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Xiaomi Piston Earphones Fresh Edition Silver US $2.59 (AU $3.38) Delivered @ GearBest


Negotiated a coupon code BfridaAU7 for these Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition earphones with 200 uses

Main Features:

Aluminium alloy earbud, anti-fingerprint and durable
Third generation damping balance system delivers the more clear and detailed sound
Built-in mic for hands-free calls
With on-cord control for music and calls control
Ergonomics design, comfortable to wear

Ensure you select Unregistered Air Mail to avoid additional shipping costs. Use PayPal for buyer protection. Enjoy :)

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  • Pretty sure I haven't gotten my last set of $2 headphones yet. Which means I'll order these as a "just in case".

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    I already have 3 pairs and one more on the way. Must resist!

    • +2

      Curses, I only had two. You made me buy…

    • +2

      yea but this one is fresh…

  • Will be a nice backup pair of earphones! Thanks Op!

  • +7

    stares at unopened xiaomi earphones on desk

    ok. another one it is! Thanks Op!

  • My order from the previous deal just arrived today. First time trying them.

    Ordered two more. Thanks OP

    These are great value and quality and I woll keep ordering them to keep spares available.

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    I bought one of the previous Pistons and they're pretty good. Only gripe is they don't have a volume control. Anyone know if there are any Pistons that have that?

  • How does the sound quality of these compare with Apple EarPods?

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      Can't compare to Ear Pods but these are at best average, very limited high frequency range and muddy bass but comfortable.
      A good buy for the price.

      Look for VE Monk Plus earbuds if you enjoy good sound quality, they will set you back around $12 shipped on Ebay maybe cheaper else where.

      • Any other budget earphones you recommend?

        • Not OP but you can't go wrong with KZ's current offerings. They are IEMs as opposed to earbuds like VE Monks.

          In descending order of price and quality:
          KZ ZS6 > ZS5 > ES3 > ZS3 / ZST / ZSE

          All but ZS6 (only released a few weeks ago) are <$20 USD on Gearbest and were recently (currently?) on sale. The ZS3 were under $10 which is ridiculous value.

        • @Soothsayer:

          Hey thanks for your rankings, i personally have the zs3,doesn't really stand out with my DZAT DF 10 or memt X5.

          Wow, the ZS6,ZS5 have 4 drivers? Hope it makes a difference, I might have a look.

          I remember that ZS3 is bass but not too unbalanced. What's the sound like on ZS6? I'm ok as long as the symbalance / Highs aren't so sharp it hurts (my ears are a bit sensitive).

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      Apple ear phones are probably the worst I’ve ever used, completely due to the lack of isolation cas they sit outside the canal.

  • Cheers got one

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    I purchased the Xiaomi Pro HD's and the Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrids. Both of them did not work correctly. The left earbuds on each had a significantly higher volume than the right, and after some research I had found out that gearbest sell counterfeit Xiaomi products. I was able to get a refund for one but the other I had been completely ignored. It might not be the case for the lower end ones as they worked for me but for the others be very careful when getting them from gearbest.

    • Really.. counterfeit ones… even after this gearbest is so much here… how to identify fake ones

    • Similar issue with me too, I purchased the Xiaomi Pro HD's from Gearbest and the left speaker is lower in volume then the right and the mic pics up a lot of static. Have logged a ticket with them, waiting for their response. I think I will give gearbest a miss from now on…

  • Although The sound is exceptional value for what you pay for, the connection with the 3.5 jack is not good construct. Like you always have that bendy protection thingy on good quality earphones but this is just the simple wire going into a rigid plug, after 2 weeks it's already bent and soon will snap.

    • Stop tugging on your earphone cords and they'll be fine, never pull out by cable etc. Have had cheap ones in this style last until a speaker gives out.

  • Expired already :(

  • Says code expired?

  • Out of stock.

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  • The Code you entered has expired.

  • Missed it..

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    Gearbest are a seriously dodgy company. Although I added to the cart/applied the code & went through the PayPal checkout it was listed at $3.38 all the way through until the final payment screen when it changed to $9.42……. I logged out/in again to PayPal where it still listed at $3.38 until the final payment screen where it has now changed to $7.81….. That was a few minutes of my time I will never get back. Have been burnt by them before. Obviously a slow learner….

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      You don't mention the stage [on the final review screen after your PayPal login] where you selected your postage method…

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