ING Overseas Fee Waiver

ING Overseas Fee Waiver.

  • Overseas ATM Fees waived
  • International Transaction Fees waived
  • Currency conversion Fee waived

Dates and conditions:

10/11/2017 till March 2018
You must deposit $1000 to be eligible.

March 2018 onwards:
You must deposit $1000 + 5 transactions on your Orange One or Orange Everyday each month.

See here:

Looks like Macquarie Bank have been served now.

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    Great offer. Still a lot more hassle than just using a Citibank Plus Everyday account when traveling.


      Agreed Citibank is still the better offer overall. No hassle. Just works. And from my personal experience they have good customer service.


      This is every atm worldwide though, don't need to hunt for a citibank.


    Hows ING exchange rate? as good as 28 Degrees?
    Does it mean we can draw local currency when we overseas?


    It looks like they are trying to match what Macquarie Banks offer is.

    They give and take some.

    • Macquarie force you to have $25,000+ in savings to get decent interest on your savings.

    • ING force you to make 5 transactions a month on the card to get no international fees and deposit $1000.

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      I find these restrictions too much of a hassle. I generally don't even use my debit card 5 times a month.. And given the fact that most ATM's are now fee free it doesn't seem to be worth it.

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    You will also have to make 5 card transactions per month if you want the bonus interest on your Savings Maximiser account. Easy enough to do, but I pay for 99% of my stuff by credit card to earn frequent flyer points. If I'm forced to make card transactions, ME Bank looks a better option at the moment.

    ING Savings Maximiser- Interest rate 1.35% plus 1.45% bonus = 2.8%

    • $1000+ deposit required every month into Orange Every Day Account
    • 5 card purchases per month (from March 2018)
    • Bonus interest paid on amounts up to $100K

    ME Bank - Interest rate 1.30% plus 1.65% bonus = 2.95%

    • No minimum deposit required
    • One tap & go purchase per week
    • Bonus interest paid on amounts up to $250K

      Yeah - very disappointed with this element of it - really annoying to have to remember to make 5 Tx a month on this card. Any good deals that don't have same sort of requirement? (ME Bank looks similar with a tap & go reqd each week)

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