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Spend $80 USD (~$105 AUD), Get $40 USD (~$52 AUD) Back @


All of the previous deals expired so had a look at Dealabs and found another cashback.

I successfully used all 3 cashbacks + 1 referral for my recent trip. Additionally, once you get to 5 bookings, you'll get 10% off hotels (.genius) which can be useful in the future (sometimes they'll offer you it to trial). My 4 bookings were with my Citibank Visa and 2 on wife's account was with a Citibank Mastercard & ANZ Visa. Should take a week or so after your booking to receive the refund. AmEx is not accepted.


(1) Click the link, ensure you see this banner at the bottom of the screen.
(2) Find the hotel you want to book and add it to your cart.
(3) In Step 2 'Enter your details' you'll see a greenbox to confirm the cashback amount applies OR it will tell you how much more you need to spend. Successful or Need to spend more. So you'll know if you haven't met the spend and don't need to worry too much about working it out.
(4) Make your booking once you see the cashback has applied above.
(5) You might get some prompt to do this or you may already have a credit card on file (however you may need to select it to receive the cashback). If you haven't been prompted then go to settings > credit card > add a card > enter your credit card details > click 'Use this card for my cash rewards'. The cashback will then be paid to card after you complete your stay.

Before your stay: A day or two before you will receive emails about your cashback most likely, eg "We hope you have an awesome trip! After your stay, you'll get an email about your US$40 reward from The reward is paid to your preferred credit card and sent shortly after that."

After your stay: If you don't add a credit card as per step 5, you'll get something like this after your booking: "Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your trip! Now that you've stayed, it's time to cash in on the reward we promised. Note: We can put your rewards money faster on Visa cards due to recent changes in Mastercard regulations. Although not all Mastercard credit/debit cards are affected, at this time we cannot guarantee that your rewards money will be paid on Mastercard."

Keep in mind: This deal is great for short stays/smaller spends. However for longer/larger booking you may be better off with a % back or similar deal elsewhere. OzBargain Hotels page.

  • Yes, you can pay cash at the hotel and still receive the cashback. Comment and here.

  • Cashrewards/Pricepal/TopCashback whatever won't work automatically but feel free to try. I've tried and put in claims with both sites but still pending.

  • If you find a better rate at least 24 hours before your check-in date, will refund you the difference via their price match policy.

  • Note, there is usually a max of 3 cashbacks claimed per year as per the T&Cs. So if you have used 3 in previous campaigns you may need to get your partner/family to sign up with an account.

This promotion can only be used ONCE per account.

You can use a max of 3 different promotions per account (this deal, $200 spend, $40 back, etc.).

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  • Hamza post

  • Brilliant!

  • +4 votes

    this is OzBargain Professionalism

  • +1 for the detail and research!

  • Looks good

  • Will read later but +1 for the detailed post!

  • Nice one Neil - I successfully used the spend $200 get $40 back from your other deal (was able to use it this week so it must have just expired)… No difference in saving for me from that deal but will keep this one in my pocket for another trip ;)

  • Excellent. Used the last deals for my last trip. I can confirm cash back to my account.

  • Can you double dip with other amex offers? eg. pay 300 at Hyatt and get 75 off offer?

    • You can't use AmEx for this promotion as per the T&Cs. However, for this deal you can certainly spend money at the hotel (restaurant, spa, extras) and claim the AmEx statement credit.

      • What happens if i do book and pay at the hotel? would that work? Neil, can this be used in conjunction with cashrewards?

        • Yes, you can double dip all you want as long as one doesn't supersede the other.

          For example, I did this few months ago with the 200$ and 60$ back. I stayed at Hyatt as you asked and got both the AUD75 and USD60.

          This works as long as the hotel allows you to pay at the hotel.

        • Can confirm as well.

          Booked with Visa.
          Paid at hotel with Amex.
          Got Amex and Cashback + FF Points.

          Didn't use cashrewards to triple dip but no harm trying.

        • @venu: Do I need to call up the hotel in advance to arrange the over the counter payment in this case?

        • @lba2: Depends on the listing. A lot of them are pay on checking in or out.

      • I think they have changed t&cs (260aud minimum) can you uodate OP

  • Great Stuff Neil.

    If I change the date on the booking which included bonus, would it effect the bonus. Not Cancel but change date or room type etc.


  • Strewth!!!

  • Max 3 cashbacks a year: can I book 3 consecutive nights as 3 separate bookings and get the 3 cash backs?

    • No, will only recognize one Eligible Reservation per Participant per campaign to count for an Incentive Bonus. Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns.

      So you'll have to find 2 other active campaigns. At point there were 3 active ones on at the same time but can't find anymore at the moment.

      Or get your partner/family member to register an account and do it that way.

  • Where does it actually say that amex is not accepted?
    i managed to add my amex card successfully.

    • Per the T&Cs:

      To obtain the reward as a credit to their credit card, the Participant has, within a reasonable time after the stay, either created a user account and saved a valid credit card in the account settings or provided a valid credit card on the provided digital form. American Express is not currently an accepted credit card.

