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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Red - $111.20 Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Actually cheaper than MSY and the likes.

Arguably one of the best gaming headsets around.

Combine with with discounted JB Hifi gift cards and you're looking at these for ~$100-$105.

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  • Can the attached 3.5mm audio cable be detached and replaced?

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      Only the mic is detachable

      • Thanks currentfad, might go for V-MODA.

    • The newer cloud alphas (also on special) have the detachable cable. I recently went from II to alphas and they are an improvement. No 7.1 but I never used that feature.

      • What kind of improvements? Better sound stage? Bass?

        • Sound generally better in all areas. Slightly more comfortable as well.

        • Thanks TB, went with the cloud alphas, they must be good if ASTRALIS use them :P

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    Link to discounted gift cards?

    • 5% always available if you convert Wish -> JB @ Woolies. Some people get 7% via perks (work, utilities etc). Also 10% at times @ Supermarkets. Classifieds often has 10% too.

      • If you have the Entertainment Book, you can get 5% off through their website.

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    The base level Cloud's at the ~$60 level are also great. The II main addition is a USB dac, which i wouldn't use anyway.

    • Agreed, Recently bought a Cloud to replace my ridiculously uncomfortable Razer Krakens. The Clouds are easily the most comfortable headset i've owned and the build quality is great.

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    I purchased this from JBHIFI in the Sydney CBD for about $119 maybe ~6 months ago.

    Can say, really good purchase. Use it for PC gaming and XBOX One. Definitely recommend for the price!

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    Double check your local JB first because it might be ticketed as $119 in store, which 20% off that makes $95.20

  • I have a set of these and they are brilliant. Comfortable, don't get too hot and sound quality is great. They also come with a plane adapter which is convenient.

  • HYPERX Cloud Revolver S $146.40 cash at Myaree
    Sound good on Lumina 640…PC test soon…
    3 year old son torture test…looking good :)
    Although he likes them and the box…doh

    • Returning to shop due to Steam chat Mic issue's.
      1) Mic Volume Low. apo equalizer fixed this by allowing Mic Boost.
      2) ANNOYING static using USB dongle. WTF

      Going to get Logitech G933 at MSY Price $195….

  • Have Cloud Alphas, great headset. On Xbox (and I’m assuming Windows 10) you can enable Windows Sonic Surround Sound (Free) or Dolby ATMOS ($18) on any headset, gaining surround sound abilities

  • Bought 2 pairs of these for my wife and I. They are the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn, much superior comfort to the TB they replaced. As a glasses wearer, the comfort was more so a factor than sound quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. We took the to the US on our honeymoon, they did a fantastic job of damping the engine noise. Which was unexpected, given that they aren't a noise cancelling headset. The only issue I've had arise, was related to the USB soundcard on both headsets. The microphone was constantly dropping out when using any verbal communications. To their credit, HyperX sent out 2 new soundcards at no cost and I also believe out of warranty. Which was never mentioned, also they contacted me after a comment I made on a FB post and they wanted to rectify the issue. So certainly happy with their after sales service too. Will be buying HyperX again when these eventually give up the ghost, but they are as crisp and comfortable as the day we got them so who knows when that'll be.

  • It's $139 on the website, is there a discount on or something?

    Are the cloud alphas a lot better? Reviews seems to think they are. Shouldn't be that long until they hit a similar price bracket.

    • Yeah there was a 20% off sale. Guess it's over now. Cheers.

      • damn missed out could've bought the cloud alphas for 20% off too then i guess.

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