What's Your Best Tips for Getting Telstra Internet and Phone Deals

Hi All,

I would like to stay with Telstra… we are moving and as I work from home and the internet in the area is not the best we don't really have much of a choice.

With that in mind…

I want the best deal from them and I was hoping someone on this forum could help?

We need a minimum of 500G, a phone line with unlimited calls and a static IP address.

Currently Telstra offer 500G with phone for $90 or 1000G with phone, Telstra TV for $99. Having teenage kids, I am thinking I should take the $99 plan, but the question is HOW can I get it cheaper… what online tricks can you tell me about?

I saved a small fortune when I changed my mobile over thanks to you guys and looking to do the same here!

Thanks in Advance :)

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    I always talk to their customer retention team. They have more power to give freebies/discounts. You have to call during normal business hours (as they are/were based in Adelaide) and ask for their customer retention team. I got a $20 p/m discount as well as a free International Calling Pack.

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      Yep, call up and when you get through to the IVR say "Disconnections". You SHOULD go through to the retention team. Tell them your story and see what they offer. Also, check other providers so you have some leverage

  • The 500GB cable plan with PAYG phone now available for $80 online and the 1000GB one is $90 on a 24 mth contract.


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