  • This same offer in August did not work for me. Booked stay under all the conditions and would not honour it. Their excuse was that it does not work when using "refer a friend" link. I did not use that link, nor was I a recipient of anyone's "refer a friend". Numerous emails exchanged with them and the hotel I stayed in and still nothing. I even had screenshots of my booking with the $40US cashback offer listed and a copy of hotel receipt. Will never use again. I go through trivago now.

  • Book now and get US$40 back!
    All you have to do is book and you'll get US$40 back after your stay! Minimum booking cost US$200.

  • Anyone has any issues with cashbacks being put back into a Mastercard? Don't actually own a Visa card unfortunately..

  • Hi neil, thanks for the great work. Just wondering, I've used the (Spend £120 (~AU $199) & get £40 (~AU$66)) posted by hamza23 and the stay is early next year. Am I still eligible to use this deal that you've posted? Thanks.

    • Yes, that is a different promo. Per the T&Cs: will only recognize one Eligible Reservation per Participant per campaign to count for an Incentive Bonus. Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns.

  • Even though they price match, the room I wanted to stay in went up by $40/day in the mean time.
    I still went ahead with the booking though as it is with a private (instead of shared) bathroom

    Does price match affect cashback?

  • Thanks. I used the previous promo on 2 separate accounts with different emails but same credit card and received both cash backs.

  • I am confused. I can make 3 bookings per year where I am eligible to get the $40 cashback? right?

    • you can participate in 3 different offers per year.

      • i recently booked 2 trips using the $40 cash back. Does that mean it will only work with one?

        • yup. u will need to use another account for the 2nd trip.

          check your 2nd travel itenary, the following will be mentioned somewhere in the email.

          Your cash reward
          You’ll receive US$40 after you’ve completed your stay.
          Oops – it looks like you’ve made several bookings with your special offer. That’s no problem, your bookings won’t be affected. But our special offer is only valid for one booking so you’ll still only receive one cash reward.

        • @PissLUR: Thanks for helping me get my head around this. Many thanks Pisslur

  • Is it true that you pay the full amount and then you get your 10% cash back refund later for any bookings made my citibank?

    • You pay the full amount for all cards and get the cash back after your stay.

      Each country has different referral sign up offers (different than this incentive offer). So Australia is $30 off your 1st booking but Singapore is 10% back. I assume that's what you may be referring to.

  • I'm going to bali in nov, I plan to stay at 3 hotels over 10 days. Can I make 3 different bookings and get the cashback on each?


    • The promotion can only be used once per account. If you are travelling with someone else, then get them to open an account and make a separate booking.

  • I can't see the banner. Does it work from phone? I've even clicked on desktop and tablet version.

    Edit : I should say I tried to use cash rewards. Does it not work with this?

    • Not without putting in a claim. So you can open 1 window with Cashrewards and one with the link here. You'll have to book with the link in this deal. I tried both Pricepal and Cashrewards and neither worked but by clicking at least CR and PP can record a click.

  • oh man this makes me feel like booking something for the sake of it! I successfully used all the promos posted previously and got the cash back with no issues :)

  • thanks OP was about to try Airbnb for a hong kong trip…this will be so much better!

  • thank you so much. great deal.

  • Looks like there is minimum spend of 260 AUD ?

  • I used one of's earlier offers to book an upcoming night in the Hilton Sydney.
    The hotel then charged my AMEX card, which i had used for the booking. (I have also recently included my Mastercard into my account)

    Not sure if i will get my cashback now.
    By the way, I think it sucks that does not allow cashbacks being credited into AMEX cards.

    • Did you get an email saying your cash back is coming? Unfortunately, AmEx is not permitted as per the T&Cs but seems others have had sucess. You can remove the AMEX from your account in the dashboard and change to the card you want the cashback. Wife's account got the cash back email but for some reason, there was no saved card in the settings. Once we put in a card, the cash back came along in a few days.

      • Hi Neil,
        I will only stay at Hilton Sydney on 8th December. But when i booked it, i did receive a email, which said that i will get the cashback. Anyway, i did what you said, and have removed my AMEX details and put my Mastercard details instead. Fingers crossed for me and thank you for your reply.

  • does this one has expiry date? I plan to book over the weekend or sth.

    • No expiry but these tend to expire at a moments notice. Last 2 deals last a month of so.

  • It’s saying a minimum spend of $260 for me on mobile

    • Weird, still 80USD here on my mobile. Perhaps try a desktop or clear your cookies on your phone?

  • whats the problem with mastercard refunds? thats a new one to me

  • Not showing the promo for me now on mobile with cache and cookies cleared.


  • The new offer that shows up now is book now for US$200 & get US$40 back. So 2 nights or one good night somewhere nice and get US$40 back, so basically 25% off, so look for an already discounted deals & cashbacks ~ good luck & thanks as I got the original deal

    • You're getting an offer when clicking the link through this deal? Not seeing anything here.

  • Doesn't look like the banner is there anymore :(

  • Do you think they gonna have this deal again anytime soon? :( I missed it

  • is there a way to see on, the rebate you are expecting on a pre existing booking