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          obviously you didn't read my comment about the deal post above.

          the OP's post does not mention bicycles. edit: (until you changed it)

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          You're limited by colour choices. Any auxiliary lights you add must be yellow (anywhere), white (facing forward only), or red (facing rearward only).

          NSW Rules:

          Australian Design rules 45/01:
          45.2.2. The colour of the light emitted shall be within the limits of the co-ordinates prescribed in clause for the colour in question.

 Colours of Lamps: Trichromatic Co-ordinates


          limit towards yellow: y < 0.335
          limit towards purple: z < 0.008


          limit towards blue: x > 0.310
          limit towards yellow: x < 0.500
          limit towards green: y < 0.150 + 0.640x
          y < 0.440
          limit towards purple: y > 0.050 + 0.750x
          limit towards red: y > 0.382


          limit towards yellow: y < 0.429
          limit towards red: y > 0.398
          limit towards white: z < 0.007

 For verifying the limits above, a source of light at a colour temperature of 2,856 K (illuminant A of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)), in combination with appropriate filters, may be used.

          FYI I ride bikes with a policeman friend :)

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      pretty sure these sort of comments are a pain in ass.

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    Perfectly legal to use on your bicycle in any state in Australia.
    NOT legal to use on motor vehicles.
    I've had flashing red and blue lights on the back of my bicycle in Brisbane for well over a year, doing 150 km/week.
    Have been pulled up by police a few times who were ignorant of the law (or just have contempt for the law).


      Have been pulled up by police a few times who were ignorant of the law (or just have contempt for the law).

      With what practical result?

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        I had to educate the police on the letter of the law.
        Most police get their law training at the Police Academy.
        You'd know what that's like if you've seen the movie.

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      doing 150 km/week
      pulled up by police

      Did the police pull you up for riding too slowly? 150km/week = 0.89km/h That's slower than the walking speed of a senior person :-)


      I thought it was only red and blue that were illegal.

      What's the law on other colours?


        Any lights on the car that aren't factory fitted/necessary for driving are illegal as they distract other drivers.

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        For a motor vehicle you can have ONLY white on front, red on back, amber for indicators.
        There are some variations/exceptions for heavy vehicles.

        For bicycles,
        white on front (steady or flashing),
        red on back (steady or flashing),
        plus a red reflector on the back are required.
        In addition to that you can have any number and color of lights you want.

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      "NOT legal to use on motor vehicles" If they are not legal to use on motor vehicles in NSW they are not legal to use on bicycles. Even according to Bicycles NSW "Under NSW Road Rules a bicycle is considered a vehicle." https://bicyclensw.org.au/info/rider-essentials/rules/

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        that's just pr fluff. A bicycle certainly is not considered a vehicle for many road and vehicle rules.
        show us the legislation.


          Road Rules 2014
          Current version for 1 September 2017 to date (accessed 31 October 2017 at 15:16)
          Part 2 Division 2 Rule 15
          15 What is a vehicle

          A vehicle includes:
              (a)  a motor vehicle, trailer and tram, and
              (b)  a bicycle, and
              (c)  an animal-drawn vehicle, and an animal that is being ridden or drawing a vehicle, and
              (d)  a combination, and
              (e)  a motorised wheelchair that can travel at over 10 kilometres per hour (on level ground),
          but does not include another kind of wheelchair, a train, or a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy.

          A bicycle certainly is not considered a vehicle

          absolutely, 100% false. bicycle are vehicles per NSW RMS Road Rules.

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        not legal to use on motor vehicles

        a bicycle is considered a vehicle

        Exactly. It's a vehicle, not a motor vehicle. Big difference.


          Regardless a bicycle is a vehicle on the road and has to conform to all road rules


          @coin saver:
          Cyclists need only obey the road rules that apply to bicycles.
          There's dozens of exceptions.
          Bicycles are certainly not considered vehicles under all road/vehicle legislation.
          Dozens of exceptions.
          Only bicycles can overtake on the left
          Only bicycles can turn left without indicating.
          Only bicycles can ride on the footpath (in most states)
          Vehicles, must display a number plate front and back,
          Vehicles must have indicators, stop lights, plate lights.
          Vehicles must be registered.
          Driver of a MOTOR vehicle are required to submit to a random breath test (not bicycle riders… in QLD at least)

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          @Phoebus: In the ACT the law actually says you're not allowed to drink and ride a bicycle, a horse, or even a sheep. As if anyone would be riding a sheep sober


          Same in QLD of course.
          However Police have the power to "require" a breath sample from a motorist.
          In the case of a cyclist they need to get a court order to "require" a breath sample.



          Only bicycles can overtake on the left

          Not when a vehicle is turning left… But somehow wearing lycra makes them forget this rule.


      Do you happen to ride along Logan road?


      How do you select the colour on Zapals, their picture shows green LED's but website link says blue
      and the order doesn't even state a colour- could end up with one pink one green


    Cheap but meh. Don't wanna attract more attention.


    Bling factor? Sic bro.


    Not available for Presta valves. No deal!


    …most useless thing ever?


    29c then changed to USD and paypal converts to 28c. What other trickery am I missing (for next time) ?


    Aww, you lot haven't actually looked at laws for aftermarket lights on motor vehicles right? It varies between states - some say it is okay as long as not flashing or same colour as emergency services. Also need to claim it's for safety…


    It's prohibited!!