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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (White) - $317.99 Shipped (SG) @ Shopmonk


Primary Features :
Cleaner Types : Vacuum Cleaner
Function : Suction,Sweep
Self Recharging : Yes
Suction (pa) : 1800pa
Dust Box Capacity : 0.42L
Working Time : 2.5h
Battery Type : Li-ion
Battery Capacity : 5200mAh
Product weight : 3.8000 kg

Very good price for a decent robot vacuum cleaner.

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        • @S3ISOR:

          Yeah im going to check my Paypal actually reverses tomorrow first before ordering one from gearbite eBay…

        • @basicerno: Did you get your reversal?

        • @S3ISOR:

          They sent me this last night…. I guess they reply to emails if you put in a paypal dispute?
          Pretty poor form really that this is what it takes to get a response from them.

          From "Shopmonk Customer Care Australia" <[email protected]>
          Date Wed, 25 Oct 2017 09:07:51 +0000 (UTC)
          Subject Re: Re: Shopmonk: New Order #

          Hi ,

          We have requested your order to be cancelled. It will be cancelled if it’s not shipped yet.

          If you need further assistance, please mail us at [email protected].

          Shopmonk Australia

        • @basicerno: I received the same email (though I haven’t done a claim). My question is - who are they sending the request to? I wonder if they drop ship or have a stand-alone warehouse that they need to relay questions back and forth. Anyway, I am expecting an actual cancellation email today or tomorrow. If not then I will either have to email them again or go via PayPal.
          Thanks for the update.

        • @basicerno: Well mine just shipped from Shopmonk about 10 mins ago via DHL >.< Their 'cancellation request' from 2 days ago must have fallen on deaf ears. Ah well, I will have to email them again and ask what's going on.

        • @S3ISOR:

          Damn thats annoying?
          Did you get email confirmation it was shipped?
          I just tried to look up my order….

          We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
          Our site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance, and will return shortly.
          Thank you for your patience.

        • +1

          @basicerno: Yeah I got an email with an invoice and tracking number

        • @S3ISOR: you think it’s on its way then? I’m still waiting for the site maintenance to finish

        • @ajerazzor: I'd say so, this is the email I got:

          Dear Customer,
          Greetings from Shopmonk!

          We are glad to inform you that your product is being shipped from our warehouse today via our logistics partner DHL / Australia Post. The invoice for this shipment is enclosed as an attachment.

          It should arrive at your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days.
          Order Number: XXXX

          Tracking id:XXXX


          If you need further assistance, do reach us out through Ebay or reply to [email protected]

          Folks at Shopmonk

        • @S3ISOR: what date did you order yours

        • @ajerazzor: 18/10/2017

        • @S3ISOR:

          Mine got sent today!
          Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong with it.

        • @S3ISOR: ok maybe they were just backlogged….. i ordered mine on the 19th so fingers crossed my email is still coming

        • @ajerazzor: right on queue got my email as well!!!

        • @S3ISOR: We are really sorry if your order wasn't cancelled. usually, order cancellations and refunds are done within 24 hours. Please don't open the item if you still want to get the refund. We will send you a pre paid return label to return this back to us. Please drop an email to [email protected] with your order number.

        • @shopmonk: Thanks, I’ll send an email now.

        • @shopmonk: Email sent.

        • @treeman: does your tracking link show it is in transit? I just have pending….

        • @ajerazzor:
          Mine still says pending too, that's through Auspost. I assume something will pop up in the next 24 hours.

        • @treeman: any news?

        • @ajerazzor:


        • I'm in the same boat. Received email that it has been shipped etc. I'm going to be away from home all week next week, any ideas if it will get left at the door or go back to local post office?

    • Yep mine as well. Ordered last week.

  • Does shopmonk reply to emails? Their communication leaves a lot to be desired. This is my first purchase from them, and I suspect it will be the last.

    • +1

      I emailed them yesterday regarding a rough eta and they replied with the following last night…

      " Greetings from Shopmonk!

      Thank you for showing your interest in our website.

      Please note that our delivery timeline is 14 to 21 days from the date of placing the order and an email with tracking number will be sent to you as soon as your order is dispatched.

      Please allow 5 working days for dispatch, and extra 5 days for delivery once you receive you tracking details in email. Its usually quicker than this but we request to allow 10 working days because of the number of variables involved in shipping from overseas.

      If you need further assistance, please mail us at [email protected].

      Shopmonk Australia "


      • I think that’s an automated reply. I sent them an email with specific questions and I received the exact same response as you. None of my questions were answered.

        • Yeah, I tend to think it's automated too although, unlike you, I didn't ask anything specific.

          My first purchase as well.

  • This price is expired. OP, please update it.

  • Order number: 1000045**

    Just got emailed, it's been posted, with tracking

  • So has anyone’s tracking details have any details it is in transit?

