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EB Games Premium Preowned Bundles


From today the 4th of November, there are multiple preowned bundles available to purchase online. Here is one of the many bundles available - Juiced 2, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, Saints Row & Facebreaker all preowned and for $69!!

Available while stocks last.

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  • Put some examples or this seems like an advertisement.

    Can you order online and pick up instore, or do we need to pay for shipping?

  • need moar info

  • +1

    All the old games that they have so many copies of because nobody wants these titles anymore.

  • @ozhunter: Put up an example in the ad, but best to check the website for all the bundles as there are too many to list.

    • That example should include Mass Effect too yeah?

  • Hardly seems like a bargain considering lots of the games average $15 every second week when you have a "OMG OMG OMG [email protected]@1111 SALE" sales.

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    omg i bet EB's gona sell my traded-in game at a 300% profit during the sale.

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    Hi Rep, This is not a bargain. You are down sizing your inventory at buyer's expense.

  • In regards to the PS3 bundles these aren't particularly good deals. Turning Point features in most of the PS3 bundles and is very poorly rated. You should be able to pick this up new for less than $20. Facebreaker is a badly rated game. I bought it from EB pre-owned for $8. My gf likes it enough, but it's not a great game and u were able to buy this for less than $10 from EB pre owned. The bundles seem to contain the one good title, Fifa, Brothers in Arms, but just the one.

    I'd like to see more bundles like these but IMO these bundles aren't quite attractive, or at least the PS3 ones.

  • shame all ps3 bundles seem to include "facebreaker" and some other game.

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    lol who's gonna be the first sucker to give this a positive?…

  • would be nice if you allowed those gift cards to work online (for using stuff that is actually worth the price).

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    One, sometimes two, games that are decent but 3-4 years old that you pay near new price for, and get some crap you don't want. Pass.

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    for $20 reasonable deal otherwise k-rap to the max!!

  • pretty random/crap/cheap games lol

  • These are not worthy of ozbargain. Where is the saving?

  • "Juiced 2, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, Saints Row & Facebreaker all preowned and for $69!!

    Available while stocks last."

    I'm assuming these stocks have lasted for >2 years anyways..

  • i wouldnt touch this deal with a 10 foot pole.

  • I would NEVER buy second hand games online especially from EB games because the condition of the games they take is so varied. If it is like my local store I don't want them.

  • No deal

  • Not a bargain, would be too risky considering the quality of discs etc

  • Still looking for the bargain but can't find it, must be behind the trade and save stickers…

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