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Buro Metro Task Chair from $177.20 Delivered @ Winc


I've been looking for a decent chair for my home office and this one seems to have a pretty good rep. I noticed the price dropped today and combined with the coupon brings it down to:

$177.20 (Nylon base, without arms)
$217.20 (Aluminium Base, without arms)
$225.20 (Nylon base, with adjustable arms)
$265.20 (Aluminium Base, with adjustable arms)

Free delivery to Metro areas, $11-$19 for country/regional/remote. See http://www.winc.com.au/page/free-delivery for more details.

Lowest I've seen since the last Staples EOF/eBay deals. Enjoy!

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  • +3

    Pretty good chair. Got mine for $239 (Nylon, with Arms) from this deal

    The cushion could be more durable though, it's starting to flatten abit after only 4 months of use.

    • +1

      Same. Wonder if we can replace the cushion. It has a rating for 8 hours a day, i guess im sitting on it for too long.

      • +1

        I read somewhere that that there is difference in quality between the nylon base vs the aluminum

        • +5

          FWIW I've had the aluminium base one for 2 years and haven't noticed any degradation in mine.

          Great chairs BTW.

        • +2

          @Jorkus: Same, I have two of the aluminium base ones and going strong for a couple of years and I'm no lightweight either.

        • +6

          Ozbargain user zuuutoootuuu says: I've got both and the cushion is different. The version with the nylon base has a much softer cushion.

        • +1

          And there could be difference in hard Bums and soft bums…:)

        • +2

          Agreed, have 8 of the Aluminium base, no degrading in our cushions either.

        • +1


          Looks like mixed quality. I have two an aluminium base and one of the cushions have gone soft, the other still as new. We're both <60kg so can't be the weight and only used a few hours a day. Feel like getting an exchange if possible

        • +1

          @padman: Well they do have a 10 year warranty I believe? I had the gas lift go and they replaced that without any problems. I'm over 100kg and no problems with my cushions! I'd suggest to ask for a replacement cushion.

        • +2

          I have the aluminium base and the cushion is mostly the same since I bought a year ago. Use it nearly every day.

        • @Jorkus: Some users mentioned the chair is noisy, can you attest to that?

        • @Shwayne: Yeah, i would say that's accurate, but it's never bothered me personally.

      • +1

        I game in the aluminum one for about 30 hours a week for over a year and it's still perfect. Excellent chair.

    • +2

      I got mine for around $250 a year ago, with an aluminium base and arms. It was very comfortable.

      However, the backrest mesh is already very badly stretched that my back hits the plastic cross beams. I'm a normal sized 75kg person.

      • +2

        My backrest mesh has done the exact same thing after about 2 years of usage. Im also around 65 - 70kg. Cannot recommend this chair for this reason.

    • Flat cushion in 4 months? That's crap

    • Yeah, the cushion has been a bit of a pain for me all around. Great chair outside that

  • +3

    Absolutely love this chair! I got mine a few years ago and it's as good as new, fixed my back from years of sitting on a horrible 'executive' style chair, arm rests are great.

    • Did you get the aluminum or nylon base?

      • +1

        Aluminium :-)

  • +5

    I paid about the same price a few years back and I regret buying this chair. The back is constantly creaking and no amount of tightening/wd40 seems to fix it.

    • +4

      Same here. Very comfortable, but so loud. I drenched all the moving parts in WD40 and it made no difference. Thinking of asking for a replacement, it has a 10yr warranty, but they may all be like this?

    • +4

      agree. good to see other people with same comments, based on the thread I saw that triggered the purchase I thought I was the only one. I dislike this chair, just haven't got around to switching. and it's not just the back, it's just generally uncomfortable.

      • I have a chair that looks very similar to this and I hate it. It is called Shiavelo or something, I bought it off Gumtree for like $200 and I think normal price is around $500. Not comfortable at all, and it has lost a few parts over the years. I think I need to invest in a Herman Miller, but don't really have the $$ to splash..

    • +2

      Yep, same thing with me. It not just subtle creaking for me, its insanely loud. Just feels like a poorly designed chair.

    • Mine was creaking but you have to pull the covers off, oil/spray the right spot to make it stop, I used White grease in a spray can and sprayed all the joints and springs I could find.

      My chair is pretty quiet now, I had to as the missus was getting pissed off lol

    • Nylon or Aluminium?

      • Mine is the aluminium base with arms but I think the problem is not with the base but with the design of the seat itself.

  • +1

    Have had a terrible experience with Winc(Ordered while was still called Staples, and my order lasted through the Winc transition) when ordering the Buro Metro ||. This may have been a specific case, but I waited 2.5 months of no updates on their part and me having to call on multiple occasions for an update only to be told it was delayed further. I finally had enough and cancelled, as their final response was 'would you like to choose another chair from our range instead?'.

    • +1

      I had a similar horrible experience ordering the same chair from Staples. Kept chasing up for more than a month then when I finally called to cancel they then dispatched it properly.

  • +1

    Great chair. Got a barely used version of the aluminium base with the adjustable arms for $170 off gumtree and love sitting on it.

  • Just bought a few of these spiderman jizz chairs for our business for $99 from Temple & Webster. Figured it cant be that bad considering its got a mesh base. Freight is a bit of a killer though.


  • I've had this chair for over a year and I love it! Definitely recommend it. Mine isn't that noisy so the later models could be a better build quality?

  • +1

    If you're a big person (> ~80kg) - I can't recommend an aluminium base enough.