    • nah, i cant get it to work.

      It's way too long. Even tried splitting it around the letters but it hasnt worked.

      • Seems to be Aus post not Dhl mine seems to be accepted at aus post tracking site but only pending since it was emailed. Perhaps I’m just being impatient

        • I dont think ive ever seen a tracking number that long before.

          It's ~20 numbers "RV" , then another ~20 numbers

          I tried all combinations to no avail. May i ask what yours looks like?

          Update: tried again in Auspost. It accepted it (nothing available though). but removed the first ~16 numbers leaving 3 numbers, RV, then the rest of the numbers

        • @Davo1111: Same here very long it almost sees to be two….. Seems OK on AustPost and if I jig with the code it says its invalid…..based on the 3 - 5 business days I should see mine by Thursday but at this stage im not holding my breath

        • @ajerazzor:

          I just got this back from them after an inquiry about the weird looking tracking number:

          Hi coxjon,

          Sorry for the inconvenience, we are updating our systems and you will be able to view your tracking details in a weeks time, kindly ignore the message sent earlier.

          If you need further assistance, please mail us at [email protected].

          Shopmonk Australia

          It doesn't seem legit…

        • @coxjon: lol a week. If people hadnt recieved their stuff in previous deals, id be convinced this is a scam

        • @Davo1111: till I get it in my hands Jury is still out on that

        • @Davo1111:

          Well this isn't good, so we won't receive ours this week?

        • @treeman:

          im not sure tbh.

          Ive had cases where the tracking actually worked after the product had arrived.


        • @Davo1111:

          One positive is that at least it comes up in the system…

        • @treeman:

          According to this post, it suggests that registered post parcels might not be scanned on lodgement, meaning that you might only know about it when it arrives


          I'm guessing that shopmonk are doing a banggood priority style shipment where they ship to a warehouse in bulk, then auspost the shipment from there. However, with banggood, my experience is this takes about 10 days.

          Im starting to give up hope, that it's going to be a 10 day thing

        • @Davo1111:

          Hmm thanks for the info. So you think likely it will be here next week rather than this week?

        • @treeman: your guess is as good as mine

        • @Davo1111:

          I just got a tracking update from Auspost saying they have the item at Tullamarine VIC as at 4.29pm. :)

          Whether it is for me or the item number now belongs to someone else, I can't say.

          Anyway, the number that worked for me are the last 23 digits. That's 3 numbers before RV and then the rest.

          Fingers crossed.

          PS I did open a dispute last weekend but which resulted with the automatic "Paypal reversed" status.

        • @joetrim:


          tracking active as of today also
          using 23 digits tracking code like you

        • @SimBech:

          I wonder if we all have the same tracking number lol

          Does your show 4.29pm as well?

        • @joetrim:

          haha 03:51pm Wed 08 Nov

        • @SimBech:

          Phew, that's a relief :)

  • I have also received dispatch email last Friday with a long tracking id that doesn't work at anywhere.
    I emailed ShopMonk asking about the tracking id and only received a standard auto-reply.

    • I received this in response to tracking number being made up:

      Hi Patrick,

      We apologize for the inconvenience, As there has been an inadvertent delay in servicing the order which happens to be beyond our control and it should reach you by 14 to 21 business days. The tracking details will be shared with you through email once the product has been dispatched from our facility.

      Shopmonk Australia

  • Same boat here. Wishing I had of cancelled for gearbite.

    Guess we wait..

  • Latest email:

    Hi coxjon,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, there was an error in communication.

    We apologize and as per policy, you will get the product within 21 to 30 days.

    Shopmonk Australia

  • Asked for cancellation and received confirmation a week ago yet still didn't get the refund.

    Meanwhile geatbite order will be delivered tomorrow.

    • Anybody got theirs yet?

      Should I lodge a Paypal complaint?

      • Still waiting on mine too despite email saying it was shipped Friday last week.

        • Think we need to wait between 14 and 31 days

      • I've logged paypal complaint already and today, a day before force closure, they put bogus tracking number into claim - buying more time.

        And this is happened after they confirmed refund.

        Buyers beware.

        • Will be doing the same then.

  • I emailed shopmonk asking what’s happening with my order and my tracking number is not working.. they replied last night..

    “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you as there has been an inadvertent delay in servicing the order which happens to be beyond our control. We are shipping the product by tomorrow. The tracking details will be shared with you through email once the product has been dispatched from our facility. It should arrive at your doorstep within 4 to 5 business days.”

  • Has anyone received the item or any valid tracking number?

    • +1

      Still waiting.. Tracking number still shows as Pending on auspost

      • Ditto

      • That's because it's not a valid one.
        All invalid tracking number with valid format gives you that status.

  • I opened a PayPal dispute today. Order still shows processing on their website, probably not worth holding my breath for this to be delivered as advertised.

