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Universal Tablet Sleeve - $7.20 at Woolworths - scans at $5.00


Saw these on discount at local woolies.

Normal price $18.00 discounted to $7.20

Plenty in the stock at Woolworths Tarneit Gardens.

Link to website - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/520716/gec...

Edit - 31/10 - scans at $5.00 at checkout

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    I like how the first item for 'People Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed' is 'Decor Match-ups Storer Tall Oblong 3l' as if someone is trying really hard to find a receptacle for their tablet and is desperate enough to consider using a food container.

  • It's really useless

    • Oh, is it? I thought they looked good just to use them as a tablet sleeve. Haven't used it yet. Still in the woolies bag but thought it could be a bargain for some.

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        i agree, they are great to protect the tablet when you need pack it in a bag, case etc

      • So you protect your tablet but you decide to take it out and it slips out of your hand and smashes onto the ground without any protection. Also highly inconvenient when you take it out and have to put it back in. There is a reason why it's clearance

        • So, what's a better alternative can you suggest? Smart cover? Hard case?

          Any URL to the alternative product?

          I guess the risk of dropping and smashing will always be there anyway regardless of what cover is being used, just depends on how you take care of your tablet.

          I've a smart cover on iPad and I still managed to put this inside the sleeve with the cover on. Double protection. Oh and I just checked my receipt as well and I was only charged $5 for this so comeon, I don't think its a useless product for $5. And they will revert back to normal price from tomorrow so they won't be on clearance forever. Thanks for your valuable input! ;)

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    this is $5 at the Southport Park qld store. I noticed it on Sunday.