Car boot damaged / dent and punctured. Needs Professional Ozbargainer ™ Cheap fix

So my car's booty has been damaged per pics shown. The material that's damaged is metal.

What kind of products will I need to fix it completely? At the moment google tells me I need

Dent puller suction cup $5.29 ea
Sandpaper $1.29 ea
SCA lightweight body filler $15.39 ea
Body Filler Applicator $1.99 ea
Primer filler $11.49 ea

Anything else i'm missing, or any general tips on how to fix this DIY?

note: car is a 2nd hand Corolla Hatchback 2011


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    Mate, you need a new boot.

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    That needs a replacement skin. Not a diy buff out job.

    Source: I know someone who has a neighbour that knows a panel beater

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    T-1000 catch up with ya?


    new boss not happy with you?


      Nah. Uncle uses my car to get to and from work. As he was setting out this afternoon and started to reverse out of his own carport, a neighbour opened his garage door (which swings outwards and upwards towards the ceilling). However the neighbour left garage door stopped short in the open position and so the car backed into the corner of it.

      Unsure who was at fault, but in any case I haven't got the time to argue and neighbour doesn't even seem to speak english. He just stood there lighting a cigarette, shrugged his shoulders and said "sorry. no english". :(

      Making a few phone calls right now to get some quotes, though might have to wait weekend to have time to bring it to a shop.


        "the car backed into the corner of it."

        Stationary object, moving car. That's on your uncle. Unless the neighbour opened the garage door into the car.

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    That will buff right out.


    Photo #1 with the acute angle made me think it was some kind of exotic supercar. Photo #3 brought it home.

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      that toyota corolla is my 11k investment vehicle. You can thank my westpac financial consultant for giving me great car buying advice.


    What car is it?


    This ain't a Bunning's job bro.


    Ring some wreckers and see if you can get a white painted second hand boot?

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    Replace the boot is the easiest option.

    If you do want to try and fix it a suction dent puller wont work due to the creasing and tear in the metal. You'll have to get out the hammers and dolly and try and beat it back into shape, most likely from the inside.

    Oh, and from your initial post you are missing body colour paint. Don't worry about the applicator. Sometimes they come in the can, or you can use some icecream container lid cut to size.


    Not really repairable. Swap out with boot from the wrecker. In the short term, use gaffer tape or similar to seal up the gaps from water ingress. Probably won't be able to open the boot.


    You fagot about the rust protection on the u derstide of the panel when reshaping

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    This one is very easy to fix. Professional beater although it may not be worth repair compared to replace, or 2nd hand colour matched replacement. It might look minor really, but the ridge/grove plus shrink and stretch of the whole panel, skin and or plus frame is very deceiving to an untrained eye.

    That very fact you are asking here means you do not, unfortunately, have the skills to repair, especially how your first list tool choice was a suction dent puller. Errrrm not a hope sunshine.

    Bite the bullet, and keep looking around for wreckers being reasonable, private seller wrecking their own, or new cheap panel x 2nd hand from import Asian parts, plus paint.

    Try Likes of Gumtree/Facebook (I have the thought of the dweebs you might meet be …) to find a backyard fella willing to do for cash.

    Or, a bit of bog filler, and a quick colour wrap for now and wait for a more substantial rear end collision.

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