Friend Has Dispute with a Bank in Singapore, Any Advice What to Do?

A friend of mine is going through a bitter divorce process with his wife. The wife was taking money out of their joint account so he decided to make all of their joint accounts 2 to sign to stop her draining their money. They have a joint bank account in Singapore worth roughly 200k and he visited the bank in person and sign the form to change it to 2 to sign. Long story short, he just received a statement and it turns out all of the money has been taken. He belief that the information was lost when the former bank merge with the current bank. He has sent them email and they have not replied back. Just wondering if any of fellow ozbargainers know if there is some sort of financial ombudsman that my friend can go to? Thanks


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    Dealing with misappropriated funds in the vicinity of two hundred thousand dollars

    turns to OzBargain for advice

    Get a lawyer, and a freaking good one.

  • Does he have proof he signed that form?

    • Yes he has. He emailed them and they went silent

      • Does anything in writing (or equivalent) clarify how soon it would take effect?

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    Looks as though your friend may not be having sex with his wife anymore but he has sure been screwed by her now

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    Bank in Singapore

    Why are you posting this query here?

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    Dispute Resolution Guide - Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • Why the hell didn't he instead move the funds under an account only he had access to whilst beginning divorce proceedings?

    Also - when something serious is happening, pick up the damn phone and don't send an email to a bank!

  • I am no expert but when the settlement is done wont the total assets including the contents of the singapore acct be assessed for the distribution? Does he have any proof of the balance after seperation?
    Get a lawer.

  • Tell your friend to get a divorce lawyer

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    A friend of mine is going through a bitter divorce process with his wife.

    Are you the cause of all this? :p

  • LOL
    Get a lawyer FOO and ASAP!!!

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    Maybe post on cheapcheaplah…

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    He or you aren't telling the whole story. In any case it's too late deal with it. Put it down to experience, learn a lesson and cry me a river.