expired Sydney Return to Aspen or Denver, Colorado $846, Washington DC or Houston, Texas or Chicago $860 via Virgin/Delta & Qantas


Virgin Australia along with their codeshare partner Delta are offering cheap flights to the US. Qantas is also matching the prices on some of the routes. Nothing beats NY especially at $845 however DC and Chicago are great destinations. Was in Chicago last summer and was great. Just don't go in winter.

Fares include bags, meals, seats. A couple of layovers on the way. Dates range from January to August 2018.

Find the flights in Google Flights then use Skyscanner, Momondo, IWTF or whatever to book your flights. Skyscanner isn't picking up all of the cheap flights. If that's the case use one of the other booking sites.

Also, if you are OK to fly with United, they are offering flights to Miami for $950

via Scott's Cheap Flights

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    I'd avoid the United flights… they are the worst airline to USA, having flown with them, Qantas, Air NZ and Virgin to the USA. Great prices to non-California cities.

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      They used to be the worst. Have had flight cancelled, awful planes etc. however they now fly the Dreamliner to LA which is really nice. More comfortable atmosphere (humidity), seats, electronic tinting windows, in seat entertainment, etc.


        I agree. Experienced the Dreamliner recently and the electronic tinting windows are great. It really stops inconsiderate people from opening up the window shades when everyone else is trying to sleep.


          Oh nice. yea this was a few years ago. Haven't been on a Dreamliner, so I'll have to see if I can get on one next trip stateside. Thanks for the tip

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      lol their the worst they wouldn't let me on my flight home to Sydney from LA last time as they said I missed my flight from Denver to LA the day before which I was 100% on and had to prove it with bag tags that I luckily had saved from the flight if I didn't I would have had to pay for a new flight. how do they not know who is on their planes… so dumb

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    Fares include bags, meals, seats

    LOL, I would hope that they include seats on the plane :P

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    I've heard in Aspen the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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    Denver return in prime ski season for $846 … the connections are even desirable times .. never been so cheap .. :-) .. !!


      accom suggestions?


        Depends on your destination. In Denver we stay at the Renaissance Flatiron or the Omni Interlocken in Broomfield to acclimatise on the way to Breckenridge, where we only ever stay at Mountain Thunder Lodge or Beaver Creek, where we sometimes stay at The Charter ($$$). Rocky Mountain high in Colorado .. :-) .. !!



      could you find a date? i tried last 2 weeks of Jan but didn't get any $846, came up to $1360 which is still not bad during ski season


        I tried Mar 5 to 20 from memory .. great spring snow in March but Spring Break can be an issue = hordes of preppies jamming up the queues .. :-( .. !!


    Denver, Colorado the place with beautiful mountains and great GREENery ;)

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    I need to return a suitcase to a girl in Aspen. Thanks.


    Washington is great for a cheap holiday. Scores of free things to go and see including the Smithsonian museums. Possibly cheaper to stay in Maryland or Virginia. Only a short drive to Philadelphia, NY or even Boston is an easy day's drive. Whilst I was there years ago went to the Luray caves and maze. It's a beautiful drive through the National parks, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. I would jump at this if I could.


    Flew Delta East>West coast both ways in the last week. They were way better than my AA or United experiences. Good inflight movies and live TV, food and drink service was decent for the 5 hour flights.


    Try for the Virgin 777 or Qantas A380. The QF 787 or Delta 777 are 9/10 across which is squishy.


    if i had the chance, annual leave, $$ i would book this to go to the snows


    Thanks OP. Booked Chicago. Paid $890 for 2hr connecting flights rather than a 14hr wait for $40 less

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