forums, Facebook, Daily Mail, SBS on Demand, Iview, Nine NOW, Car Sales, Gumtree, eBay

  • OzBargain, ABC News, MMAfighting.com, Reddit, Science Daily.

    Curious to see what other people are looking at these days!

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