How get rid of Mark on Carpet caused by hot iron


I stay in a rental house. Yesterday, while ironing my shirts, the iron fell on the carpet accidentally. Though I removed the iron immediately, still it left a mark on the carpet. Also, that part of the carpet has become a bit more hard than the other parts of the carpet.

Please advise how can I remove the mark.



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    Sounds like the carpet is plastic and it's melted? It has to be replaced, you can't un-melt it, sorry.

    • Thanks, could be that is what has happened.

      Can I cut the part of the carpet and put a new piece easily?


      • only if it's a carpet tiles ? (square carpet like jigsaw puzzle)

        else you can't replace a section of carpet rolls, you'll have to rip off the entire carpet and replace the whole lot.

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    iron the whole carpet so the mark blends in with the same color throughout ?

    • LOL

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      when I read this, I laughed out loud at my work desk!

      • You're getting paid to read comments?

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          I get paid to do a job :)

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    Depending on the type of carpet and how high the pile is you could cut the very top of the heads of the carpet off (the burnt) bits.

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      Use a lawnmower and cut the whole room, they'll never notice a thing!

    • Yeah you could use some nail clippers and clip the tops off

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      use a shaver, just shave of the top bit

      • I have heard of this too! OP, try this.

  • The carpet's burnt/melted. Can't undo that.

  • This happens in hotels often, it’s synthetic carpet so it melts
    A skilled carpet layer can patch it,
    If you have or can get a piece to match, I wouldn’t try it yourself.

  • give it a good brush over and over again.
    you will never un-melt it but brushing does help…

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    Set the room on fire and get the owners to claim on their insurance.

    Note: remove all of your belongings before doing this.

  • Iron the rest of the carpet to match

  • This happened to my daughter who was renting a unit with cheap nylon carpet. Fortunately, I was able to get a piece of carpet out from underneath the bottom drawer in one of the bedroom built-in wardrobes (wardrobe inserts are normally put in place over the carpet base which is installed beforehand) and cut out the damaged bit and carefully replace it with the new bit. Its not easy to do, so I would recommend getting a carpet layer to do the work as it will probably be cheaper than losing a substantial part of your bond.

  • If you cut it out, you might need to make it a square and run with the 'grain' of the carpet to minimise the appearance of joins.

  • I agree. A square configuration is much easier to work with.

    A good carpet layer will easily be able to fix the damage so that the new piece is essentially undetectable to the average person, including the landlord and managing real estate agent.

  • Can carpet steam cleaning help in removing those mark?

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    Edit: Vacated the unit recently. After almost 3 years of use, the carpet became dirty anyways, so the agent did not notice the iron burn mark.

    I intentionally skipped cleaning the unit, so the agent deducted $530 from in the name of cleaning fee, but I did not need to spend a penny to fix the burnt carpet(I took quote from several other places and they all quoted $200-$240 to fix the burn mark).

    Not at all feeling bad about it as the agent was abusive and ill behaved, he also threatened me to charge extra rent because of "unclean" unit blah blah. I later on verified that all he was claiming was illogical.

    • Thanks for the update. I have been waiting to know the result.

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