This was posted 4 years 2 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Canon EOS 800D Single Lens Kit $959.20 Shipped @ The Good Guys on eBay (Plus $150 Cashback from Canon)


Not bad camera for this price.

Original 20% off @ The Good Guys eBay Post
Canon Cashback

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  • Listed at $1199 - 20% = $959.20 .. unless I'm missing something ?

    • cashback?

    • Oops I Missed the $150 cashback.. Thats a pretty good deal then. Cheers Keez

  • Limited quantity available

    also im not an expert in cameras or anything, but isn't this same camera cheaper?

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      that's a grey import

  • Nice, I would go for this if I wasn't holding out for a mirrorless.

  • I have been on the fence all day about getting this or not.
    Does anyone know if the zoom function on this camera is accessible through buttons or do I have to manually turn the ring on the lens?

    • Zoom with DSLR is always with lens ring.

      • Not always, but definitely manual with this one, yes.

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  • Not sure this is a great deal. The 800D is a great camera but the sony a6000 takes similar quality pics for much less (can be had for $600-700). Also the a6000 is much more portable.

    • Do you think the A6000 is much better than the olympus MK10 MKII?

      • Both are great cameras imho. Pick on price and preference.

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      You don't buy a camera because of the body. You buy it into their ecosystem of lenses. Do you know how expensive are Sony lenses?

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        No are they expensive? i just want a half decent camera to take on holidays.

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          Good lenses irrespective of maker are expensive. Just get the kit lens if you are a casual user.

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          Get a micro four third. More affordable lenses and compact enough to take on holidays. Picture quality is excellent. I have a Canon 5D but now use my micro four thirds majority of the time.

        • @Bluberry: For similar lenses, Sony lenses are more expensive than Canon. Micro four third lenses are heaps cheaper. You are better off getting a good quality lens on the micro four thirds system at a fraction of the price than a kit lens if you are want quality pictures.

      • No thats just canon marketing bs.

        I was (and still am) a long time canon user. I switch to a sony a7 for casual shooting and there are lots of lens options.

        High end canon lenses are not cheap either.

    • what about battery life ?

      • I had a 650d canon for the last 4 years, standby time is couple months.. 2-3 days of shooting whole day if your on holidays before it dies..

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    This a very good deal for a Gold Awarded camera. Since it is local stock no need to worry about warranty or repaired if needed.

    • Gray stock is usually fine for cameras. Canon and nikons are built like tanks. I have a 750D and i droped it over a cliff once while hiking and it fell like 20 m into bush and still worked fine.

      Sony i find are less robust but so much smaller and easier to carry.

      • I've had trouble with both Canon and Nikon cameras and I use them gently and store them well. You can't guarantee that all cameras of a particular brand will work well because you had good luck with a camera continuing to work after a fall. And I bet 20m off a cliff means through bushes that broke that fall because 20m without the fall broken onto a hard surface is NOT something I would expect any DSLR to survive.

  • Last month on the last 20% off deal TGG has the Nikon D7200 with a kit 18-55 lens which came down to $999 before cash back.
    Didn't jump on it at the time..
    Now since the 20% off deals only bring it down to 1120 :(

  • Would canon still offer the cash back offer if the item is bought from the good guys via eBay and not the good guys online directly? has anyone claimed a cashback offer in this way and it worked?

    • Yes. I did bought few items like camera, lenses from goodguys ebay store and claimed the cashback successfully.

  • Thanks so much for the reply

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