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Xbox Live Gold 3 Month Membership $17.97 (40% off) @ Woolworths


Just picked 3 month Xbox Live membership for $17.97 normally $29.95 , great gift for someone with a new xbox one

Link to brochure

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  • $72 for a year not a bargain

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      But you save $52.02 if you only want it for three months! Also $72 isn't a bargain either?

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        exactly that's my point
        17.97 X4 to make a year is $72
        hence not a deal

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          Oh cool, sorry I misunderstood.

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      If, like my son, you get into a game, then lose interest, and 6 months later get back into it, then 4 x 3 months is better than 1 x 12 months.

      Also - JB have 12 months for $79.95 so $71.88 for 12 months is 10% off - I have seen less on here not get negged.
      Also - it is a popular thing to buy for Christmas.

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      It is if you have more than one child who's interested but one or more just casually play and you don't want to buy them a year each. Would be perfect for the school holidays.

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      for a year not a bargain

      Not everyone has time, nor the interest, to play online games for an entire year.

      3 months is a good amount for over the Christmas period when there's a bunch of new games released and people have holidays.

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      Being the product has been reduced to $17.97 and is normally $29.95, clearly indicates a bargain. Haha…
      If using other products for comparison, the month to month subscription price I am currently paying is much higher :)
      Though your point makes total sense if you want to commit for longer. Your argument is better suited under the 12 month version.

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    Is this offer for a week in their catalogue?

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    great for stocking stuffers for my nephews Thanks

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    does anyone know where these physically live in the store? like near what products? is it behind a refund counter or is it near electronics? ive never seen an xbox card before in any woolworths that i recall

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      I found it in a tub next to the self serve checkouts where I am

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      Usually on the end of an aisle with all the other vouchers, phone cards

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      Some of the bigger stores have racks of gift vouchers, sometimes bundled with SIM cards too. If the store stocks them, I usually find them there.

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      does anyone know where these physically live in the store?

      They live in the moment.

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    Not for everyone, but I can see the value for us.
    Going to grab one as our son is getting an Xbox One game for Xmas and this will give him 3 months, but mainly the school holidays after Xmas to use it. By then, he'll have moved onto other games on other formats.
    He has a PC and mainly plays on his PS4, so this works out well.

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      I only have an Xbox 360, i guess if your parents are ozbargainers you get lots of toys

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    Last time I bought LIVE was 3 months with rocket league deal. Worked out alright.

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    Don't forget 5% off using discounted wish cards.

  • Where are the ps plus discounts as?!

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    What's X-box live?

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    Thanks Op for the post. Exactly what I was looking for over Xmas and new year. Best deal for three months.

  • I'd be keen to buy some if anyone is selling at that price

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    Thank you for posting this, anything off of RRP is a bargain, especially when the price reductions are not as frequent as they used to be (I think Big W's Toy Sale was the last time an Australian retailer reduced them ?). I have purchased them in all different kinds of ways over the years. I purchased a few in late 2006 - early 2007 when David Jones of all places was getting rid of the older Xbox Live kits for the original Xbox for $1 each (now that's an Ozbargain haha!). The 12 month codes themselves shouldn't have worked (going by the Microsoft Terms & Conditions back then that you have a certain amount of time before they expire) but they did. I've ventured online and purchased 1500/3000 MS Points AND 12+1 month Live subscriptions from a few different websites that ranged in price from $40 (when our dollar was awesome!) to $56 via 365games/ozgameshop. I also picked up a few 12 month live codes at a cheap price via a Dick Smith gaming sale (they'd have software/accessory clean outs between April - July most years. One particular time they were getting rid of the older 1500/3000 cards and older design Live Subscriptions at bargain basement prices). I technically still don't need to buy them…. but it's nice to stack up from time to time! I last attempted to do this during Big W's toy sale….. For some reason one card activated, the other card didn't activate despite the slip of paper telling me it did. I wound up getting a refund on the faulty card/code… so I'll be looking at buying 4 of the 3 month cards from Woolies and add another year on my subscription.

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    Heads up: I bought two so that I had Gold over the uni break, only to find out that each card gave me an extra month if I agreed to leave on auto-renew. Turned it off right after renewing them, but I still have the extra two months. So, if you get these and redeem them online, you'll get an extra month per code!

    • Awesome.thats the ozbargain spirit.. will do that over the weekend once I get myself over to woolies. Thank you.

  • Can anyone here sort of trusted buy a few of these for me iff i give you the wish egift card

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