Ways to carry a Sofa


I am thinking of buying a second hand sofa from Gumtree.
There are numerous options available in my budget, but I am finding it pretty hard to arrange delivery of the sofa even within 5 km.

As I don't have a driver's license here, I can not rent a Ute and drive myself.

Found some Ute ads in Gumtree, but their minimum hiring hours is 2.5 hours and minimum charge is $180. I Do not want to pay this much.

Any idea OzBargain followers, where to find second hand Sofa along with delivery?



  • Hmm, well there might be some second hand furniture stores around your area that could arrange delivery otherwise it would just be a matter of negotiating with someone who is selling something second hand and is prepared to deliver it, but my experience has been a bit rare that people will do that. I’d suggest looking for a second hand furniture store.

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    $20 trolley from super cheap auto can easily handle buying sofa if shop within walking distance. If you need to have it delivered, you can airtasker it to get way better rate.

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      Man I feel so old, I didn’t even think of air tasker, that’s a good suggestion.

    • Another vote for airtasker. I had some furniture purchased from Ikea to home for $35.

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    grab base without bending legs, when lifting be sure to twist and snap from the lower back.

  • If you explain your predicament to the seller they may have a suggestion for you, or even help you.

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    Get a mate with a driver's licence to hire/drive a Ute and help you carry it.

    Pay them with lunch/dinner/beer.

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    Wheelchair taxi

  • Do you not have a mate with a drivers license ?

    You’ll need at least 2 other people to move it anyway.

    I second the idea of getting some mates and then paying for dinner after the job is done.

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    you could be like the second guy in this clip


  • I furnished my whole place apart from bedroom with second-hand stuff, used Little Green Truck.

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