Should I buy an iPhone 8+ or wait for the iPhone X?

I need to upgrade my work mobile and I have the option of changing it to an iPhone 8 plus or wait for the X?
What would u do?



    What phone do you want? Do you want to face scan unlock or finger print unlock?


    not fussed really but is it worth waiting for the X?
    I hear that the X is a bit more technology advanced!

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      no need to hear you can just google and read hundreds review about the X.
      8 is just like 7, X is completely different.


    i will wait for iphone XXX - not excited with X rated anymore

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    If your work is paying, always go the more expensive

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    Size does matter.

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    If work is paying then the answer is obvious surely?


      but as iphone x isnt available yet, OP maybe confuse should he wait for X later or get 8 now
      answer; wait and get X!


    Pretty much everything is identical in terms of hardware, performance, battery etc, but:

    X will have a far nicer screen, being OLED, and roughly the same display size as the 8+ but with the physical size of the 8.

    8/8+ will be far cheaper (not that it matters to you) and retains the fingerprint scanner

    For the record, the 7/7+ is the same as the 8/8+ but with a slightly slower processor and no fastcharge or wireless charging.

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    if paying for the thing isn't part of the picture, I'd definitely get the X.

    x pros:

    better display (OLED vs LCD)
    bigger display but smaller physical size (no bezels)
    both cameras have optical image stabilisation
    selfie camera can do "portrait" photos
    animoji (if you can for that kind of thing)

    X cons:

    the notch
    might not be readily available until next year
    no fingerprint scanner (face scanner only)
    cost (though if your work is picking up the bill, then I guess this isn't a con)

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