Is a Scam or Dodgy. Prices Seem Too Good to Be True

Is dodgy or a scam? Has anyone used them?

Example price:

US$169.99 for an Alienware 17 inch laptop with 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd, gtx 980m, i7 6820hk and 16gb ram with 109 in stock.

I mean, if this were legit, people would be buying just to resell on ebay, or to strip and sell the parts.

The fact they have nothing but 5 star reviews on their site feels dodgy. The fact that some of those reviews refer to "had it for one month" when their dns lookup says they have only been registered for a week feels dodgy.

The fact that searching for the comments in the reviews brings up the same comments on Amazon feels dodgy: compare with

Lastly, their text seems to be a copy job from. In fact the whole website looks like a rip from there.

I haven't made an account to check shipping prices.

Ok, so I think if it quacks like a dodgy duck, it is a dodgy duck.

Mod: Change to correct site and link.

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  • Thanks for updating the link, mod. I'm tired and words all look the same now. Damn dodgy website.

  • Same type of site as discussed in this thread and you'll get the same answers. Domain created a week ago, 100% dodgy, no doubt about it.

    • Thanks. I looked specifically for the name of this website, not generally for dodgy laptop reselling sites. Should still have looked harder before posting. Thanks again.

  • OP how many red flags do you need? Is this not blatently obvious.


  • You answered your own question.

  • Why OP still need to think twice and spend time posting this question, I am amazed.

    • I see these as public service announcements. Sometimes people are tempted and this is a reminder to be aware. There are still people falling for scams that have been around for decades.

      • Yes it's good to share warn others I'm grateful of the idea but this is just way too obvious doesn't make sense someone would have even second thought it.

        Look this
        US$169.99 for an Alienware….


        • My sister worked for the post office, they were always warning people who were doing wire transfers about scams, some of which had been covered extensively by the media. It might be obvious but I have no trouble with the OP asking the question, even if the answer is obvious, for me it is a nudge to be vigilant.

        • @try2bhelpful: ok fair enough. yeah now i know why there are people who still fell for scams.

        • @dragonindespair: if nothing else it provided all of us with a venue to pontificate on how true the adage “ a fool and his money are soon parted” is.

  • Fair points by all, I should have turned the post into a PSA instead of a question. I was literally doing the research while typing the post. I should have gone back and started again after it became obvious that it was a scam. Was just looking for confirmation I guess.

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