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Repco - 30% off Storewide Saturday and Sunday [Auto Club Members]


Here we go again. Standard discount for Auto Club members is being upped to 30% off normal retail price, this weekend only

30% off applies to full retail price and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, including catalogue lines. Discount does not apply to purchases of transmissions, satellite navigation devices, automotive, marine & deep cycle batteries, engines & cylinder heads, equipment, gift cards, any trade purchases and Trade Workshop Equipment. Discount does not apply to purchases from the Repco Authorised Service network. Store Stock only. Offer valid Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 November 2017.

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  • http://catalogues.repco.com.au/offer/tool-racks/mechpro-blue...
    Decent tool trolley for $280 wouldn't be a bad deal.

    • +3

      If thats in the catalogue its probably a special price already, so you won't be able to get an additional 30% off it.
      Sorry to disappoint :(

      • Ah. Its in the catalogue, but it doesn't indicate any discount…

        There was a slightly smaller one in last months catalogue for $299, that is no longer in this catalogue, and is back at $399, so at least that one would definitely be $280 now.

        • I believe even if it's not a sale price. If it's in the catalogue then no discount.

  • +1

    How do you become a member?

    • It's for state auto club members. NRMA, RACT etc. The rest of us don't get a look-in.

      • Anyone here tried using someone else's card? Do they check the name?

        • They do not check the name, they just scan and give it back to you

        • my local QLD repco doesnt even scan the card, just flash it and they key in 30% discount.

    • You can use your RAA card if you're a member

      • +2

        I have just used a picture of my card in the past and it has been fine, they didn't check ID. But as always with Repco, still check competitors pricing as 30% off certainly doesn't guarantee cheaper unfortunately.

        • Would anyone like to PM me a photo of their membership card please?

    • I got my membership through Holden car club website(free to rego) few years ago..just google it..I m pretty sure everyone can get it for free

  • I should have logged into OzBargain first before I bought 6 spark plugs earlier this arvo!! :-(

    • Refund an rebuy

      • Already in the engine…..

        • +2

          Buy new with lower price, refund with old receipt at higher price

        • +1


          Cunning. Real cunning.

  • +1

    Does anyone have any experience with Repco's car batteries?

    • +2

      Real OZBargainers would use Eneloops.

    • Crap as are Century.
      Don’t skimp on car batteries, set and forget.

    • +2

      Excludes batteries :(

      • Damn. :(

      • They shouldn't call it storewide if batteries are not included..

  • +16

    I find Repco so frustrating to shop.
    It’s 2017 and their website is like it was designed in the 90s.

    • Replacement Parts Company (REPCO) is owned by a big american parts company called Genuine Parts Company (GPC), which probably explains their lack of upgrading website wise.

      They'll probably have to be sold off or closed once Amazon comes in though, I don't think they are making much money now. My local branch is old and mostly empty compared with the new and busy Supercheap nearby.

  • +8

    Another retailer destined to fail because they can't come up with an online shop.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      And it’s more expensive than supercheap and autobarn

      • Supercheap have my spark plugs at 45 each while Repco have them for 25.

    • Disagree. They offer discounted trade prices, and are well stocked on a wide variety of parts for quick dispatch to trade repairs. A website however is sorely overdue and would make comparing prices easier than calling.

    • +3

      You know what Repco stands for, don't you? Rip every poor c*$t off!

  • Any decent tool kit at a good price after the discount?

  • +2

    so my experience with them today was, lots of stuff in the catalog which meant it excluded from the 30% off sale - it was all a bit scamy imo

  • Store wide, excluding lots of items like batteries :-(

    Like msy, repco seem to have problems with the meaning of words.

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