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Nokia 3310 3G - Azure - $89.95 @ Harvey Norman


Nokia 3310 3G - Azure $89.95. Not sure if it is a deal or not but I am pretty sure people would like to own it!
Feeling nostalgic :)

Charcoal colour is also available https://www.harveynorman.com.au/phones-accessories-gps/phone...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • will get 1 :)

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    $89 @ JB Hi-Fi

    RRP & nostalgia doesn't equal a deal, not for a 3G phone

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      I saw it on JB but the charcoal colour isn't available. I am sure the moderator will delete this post if it isn't a deal.

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        I am sure the moderator will delete this post if it isn't a deal.

        Nah, we can just neg it instead…

  • This one got delivered to Coles a couple of days ago . I saw it on Optus packaging. Might be an upcoming special

  • Coles have these for $79, locked to either Optus or Vodafone.

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    Cheaper at JB.

  • I'll wait for the price to drop around $40. Would come in handy when sending phone for repairs or waiting for new phone to be delivered or just to have it as an emergency backup phone in the car

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      or, you can just use one of you old phones and save $40…

      • Hahaha true, using blackberry bold ATM but this looks cooler.

    • By then we won't have a 3G network… Telstra will be shutting it in 2020 if the interwebz is to be believed.

      And this Nokia isn't compatible with their NextG network fwiw

      • You reckon I'll be 2020 when the price drops to around $40 ? I have a feeling that it'll drop in a few months time

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        we won't have a 3G network… Telstra will be shutting it in 2020

        What ????

        It was only a couple of months ago that they switched off the 2G network and a lot of those people went out to buy cheap 3G phones.

      • -1

        Lol I'm waiting for the 5g they will trial at next year's commonwealth games, they say it should out pace NBN ROFL.

    • You can get as full function Android phone for $40 most of the time at the supermarket or Kmart, always something being cleared. Or something minimal 1/3rd the size for $15.

  • +1

    I'll admit, I have borderline issues with how much I love Nokia, but no, this is not a deal.

    I'll wait until I can pick one up for $20 or so.

  • Camera Resolution 2MP

    Ahhhh… nostalgia… must get one…

  • If you must have a no-frills feature phone, you may as well buy the ZTE Flip 2 for around $122 dollars.

    It has

    1. LTE Band + Band 28 on top of being a Telstra Blue Tick compatible phone. Yep. It's a feature phone that can do 42mbps downstream LTE!
    2. Supports external antenna
    3. It has a selfie camera (although only 0.3 megapixel)
    4. Much higher internal memory (768MB user accessible according to ZTE)
    5. It supports tethering. So now you can make use of your generous data plans too.
    6. Supposedly runs a very stripped down version of Android and a 1ghz Snapdragon-something CPU.

    However, it seems to lack
    1. FM Radio (Not mentioned anywhere)
    2. There's probably no Snake game…

    • People only buy this for nostalgia. No one care much about the features.

  • I saw this phone in Shenzhen a couple of months ago and was very excited. Bought one for A$40. However I was quite disappointed. There is a version that support dual sim and the one I bought wasn’t. The case cover is super difficult to open. The key pad is hard to use. There is a limit of phone numbers it can store (can’t remember how many, but it is not big storage). The overall build is very cheap. I think it’s more like a $20 phone. Anyway, it’s my personal opinion. I don’t think it’s a successor of previous 3310.

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