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Vintage Cruiser Bike @ Kmart $29


Original price was $119 and now $29. I am not a bike rider so not sure about quality.

Stock in Richmond.

Mod: Reminder that clearance prices are nationwide.

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  • Anyone got in Sydney? Please confirm store and stock.

  • stock availability near to Wenty?

  • 4-5 left at Chirnside Park but scans at $119

  • If you are considering a $119 bike (even if it's $29), just don't.
    It won't be safe. It won't last more than probably six months. And it will be a very hard bike to ride and enjoy.
    Seriously save yourself $30 and yet another failed fitness idea stacked up in the garage and put it towards a semi decent bike or a second hand one.

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      +1 a solid second hand bike will well outlast this waste of natural resources

      • That is probably the best way to describe this bike. Future landfill.
        Kmart should be ashamed and even fined/taxed for selling this sort of rubbish.
        All they are doing here is getting $29 off you so they don't have to take them to the tip and pay commercial rates for disposing of them.

      • Got to agree, plenty of options on well priced real bikes

    • I don't know. It's an excellent starter bike. Why waste too much cash at the start.

      • Is it though? How long will it last? How much trouble might it give someone during a ride. How servicable are the components.

        These things all make up overall value.. a dollar saved now may mean spending two down the road.

    • It won't be safe


  • Thanks OP.
    None up here at Caloundra.

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    had 5 where i went - decided not to buy - looked so crappy and cheap

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      Dress better & feel good about yourself, who cares what you look like when you shop?

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        Haha gold!!

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    Looking on Gumtree - it looks like some guys have gone around Sydney and cleaned up in bulk :|

  • Bass hill has 8 as of lunchtime. Scanned at 29. And barely fit in my 86 lol.

  • Thanks. Just bought 3 from bass hill. 1Someone just called and reserved 4. There are still 5 left here.

    • Were they all the same colour? I didn't check,

  • Blacktown denied of $29, the guy scanned it but said $119 only!!! Strange

  • Got one from Bass Hill. Scanned 119 manually put down to 29$. Not black and pink. Its blue one. One that I preferred. Happy

  • These models are scanning up at $119. Clearance pricing varies store to store and stores have no obligation to match, its at the store managers discretion. Local is not matching these prices and talkers are displayed $119.


    • Are you sure you checked the right keycode? Came up as $29 in the PDT for the keycode in the OP, you guys must have new stock with a different keycode probably.

  • 0 stock in the entire Brisbane

    • We're quite fit here in Brisbane

  • Single speed.

  • None at most stores in WA (Maddington, Armadale, Carousel, Belmont, Garden City) Also they do not seem to be on sale. I saw one ready built but was still normal price.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one for my sister.

  • None @ Nundah Kmart as at 3pm 29/10.

  • not discounted at wanneroo

  • There are 2 similar bikes.. All the bikes in WA are 632 model and not on clearance. This one on clearance is the 625 model..

    • I did see a 625 but was not on clearance. Price tag showed up as unknown and so the staff would apply the normal price on the tag.

      • Where did you see that? Did you buy or any left?

        • I bought 632 model from Bass Hill. Unsure if they have any stock left.

        • @ashftc: was it on clearance? i thought the 635 model only was?!

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          @Miss Engineer:

          It wasn’t. Price was coming at 129$. Before going to checkout I asked the guy and he said it’s 29$. He served me really well. He got the stock from warehouse. Then person at checkout manually reduced the price from 119$ to 29$

  • None @ Helensvale and oxenford QLD

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