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PlayStation VR + PS4 Camera + VR Worlds + Gran Turismo Sport - $429.00 (Costco - Moorabbin Vic Membership Req)


So walked into Costco today to pick up some dinner and walked out the proud owner of a PSVR set. I realise every store and their dog is putting this model on sale as there is a new model on the cusp of worldwide release (or so I hear) but considering this has what a lot of them offer (Headset, PS4 camera, VR Worlds) as well as Gran Turismo Sport I thought it was a good deal. I've added a copy of my receipt (slightly edited to remove banking dets etc) in case that helps. No clue how many are left as the stock isn't on the table. I just quoted the stock number (42786) and some guy went out back and brought me mine out from a store room.

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  • Do Costco sell ps4 Pro perchance?

    • yeah I saw them today but can't remember what they were being sold for.

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      I would love to know the price of the PS4 Pro at Costco as well if anyone knows?

      This looks a ripping deal.

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        If I recall correctly they are $499 as their standard price so better off going for the JB Price that they often have

  • Random question for PlayStation cognoscenti!

    I just bought a PlayStation Move for PS3, but didn't buy the PlayStation Eye with it. Is the PlayStation Camera the same as the PS Eye? Or compatible at least? Because I was looking at a VR set anyway. Only have a standard PS4 though which I imagine can't play any VR games…

    Appreciate any wisdom :)

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      Regular PS4 can play VR ok. PS Camera only works with PS4, not PS3. PS Move works with PS3 and 4

      • Thanks - I got the PS Move controller, but it doesn't work without a PS Eye, right? Which was superseded by the PS Camera I take it? Thanks for your quick advice

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          Regular ps4 can play vr fine. Get this pack and then use the psmove controllers with it. You don't need to worry about the eye.

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      Ps eye will not work with vr.
      You need the ps4 camera.

      The base ps4 will play all vr games, but some detail is lower.

      Good luck :)

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    What a great deal!

  • Heavens to Betsy!

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    Ah the impulse vr purchase, can't say I've been there! Do yourself a favour and get move controllers for the London heist mission, Batman and rush of blood. They're must for psvr imo.

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    There will be more price cuts of ps vr on the way due to a new PS VR release due early 2018 in japan which makes hdr accessible without changing cables.

    Minor upgrade but still worth it for those who are not bothered with HDR.

  • Are they making a new revision of the VR headset?

  • Do these require PS4 or Ps4 Pro ?

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    Enjoy your impending buyers remorse for the dust collector with bajillion cables.

  • I got excited then read the reviews for Gran Turismo Sport VR. Basically it's no good.

    Further investigation leads me to believe that Project Cars 2 is the way to go for VR racing. The VR is available for PC but not PS4, and may never be.

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    I heard from a friend that there is VR porn and it works on the PSVR. But I don't have a PSVR that is just what my friend said.

  • Warning: Do not get GT Sport for PSVR. Buy it if you want a racing game but don't get it just for PSVR because its pretty bad.

  • Guys, I brought this and was going to return it as both me and my partner got motion sickness.

    Ozbargainers, I received a call from Costco that they forgot to charge for the GT sports game. This offer if no longer valid

    However is it legal to ask for payment when a company itself made the mistake? It’s like a mechanic quoted you $800 and then called you and says “your car is going to take a week to fix and will cost $1000.” This is not a good practice and I don’t think Costco is doing the right thing.

    Regardless I am disappointed in both the VR and Gran Turismo as the car choices are limited and so is the campaign mode.

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