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Ashes 2017 Cricket Game $54.89 Xbox One/Ps4 @ OzGameShop


Available on xbox one or ps4. The only negative is that the cover has joe root instead of the australia model which has steve smith.

Original WHYWAIT 10% off deal

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  • https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps4-games/ashes-cricket-ps4-game


    Nicer URLs, lol.

    I'll wait for the inevitable "1% off for every punch you can throw in one minute" STOKES discount.

  • You can buy it from the Xbox Argentina store for $38 AUD.

    Just requires you to use a VPN if you're bothered to do so.

    Get it and play it today!

    • give me a link cuz

    • I bought it from there and it took $37.42 from my Mastercard

    • what VPN did you use :) ? do you set it up as location Argentina? and is that from a laptop or can you buy from the xbox too.

      • Change your Xbox region to Argentina in Settings
        - Launch your preferred VPN Application on PC/laptop ( i used VyprVPN and connected to vietnam as it works for Argentina)
        - Plug your Xbox into your PC/laptop ethernet port
        - Connect to said region
        - Go into Network and Sharing Settings > Change Adapter Settings > Right Click on the VPN connection (Tap-Windows Adapter V9) > Properties > Sharing > Allow Other Users to Connect > Select your Ethernet port from the dropdown (This will share your VPN Internet connection with your Xbox One
        - Head back to the Xbox One, connect to Xbox Live, goto the store, select your game, and purchase with your CC

    • Does this work on the PS4 Store too?

    • No matter what I try, it sits at the last step. Maybe my card won't allow international purchases?

      If anyone is willing to gift it to me now that you can do that on Xbox, I'll PayPal you the money beforehand.

  • The deluxe edition comes with a pillow to use when you fall asleep from boredom.

    • Just cause you have an attention span of a goldfish doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy watching/playing cricket.

      • I'm looking forward to seeing a review of this new title. From memory, their last effort (Don Bradman Cricket) was okay wasn't it? I never got around to playing it, and pretty much remained pricey forever.

        • IGN gave it 8/10 and Gamespot 7/10

          I just ordered no Xbox, I prefer physical even though Argentina is cheaper. Also I consider having Joe Root on the cover a positive :)

      • Just cause you have an attention span of a goldfish

        Or don't have time to spend days on end watching "sport".

  • big ant games are trash. honestly, everything they touch they (profanity). really want to play it but been burnt too many times on other titles

  • Ozgameshop cranked the price up by a couple of dollars but ~$56 delivered is still excellent and, at that price, will be a good stocking filler - and some fun family times. Agree that BigAnt Studios are far from home with their footy efforts (AFL), but their cricket titles seems to be a bit closer to meeting fan expectation.

  • beware of ozgameshop
    they cancelled my order of lego marvel super heroes 2 deluxe edition
    and offered $5 off the normal version as compensation.
    they sent the news 2 days after it released in oz.
    was getting sus when no shipping email was sent near release date
    would have been better if they let us know a bit earlier so we could just go to eb games etc unstead of waiting for mail.
    their excuse was the supplier let them down.
    i thought the deal was too good to be true as their deluxe was only $5 more than standard edition.

    they can b cheaper especially if u mess around with points but post is slow at 2-3 weeks if they ever arrive.
    gonna avoid these guys in future

    • I've always had good experiences with this store. Generally quicker arrival than the other uk-based sellers to oz. sorry to hear of your order woes. Fingers crossed no shenanigans with ashes cricket!

  • Coupon still active. I think it expires at midnight UK time - not AEDT.

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