    On a previous chair(Different model) mine broke within the first 2 weeks so if I were in the market for a new chair there's no doubt I'd go for an aluminium stand for a $40 price difference.

  • How are these for taller people? I've read mixed reviews so am unsure as to whether I should just focus on finding an Aeron instead

    • +1

      How tall are we talking? I'm 182cm and I find the chair very comfortable.

      • like 6'4, ~95kg

        • +2

          Are you me? I'm 6'4" and 95kg, and have had this chair for maybe two years, and am very happy with it. I tend to have the back leaned back at an angle, and don't use it except when I am resting for a few moments. The back is easily height adjustable and you should be able to get it comfortable for you.

          About to order one for the wife, if I can find where to put the code in

        • @DeepDreamer:

          Haha, 95 was being generous to myself I think.

          Just the info I was after. Have ordered the aluminium base model.

          Make sure you are registered and logged in for the coupon field to appear upon checkout!


    • +1

      I'm 189cm and it's fine. I don't even use it at maximum height.

  • Great chair, aluminium base here

  • Will this coupon work for another chair on the site?
    I tried doing it but there is no place to put the coupon. Is account mandatory maybe?
    I am after this chair - http://www.winc.com.au/main-catalogue-productdetail/prestige...

  • +2

    Make sure you create an account first !!!
    I ordered as a guest and it accepted credit card details and didn't have an option to add the code and submitted immediately.
    On support phone call now to organise the refund.

  • +2

    anyone got any suggestions for anything better or similar in price range?

  • +1

    Simply the best chair I could find for the price. Bought mine 3 years ago and it's still going strong.

    No sagging at all (unlike its owner).

    Recommend the aluminium base for durability.

  • Hows the padding/cushioning? The one I have now feels like I'm sitting on concrete.

    • This chair has some kind of 8 hour work day certification. As well as being AFRDI Level 6 Certified, whatever that means, read about AFRDI here > https://www.fastofficefurniture.com.au/afrdi-so-what/
      I have a Buro at home and one at work. I probably sit on a Buro a combined 12 hours per day, 5 days a week. I'm not even overweight, somehow.

  • Good chair. Smells funny but is pretty comfy!

    • +3

      Keep telling yourself that it's the chair Tricky boy.

      • +1

        Nah seriously, others have previously noted that it has an odd smell. Took me a while to convince myself it wasn't me :-P

  • Lol what the hell, these are the exact same one I have at work.

    • +3

      Why is that so surprising?

  • -1

    Way better than those overpriced crappy Aeron chairs these are cheaper and better.

  • I was about to buy one this morning , lucky I am hold myself off . plus cash rewards 3.5% .Thank you

  • +1

    From the order page:

    Winc.com.au registered customers only will receive $30 off when they spend $200. Coupon is valid for one time use for 2 days only

  • Anyone got issues applying the SALE30 discounted code? Not working for me.

    • +2

      See above.
      The SALE30 code doesn't appear unless you have an account and signin.

  • Thank you!
    Moving house and in desperate need of a new chair.

  • Anyone here closer to 140kg have any experience with the aluminium version? Do these chairs creak and how's the back support?

  • Are there any places at Brisbane that I can try these chairs? So keen are getting one.

  • So the overall verdict, according to some comments above, is that the quality of the chair starts to go downhill after 4-6 months of daily use, whereas it might last a lot longer in light use? Hmm! Not sure if it's worth pulling the trigger, with my weight about 100kg & 6ft tall, plus spending many hours in front of my home PC daily.

    • +1

      Seems to be the case for the nylon bases. Aluminium bases are great :)

      • Ta. Will try to dig up some more info about it on the net.

  • Just bought one with aluminium back! Been eyeing this for years. My current cheapo office chair at home is on its last legs. Is this easy to put together?

  • +2

    I'm so conflicted, I'm getting "this chair is great, amazing, been using it for years" and "the back is noisy, I wish I never purchased it".

    Which is it?

    How bad is the noise? how much do you lean, do you lock it? does it make the noise if you lock the chair in position? Will I care if I usually use headphones?

    • +2

      I'm going to say that will depend on which chair you bought, because there are 4 different variations of this chair, of different materials and with / without arms.

      Also people's experiences will vary because the chair is DIY assembly so it'll also depend on how tightly you put the screws in — too loose and it'll be squeaky. Weight something to do with it as well.

      I would probably buy the Aluminium version next time, as it seems the nylon one has inferior seat cushion

    • I don't have any squeaks with mine. It's an aluminium base with arms (arms removed though - they make me slouchy)

    • Mate, I'd advise you not to risk it and get something else entirely different.

      • Having no issues with the chair so far, had a faint factory smell for about 1 day, and was a bit confusing to get working, but it doesn't make any noises.

        It's most likely an assembly fault (or pitfall) that causes these issues.

  • +1

    Anybody receive any shipping confirmation yet?

    • I did last Friday at ~ 1PM, but then it was returned to the warehouse at 6AM the following Monday (yesterday) because apparently no one was at the door… which is bs because I was awake since 5:30AM and read the papers at the front lol. Called them up, said they only deliver 7am-5pm, so what the heck? Who knows when it'll come now.

    • Mine was delivered yesterday, just before 6 PM. I didn't get shipping notification though.

      • When did you order it?

        • 14/11

    • Called them since my order was still "Processing".
      Ended up being delivered today.

      • It doesn't seem that their ordering system is very accurate. Mine is still processing too.

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