Hyundai I20 (2014) Stereo Fascia Removal Help

Hi all,
My daughter went and bought herself a double din stereo, fascia kit and cables etc then asked me to help her fit it. Anyway, I've loosened the stock fascia off but can't pull it right out. Has anyone done this job on this model successfully? Youtube hasn't helped for this model.

Got any tips on getting the old fascia out?


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    Sorry, I can't help with anything very constructive.

    Maybe look at how other models pull apart- Hyundai and if not getting anywhere perhaps Honda or Toyota- or whoever they copy design/construction of the most.

    But don't forget to make a youtube of how not to break the clips et al, once you've broken them to figure it out!

    Best of luck NOT doing that…

    • Thanks. I did the same job in my sons older Camry and the fascia came out in seconds. The whole swap over took literally 15 minutes. This one's a bit of a headache.

      I've found video's of older models, newer models and they differ greatly. Maybe a should video once I've broken all the things, for the next putz.

      • They will have copied/re-used the clips from someone. Try using a small mirror/light to see inside before applying too much force.

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    maybe ask at a smash repair business…or a wreckers…???

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