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Star Wars Battlefront 2 $62, PS4 1TB LE SWBF2 Console $499, XB1S 500G AC Origins + Star Wars BF2 $319 @ BIG W


Catalogue kicks off on Thursday, some great pricing on Battlefront 2.

FYI Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches Fri 17th.
- So the XboxOneS Bundle is available From Friday.
- The PS4 Limited Edition Bundle launches earlier, tomorrow the 14th.

Other new release games at:

  • Sims 4 PS4/XB1 $59 out 17th Nov
  • Skyrim PSVR PS4 $79 out 17th Nov
  • Ashes Cricket PS4/XB1 $79

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  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 for $69 is good as well, it is $89 everywhere else.

  • I'm going to buy the XB1 Bundle. Anyone want to buy Star Wars BF 2 off me? Only want AC:O :)

  • Does anyone know if swb2 supersamples on 1080p on the pro?

    • Generally games which run at a higher resolution on the PRO (which this does) do in fact supersample at 1080p, but I can't verify sorry.

  • Any chance we could see the rest of the catalogue? I tried Lasoo but it’s not up yet.

  • If you are against the idea of microtransactions to give players an unfair advantage from the beginning and having to play 40 hours to unlock Luke Skywalker, (but much quicker if you pay) then vote with your wallet and avoid:



    • My thoughts exactly, I'm probably one of many OzBargainers that buy every single new game that comes out and ends up playing PUBG/Dota 2 anyway. 250 hours of game time for one crate, no thanks!

    • Thanks for advising us :) Will not purchase Battlefront 2 thanks to their progression bs. Too bad they bast*ardized the game, EA being EA though I'm not surprised

    • ^ This.

      These aren't aesthetic unlockables , they actually affect gameplay ( +% damage etc). Don't support this BS.

      I have spend waaaaayy to much money on games such as Dota 2 where it really is optional (and a FREE game), but game play loot boxes is where I draw the line.

    • Dude, I was playing as Luke after like 5 minutes on the EA Access thing a couple days back. I think he cost 6000 in match points, maybe 8, some heroes are different, anyway, I popped it no problem a few times.

      I can't be arsed reading those links right now, so if I'm missing something, forgive me boi.

  • Those sporting titles (AFL / Cricket) are always pricey!

    • Mainly because they sell like 1,000 copies…

      • Cricket should sell much better than AFL given the international interest and participation in the game but, you're correct, the sales won't be a pinch on Star Ward BF2.

  • If Star Wars was a download token as well, I would have gladly got the S for downstairs. Dammit.

  • are there discounts in the gift cards?

  • extra 5% off using Woolworths gift cards bought through CashRewards

  • Merged from Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4/Xbox 1 - $62 BigW

    My first post for Ozbargain - Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS4/Xbox 1 $62 at Big W

    • This game should be free given the number of hours needed to unlock the content (or through micro transactions). It's something like 4K hours or 500 working days worth of play time.

    • Estimated 4528 hours or $2100 to unlock everything.
      Who has that sort of time or money to put into a game?

      • Who says you have to?

        I remember the days when I used to play Battlefield 3… I never unlocked everything… couldn't care less…

        • Well if you want to be competitive you need to invest time and/or money into it. For example, top tiered mods for a interceptor starfighter does ~40% more damage and has 20% more turn speed.

          This is not good for the casual gamer who is going to get owned against others who might have had the game longer or paid for loot boxes.

          Why should you be disadvantaged when you've already paid the premium price for the game?

        • @biccies: Yep, I'm passing on this. EA are a PoS company.

    • actually nvm, apparently they are dropping the amount of credits/money needed to unlock by 75% due to massive backlash

      • Yeah but they're decreased the amount of credits you earn by playing too. The whole things stinks, really hope people stay clear of this game and send EA a message

      • I’m confused about this as I’ve heard that they also dropped the reward you obtain by 75% at the same time, not just the cost of the heroes.

        If they reduce the reward of each multiplayer match by 75% then you will still need 40 hours to unlock Darh Vader/Luke Skywalker.

        Can someone please confirm this? I don’t know how it really works anymore, all of the controversies surrounding this game made me chose to save my money and spent it on Nioh (for PC) instead LOL (it’s been a really fun game so far btw)

      • I heard its a bait and switch, they drop the amount of credits needed but also you get less credits for each game now to match

    • Dont buy it. The only way companies stop with there greedy micro transaction practices is by gamers voting with their wallet and not buying.

    • EA Games? Nope thank you.

    • (profanity) EA

  • Anyone had luck getting EB or JB to price match the BigW price?

    Edit: Please ignore, JB is also selling for $62.