Posting a Phone Case

Haven't sold much on eBay before, but sold a phone case. I originally thought I could just chuck it in an envelope and whack on some stamps. Is this the case? Or do I have to get a parcel or box and all.

Would appreciate advice from anyone who sells stuff online. Case is worth ~$8 so I don't fancy the $7 postage..


  • Envelope and a $2 stamp, pop it into the red box.

    • I run a large eBay business
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    In an envelope without stamps. Put the buyers name and address on the front and back of the envelope.

    • I am writing this while on community service
  • Post as a letter and hope they don't claim they didn't receive it.
    Inb4 PayPal dispute

  • Under 5mm thick it is classed as a small letter and costs $1.00 for up to 125g. 5mm-20mm it is a large envelope and under 125gm costs $2.00. Over that it is classed as a parcel. We also run a large Ebay business and never try to cut corners on postage - it's not worth the risk.

  • I think it's not the postage but evil buyers we may worry about.
    Buyer can easily claims item not received and the seller doesn't have any proof that is recognised by Paypal. Seller ends up losing both item and money.