    • Me too. Opened PayPal dispute as well

  • Anyone still waiting as me?

    • Their website says 21-30 days for this product.
      Not sure if I should wait for a few more days before start the paypal dispute ticket.

      • You have 180 days to lodge a paypal claim i believe - I will wait my 30 days then lodge it - I had a reply to my question about the invalid tracking number and the reply felt very generic and was contrdictory - "your item will arrive at your doorstep in the next 3 - 5 days" and then further down " please ignore previous communcation you will recieve details about tracking in a week" - so apparently you can track it after its supposed to be "on my doorstep"

        • Yeah. Thinking the same.
          Since Gearbite's sales has ended, there is no rush to do this…
          But I really really keen to get the vacummn so I can free myself from cleaning…

  • I've lodged the claim, it says "Paypal Reserved" does that mean I'll just get my money back now?

    • They may have just held the money in Shopmonk account

    • Mine too - obviously haven't posted despite claims 2 weeks ago.

  • +6

    I don’t know why the shipment is taking so long. I must re-iterate, if they actually had some proper communication or just responded to emails most of this mess wouln’t have occurred. They are just losing customer left right and centre. The rep should get on here and explain what is going on.

    • So who was the first to order - we can then establish if anyone is getting one - I ordered on 19/10

      • I ordered on the 18th around 4:30pm

      • I ordered at 346pm on 18/10.

        • 18/10 - still waiting, even though first told it shipped on 26/10

    • From what I can see, this is one man business with shady business registration.

      Likely works like those ebay sellers listing items without any stock then simply forward the order to 3rd party.

      • The ‘customer service number’ just constantly rings out too

  • For people going through the PayPal process, have you received your money back?

    • Nope, just escalated the claim.

      Fingers crossed that does something or at least I'll get my money back.

    • Opened dispute back in 24th Oct and it's currently being reviewed by Paypal after Shopmonk provided bogus tracking number.

    • Got shipping and tracking number today

      • What date did you order?

        • 18th October

  • Thanks for contacting Shopmonk.

    Please accept our sincere apologies, as there has been a delay in shipping your order which happens to be beyond our control. We are in the process of shipping your order and we expect it to reach you by the end of this week.

    The tracking details will be emailed to you as soon as your order is dispatched. Items which are shipped with Australia Post can only be tracked once item is scanned by Australia Post lodgement facility.

    It would have been nice if they had just been upfront. Remember when everyone bought an electric BBQ from an eBay seller at once? The guy emailed everyone with all the info (how many he actually had on stock), expected times for everyone else, and offered a refund for those who CBF waiting. Good business practice imo

    • I got exact same reply from Shopmonk yesterday.

      Thanks for contacting Shopmonk. please accept our sincere apologies, as there has been a delay in shipping your order which happens to be beyond our control. We are in the process of shipping your order and we expect it to reach you by the end of this week.

      The tracking details will be emailed to you as soon as your order is dispatched. Items which are shipped with Australia Post can only be tracked once item is scanned by Australia Post lodgement facility.

      Shopmonk Australia

  • PayPal refund update:

    I got shipping notice (shipped, received by Australia Post already) today. This is 5 days after PayPal claim and escalation due to status changing on Shopmonk website to 'Paypal Reversal'.

    If I receive it (highly likely at this stage), I am happy to pass it on to someone who missed out - I'm not looking to make any money.

    • I can see my parcel is received by Auspost this afternoon. Item is at Tullamarine VIC.
      Look like there is a high chance that I can get it by the end of the week.

  • Last 6 digits of tracking number add to 23.

    Received by Australia Post Time & date 01:25pm Wed 08 Nov

    • What do you mean?

      • Like a checksum. Add up the last 6 digits of your tracking number. If it equals 23 then there is a good chance it's a fake one.

        I think they've pulled it together anyway, looks like we're getting them :)

        • Mine equal 27

  • +1

    I got my vacumn delivered this morning at around 10am.

    Took 20 days… but still less them their SLA on the website (21-30 days)

    Thinking of the price is even cheaper than the retail price in China, I won't complaint too much…

    It will be a better shopping experience if ShopMonk can communicate better.

    • Good to hear there might be a flow of deliveries - I am still holding my breath waiting for that AustPost Email - I ordered on the 19th - so 21 days now for me

      • I got my proper tracking today after escalating a paypal claim. Turns out it is currently in Victoria. Fingers crossed I get it tomorrow but more likely early next week.

        • you think they are prioritising based on paypal disputes? I never lodged one was planning to wait till their 30 days SLA was up but now I feel even more ripped off

        • @ajerazzor: Have you got tracking id from any email you received from ShopMonk?

        • @ajerazzor:

          Actually check your first tracking number because that is the one that now works.

        • @treeman:
          The full tracking number

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