RM Williams Harbourtown Gold Coast Sales?

Does RM Williams Factory Outlet regularly have sales? If so, how regular are they? Or are sales it mildly cheaper than the retail outlets?


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    Also curious about this.

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    Surely a one minute telephone call to them would give you an accurate answer?

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    Ive been twice and usually boots off the shelf are $300-350. They dont have all styles and common sizes though.

    A phone call before you go is the best bet if you are after something specific


    Not sure about GC, but in SYD Factory outlet it ranges from $299-$349.

    Boots in $299 price ranges don't have many sizes left, only whats on displays. Plenty sizes for black/chestnut colour comfort craftsman from $349


      didnt the factory outlet in sydney close?
      - edit: nm.. just saw it opened up again.. might have to go check it out

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