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Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable (1m) $25 @ Myer. Normally $35 ($23.75 w/ OW PM)


Save $10 off a genuine Apple USB-C to Lightning cable. Good for all those Banggood USB-C Chargers and the iPhone 8/8+/X.

$23.75 w/ OW PM refers to a price match at Officeworks using their 5% price beat policy, better if there’s no stock near your local Myer.

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  • Thanks! Now to find a USB-C charger for quick charge.
    What's good?

    • A lot of people jumped on this preorder


      • Thanks, done!

      • While that charger does support USB-PD, the 9V rating is only up to 2A (18W), which means that while USB-PD probably will work on iPhone 8/X, it won't operate at the fastest possible charging speed.

        Its claim on fast charging iPad Pro 12 inch is questionable, since first gen iPad Pro 12 inch only supports 14.5V fast charging (i.e. only Apple's 29W USB-C will fast charge it, 61W and 87W USB-C chargers won't truly fast charge it). Second gen iPad Pros probably will be fine.

        I do find Blitzwolf have a tendency to twist the facts/specs a bit. Also, when they don't have to provide over-current protection (i.e. on non-QC/non-USB-PD port, basically the 5V ports), they don't put in over-current protection.

    • You can charge from Galaxy Note 8/S8/+ or other USB-C devices. :P

  • Can't find anywhere in my area which has stock and shipping kills the deal.

  • May as well get the 2m one if you're gonna splurge on a genuine cable.

  • Awww the 2m one is not discounted

  • Price matched at officeworks and gonna claim the GST next month bringing this down to $21.6. Thanks OP.

  • you can buy genuine apple 1m cables off ebay for $5. his store name is combatmobile
    took a while to arrive though when i bought some off him. they definitely are genuine apple though (I bought 4 of them).

    edit: nevermind, it's a different cable. one end is the older USB plug. not the new USB-C

    • I wouldn’t trust any cables bought online unless it was from a reputable well known dealer. So many sellers these days claim their cables are genuine and they look like the real deal but are not. I’ve used non genuine cables in the past which have resulted in the u2ic chip problem in 2 of my previous iPhones. So for me it’s genuine or MFi approved cables now.

      And for $5 compared to $25 retail, if a deal seems too good to be true…

      Do those cables have serial numbers on them?

  • quick charge work for iphone 7 plus?

    • Nope. Only for iPhone 8, iPhone X. iPad 12 inch, 10 inch, 9 inch (must be second gen for 9 inch). First gen iPad Pro 12 inch requires an USB-PD charger which supports 14.5V (i.e. Apple 29W USB-C charger). Second gen iPad Pros.. I dunno, I am guessing they will be more like iPhone 8 and iPhone X and support both 9V and 14.5V.


        6 and above are supposed to pull 12 Watts but my testing is yet to show anything above standard 5 Watts being pulled. This is with genuine chargers and good quality MFI cables.

        • I don't have iPhone 6. Just did a quick test with 6S Plus, the phone does still have 65% charge (so it won't draw the max possible). Based on USB meter result, it is drawing about 9W. Test was done using original Apple charger (12W) and original Apple lightning to USB (USB-A) cable.



          9 isn’t too bad. Seems I need to investigate further. Maybe the meter is dodge or maybe it interferes with the negotiation/handshake.

        • @LoopyLou: Try testing when the phone battery is below 50%. Start with original cable, original charger combination.

          I do have a 3rd party charger which is designed for Apple devices and won't let Android devices draw more than 5W out. Also ones which are the other way around. Both the cable and charger can play a part when trying to get decent charging speed.

      • Was going to ask above question for my iPhone 7plus. So to confirm, as I'm a tech noob, that buying this cable would be useless for my phone as it won't charge phone any faster than if I'm using the original cable?

  • Tbh the blitzwolf 1M USBC are pretty damn good, and I got them for like $3 a piece. Arguably better value. If you argue that they break more easily, I use my genuine samsung cord for when im on the move and have the blitzwolf practically stationary just on my desk/bathroom/bedroom. Definitely wouldn't pay $25 :O Just my thoughts!
    Blitzwolf ones go on sale pretty frequently!

    • Is that USB-C to USB-C cable? For USB-C to USB-C cable, quite a number of good ones supporting USB-PD. However, if you intend to use it for Macbook Pros, then you still need to watch out for its maximum USB-PD wattage rating.

      Here, we are referring to USB-C to lightning cable. While there are third party ones, Apple have yet to license the USB-PD portion to 3rd parties. 3rd party cables will charge (at 5V) and support data transfer, but won't fast charge. USB-PD requires additional wiring in the cable and there is a chip inside the cable, which communicates with the device to determine the voltage and current to operate on. It's different to just wire the 5V pin across.

      Honestly, you are spending $1000+ on a phone, it is better to get the Apple original cable, especially at this price.

  • Walked into MYER Bondi Junction and picked one up for $25. Very few in stock.

  • Charge rate for USB-c isnt going to be much different from 12W, because of the compatibility with my portable chargers and current suite of laptops without usb-c, I might just get normal USB cables for now.

  • my advice is that if you already have a 12w ipad charger this is not worth it. They charge near the same speeds (my test 30 minutes iphone 8 with 23w yielded 52% and 12w yielded 44%. If you are stuck with the 5w adapter then you should definitley upgrade it.

  • USB C to C mean you can charge a phone from another phone?

  • Says out of stock when I tried to add to cart, and the only store showing as in stock is Warringah :(

  • +1 vote

    All gone folks. And now that there is no stock Officeworks no longer has to price match.

  • Just had my order refunded! :(

  • Thanks Myer.
    Ordered cancelled.
    Can’t wait for amazon to come!

  • I bought some Expandable PPS 3mm Sleeve from Jaycar and put it over one of these cables to strengthen it. Just added some heatshrink on each end to each end to tidy it up a little.

  • Bought one from Myer cairns city. Now should I buy 29w or other cheap brand?

  • They have stock back from last night.
    Can's find it on Myer website but fortunately I saved it in my wishlist.
    So just use the link below: