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Free Sample of Tushon Premium 3 Ply Toilet Seat Cover [Delivered]


Enjoy a free sample of the world's first premium 3 Ply embossed toilet seat liner.
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Australia Only. 1 per customer

About the product:
TUSHON Premium 3 Ply toilet seat covers safeguard you and your family from the nasties of public toilets, giving you comfort, protection and peace of mind™

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  • Thanks OP! Freebie is always nice!

  • The best toilet seat covers are always going to be shagpile.

  • This kind of ruins the age old tradition of making a toilet seat cover out of toilet paper.

  • Paper seat covers do nothing, your best bet is to carry a wind out style pull up bar.

    The ones that you friction fit to doorways for doing chin ups, alternatively use a staunch shower rod.

    You position it over the public toilet and use it and your upper body strength to suspend yourself above the bowl.

    One off cost, also build strength, very nice.

  • Thanks OP! Got one.

  • Thanks so much I was successful

  • Learn to squat so u won't need one of these. Squatting provides a path of least resistance to empty your bowels

    • I cannot work out where to put my pants. Do you take them off completely? I feel so vulnerable with shoes on but no pants.

    • +4 votes

      And it's the best position to spray the entire toilet with your bowel contents, thus fulfilling your public toilet duties of making it unusable for anyone else for the rest of the day.

  • +4 votes

    Quite certain the girl pictured on the pack is gonna foul her dress.

  • Anyway, thanks OP - hopefully this comes in handy some time.

  • blimey…SOLD OUT in under 2 hours since report

  • Sold Out Free - 1 per customer just got my a— done / They ask for email address 1st

  • I just wipe down the toilet seat before using it. If a toilet is particularly disgusting I find another cubicle. If you are particularly anal, pun intended, about these things take a small bottle of antiseptic spray with you to spray on the toilet paper before you wipe. You can buy lipstick sized atomisers. I chalk this one up as the same as the wet wipes that clog up the sewer systems. A lot of additional wastage.

    • Are you male or female? I'm male and male toilets are gross. What about the ladies ones?

      • From what I have heard, female toilets are often worse. They have no option but to use the bowl where blokes will use a urinal whenever possible. At my workplace, they have massive problems with females of certain ethnicity standing on the toilet seats and hoping for the best. I have heard the horror stories from my female colleagues. It’s a slaughterhouse in there.

      • Female - ladies ones are usually better, but just back from overseas tour and the toilets at the top of schilthorn were megagross. overflowing sanitary napkin containers and someone had actually left a used nappy in the hand washing area.

        There are signs everywhere nowdays telling people not to stand on the seats. to be fair if I have to use a squat loo the results arent great, but i do try to clean up after myself.

  • Tbh, who brings with them a toilet cover when they have an urge to go all of a sudden? It's not like oh (profanity) pun intended, I forgot my toilet seat cover better go back to the car get it and then line up cover in one hand and antiseptic in the other, with Glenn 20 bringing up the rear.

    No. You go to the toilet not when you feel like it, but when you can and must.

    This is one freebie I didn't get and I don't regret missing out on.

  • I just clicked through and it looks like they might have samples back in stock if anyone missed out