expired (XB1/PS4) LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Deluxe Edition - $59.99 Delivered @ OzGameShop


Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Deluxe Edition

XBONE - https://www.ozgameshop.com/xbox-one-games/lego-marvel-superh...

PS4 - https://www.ozgameshop.com/xbox-one-games/lego-marvel-superh...

EBGames are charging $110 plus Ozgameshop seem to have a sooner release date

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    Store in title Please :)

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    Thanks, bought a copy :) hope they honour it!

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    nice, i asked em 2 days ago if they could get more as the pre order was out of stock.
    get in fast guys.
    at only $5 more than their regular version its abargain
    includes season pass etc
    cheaper if uredeem points.
    very annoying they price items 1c below the next tier of redemptions


      I asked them last week about getting new stock too, I would of ordered it earlier but I was awaiting my player points

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    I would bite, but I'm gonna be snapping this one up on my Switch whenever they wanna release it there, apparently it's a little delayed.

    Which I'm fine with because LA Noire, Skyrim, Battlefront, among others, should be enough to keep me happy for that week.

    Edit: Oh (profanity), that's got the season pass too, now I'm tempted to double dip.

    Actually, I bought Marvel 1 on Vita, PS4, and the missus had on PS3. Avengers on PS4, Vita, and 3DS. It wouldn't be out of character for me to do.

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    Thank you - got one. My daughter and I played the first game for about 70 hours!

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    Did anyone get their order cancelled?

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