[OzBargain 11th Birthday] Sydney North Shore Meetup (Ippudo Chatswood Monday 27th 1-3pm)

UPDATE: The meetup is ON!

  • Date: Monday 27 Nov
  • Time: 1PM-3PM
  • Venue: Ippudo Ramen Chatswood

Free Food and there will be some OzBargain T-shirt giveaways (first come first serve). You will need to comment in this thread to confirm you are coming.

OZB is turning 11 on Nov 27. See here for details: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/339602

I can at least initiate something for Sydney's North Shore. For convenience, how about somewhere in Chatswood? Preference for lunch time or evening? Looking for expressions of interest and suggestions. Anything else?

POLL: Please confirm your attendance at Ippudo Chatswood Monday 27 between 1-3pm

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  • 14
    Confirmed: I'll be there!
  • 4
    No, won't be going


  • make one at lunch time in the sydney cbd please. i need to eat anyway so free lunch and drink at cafe will be perfect.

  • Yes! Let’s have a discounted fast food feast!

  • Groupon?

  • What freebies do we get for turning up?

    • Don't you get enough from OZB already?

      There might be a small subsidy from OZB towards the celebrations, depending on numbers.


        From OzB or from the deals posted by the OzB community? I get free ads from OzB because I’m kind enough to let them be there, for Scotty’s sake, costs him a fortune to keep me sinbinned >.<

  • Chatswood sounds fine to me. Prefer lunch on the 27th. Not a great fast food fan but happy to put my preferences aside for a day.

  • Chatswood sounds good, are babies allowed?


      Nurse Nancy no like cry babies, unless they real babies.

      • What's nurse Nancy?
        Oh well baby's sick anyway :( can't make it
        Shame she loves ramen noodles too

  • Edit: Oops, I meant to post in the announcement thread, not this North Shore thread. Sorry guys.

    Does it have to be held on the 27th? Microsoft is having its free "Tech Summit" from 16th to 17th November at ICC Sydney. https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/techsummit/sydney

    No need for OzBargain sponsorship as a continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks will be provided, and snacks with beer and wine will be available at the "Ask the Experts Reception" on Thursday. Simply register for the event, show up in your OzBargain T-shirt, eat and drink, party outside the hall, and wait for the grog to come out.

  • What's the latest on date and time for this meet-up? Looking forward to it

  • Chatswood lunch time sounds great!

    Where are we going to find a spot in Chatswood that isn't already going to be full though?

  • I'd be interesting in meeting up dependent on date/time chosen. Also love the idea of something interactive like a treasure hunt as mentioned above.

  • Prefer in Chatswood and will be better if it is in the evening

  • any chances of holding it in the city or Chatswood finalised already ?

  • 27th of November sounds good to me for Chatswood. Any specific cuisine chosen yet?

  • I work in Chatswood Tue-Fri so I won't be able to make it. Happy Bday OzB

  • Chatswood has nice foodcourt i think that would make a good place

  • -1 vote

    Come Bankstown bro cuz habib this that [email protected]!~!

  • why are we having it in North Shore :-(… all tight-arses are in western Sydney.

  • +4 votes

    I've done some research and found that for many of the eating places, Monday is the least busy day of the week for them (some restaurants close on Monday), so Nov 27 is a good day to hold it. However, to fit 25+ people together won't be easy. Perhaps we can have a small table and then have people who turn up later sitting where there is space.

    The alternative is that we hire a function room say in Chatswood RSL which costs in the hundreds of dollars and that's before the food and drink.

    1. How does say catching up at, say, Ippudo in Chatswood Interchange at around 1-3pm sound? It's easy for people to hop off the train and they are a small shop place in November.

    2. Another alternative is to catch up in the Chatswood Westfield or Chase food court as suggested above. Not very upmarket but hey, this is an OZB get together after all.

  • Mon 27th sounds good. I have 1 hours to pop over from North Ryde and back, so somewhere quick would be good :)

  • Can it go for like an hour longer? Cause I want to come but I won't be able to.

  • Poll added to determine numbers.

    PS: I've been informed that Scotty will be making an appearance.

    • I will be there. Depending on the number of people coming I might just pick up the bill? I am just afraid that if I advertise it as free meal the place is going to be ozbargained.

      Must RSVP (vote on the poll above & comment below) to be part of it, ie cannot just turn up on the day.

  • I like Chatswood as the location but date and time is out of the question for me because of work.

  • Can Scotty or ihbh confirm this is still happening tomorrow? What time is everyone turning up?

  • I'm in (fo realz this time)

  • I am in, looking forward to meeting you all there ;)

  • +2 votes

    Hi All, confirming that the [OzBargain 11th Birthday] Sydney North Shore Meetup is on today.

  • Those who are students might want to bring student ID :)

  • Hey, count me in! Looking forward to it. See you guys at 1pm!

  • Saw it this morning referred by someone, I'm in!

  • Just arrived back in the country. Free food near me sounds great. Might bring a +1…

  • Yep.. be there.. :)

  • coming so good to meet u all of the cyber world!

  • Thanks Scotty for Lunch and the goodies! Awesome.. :) Thanks ihbh for organising!

  • It was good to meet fellow netizens of ozbargain. Thanks ihbh for organising the event and Scotty for food & shirt.

  • Great to meet all of you today. For those who took photos, please send them to me at [email protected]


  • +6 votes

    Thanks to all the members who attended OZB's 11th Birthday Sydney North Shore Meetup in Chatswood today and Scotty for shouting us to lunch and providing tshirts.

    Here's a pic (https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/22732/54251/img_3156.j...) of some of the attendees. That's Scrooge McDuck's legs if you're wondering (good to meet you mate, and looking forward to your comments when you get back into it).

  • Any help but wonder which is Scotty and who is the gentlemen on the left who is of a slightly different demographic to the rest haha

  • Hi All

    it was good to meet you all in Chatswood. Thanks Scotty for shouting the Lunch and t-shirts, also Thanks ihbh for organising!

  • Hey guys - was a lovely lunch with plenty of laughs. Thank you Scotty and ihbh for making this a reality! See you all next time!