expired Cheap Asparagus at Coles - Subiaco - WA - 2 bunches for $2.40


Was at the coles subiaco yesterday and noticed that they had a bargain for asparagus going.

Anyway the usual price for asparagus apparently is 1 bunch for $2.98. So its even better than buying one and getting one free! - I'd work out the percentage savings for you but Im too busy eating asparagus!

Thats quite the savings for the awesomeness that is asparagus!

And best of all - asparagus makes your pee smell really really funky and we all enjoy that dont we?

Of course we do - so get some asparagus into you!

edit: Theres a coles sale post I missed, or thought it had expired though asparagus isnt listed in there - mods do what you need to do…


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