How Do You Store Your 2 Tonnes of Blackhawk Dog Food? (Storage tubs)

Hey guys

I got 40kg of blackhawk in the last petbarn deal ($55/20kg). I would like to get a storage tub that I can put 20kg in at a time. Does anyone else do this? What are you using?
Chasing airtight, and one without a bunch of clips on the lid to undo 2 twice a day.
Been to Kmart and the reject shop without much luck.




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    2 Tonnes

    For a science teacher you should know that 2 tonnes is 2000 kg, not 40 kg. 😝

    • I dunno, I'm pretty sure it's actually 2000000.00 g haha

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        Correct but kg is the preferred SI unit.

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          and anyone with a sense of humour would know it was said in jest. :-)

        • @xywolap: You missed the tongue. It was an attention grabbing title, obviously.

      • Go to your local pub/hospital/place that uses gravy, get 3 buckets (the 7.5kg ones).

        They are small enough to carry and move, air tight and likely to be free!

    • you can store them in the garage, it can fit a car, surely it can fit 2 tonnes of dog food

  • We got something similar to this as part of promo -

    Single clip at the front and has a seal around the top to keep airtight - not sure about size though, ours easily fits one 20kg bag but might be a bit bigger than this.

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    Had one of these for years. it's weather proof sturdy.

    Also I like how you've bought a crazy amount of dog food when you don't have a dog yet lol

    • Haha
      The ozbargain way!

      • If you don't have your dog yet, wait to open at least one of the bags. Our dog used to regularly vomit on Black Hawk so we switched to Ivory Coat (and now he gets Big Dog RAW and loves it!) and ended up chucking out half a bag of Black Hawk…

        • Thanks, will do

        • Can confirm. Been through maybe three brands of dog food and some different variants within each brand. Currently using Royal Canin.

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        I disagree. It’s better to ask the breeder what food the dog eats before stocking up.

        • Yes the puppy is on holistic which is similar but more expensive. I'll be trialling the blackhawk which she recommended if we couldn't afford hollistic

        • @science-teacher:

          I find my large 10kg protein shake containers work best as it has a screw top lid.

          As a side note you did exactly what I did and asked the same question I had. Pup was on fancy food priced out of my budget. Went with the next step down and then petbarn had a multibuy 2 bags at half price deal plus some online special. I went nuts and bought 60kg then came home and went oh crap what will I do once I open these!

          In hindsight I somehow don't think the puppy will eat 60kg in a year………

          Also did all this before I even paid a deposit on the pup.

          This - you know you're committed!

    • +1 I've got 2 of them, one for the cat and the other for the dog. Easy to open/close and comes with a scoop.

    • Is the store n paw airtight? Want to stop ants etc getting into it

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    get a breakfast cereal style container, and fill it up once a week.

    roll the lid and secure with a few pegs.

    • That is what we do with the cat food. Put some into cereal containers for pouring and them fold over the top of the bag a few times to reseal and use the pegs to secure. We give the cats Canidae

  • We have a big plastic storage tub with wheels that you would use in a closet. You can fit almost two bags in it.

    Stays in our garage and dogs get fed there.

  • I use these. Food grade, stackable, holds 10kg of dog food each so I have two stacked on top of each other in a cupboard so it doesn't take much room. Two containers might be an issue but I'd imagine it keeps the second 10kg fresher:

    • Gravy buckets are a bit smaller and usually can be gotten for free.

    • Hey - i recently picked one up at bunnings and filled it up with kibble.

      Keen to find out from you if you did the same or kept it in the bag? The storage says food grade so I am assuming good for dog food for sure right?

      Also, i got the lid on and couldnt take it off until i realised i had to strip the lining, even then it was a pain to get off.

      Without the lining,is it still airtight?

      Read a bunch of stuff people saying don't empty kibble in plastic container but not sure why if human food stored that way

  • We feed our dogs BlackHawk and they are in fine form and have never been sick from it. They are labradors though… (We do change it around according to what is on special - lately have had good prices and fantastic food quality from Meals for Mutts).

    Our food is stored in a small sized wheelie bin we bought from the reject shop. It fits a 20 kg bag - so maybe it is a 20 litre bin? It does not seal but the lid flips closed. It was stored in the cupboard under the stairs (when we lived in a two storey), and now in the garage. We have never had contamination or infestation issues, and the dogs are well aware of where it is but have never broken in to it either. Of course with two big dogs they get through it in a few weeks so it doesn't sit around all for all that long.

  • Old school rubbish bin (fluted sides/black lid l) from Bunnings. Takes two big bags of dogs food and the lid stays on tight.

  • I put it in a bin I got from bunnings. It fits about 2.5 15kg bags in there.

  • I use the kmart dog food storage tins which is air tight. I split it up:)

  • If anyone is looking for a storage container Bunnings has a 35L barrel with screw on lid. Which is better than the 20L handy pail a few posts above.

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