expired NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB SM-G920V Unlocked - Black/White/Gold - AU $279.99 Shipped (HK) @ Phillipdi.com


Hi guys, Phillip Di here, owner and manager and maker or PhillipDi.com I hope you are well.
I LITERALLY just got back from China and Hong Kong and managed to secure some bloody good deals!

I have got Unlocked 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6's for $279.99AUD or 211.99USD
The free option comes by Singapore post which has a stated delivery time of 11-21 days, its being drop shipped directly from Hong Kong or the PRC.

I have PERSONALLY tested these phones, vetted the suppliers beyond an inch and each transaction that happens with me and them is held until I hear from you (the buyer) that you're fully satisfied.

This is a brand new phone in a sealed box. These are NOT Fake/imitation phones they are actually from the Samsung factory or warehouse.

I tested it first by ordering a few samples, 1 phone at first (a few years ago which I still use today), then some to friends who needed phones, and then 15 to a bulk buyer, and 15 in 5 separate bulk orders all which turned out fine, then I went over and visited the supplier, in this case, a broker.

The way I get these phones that are slightly older models but brand new and cheap is because of the business model of Verizion or AT&T most company's. These companys will over supply one phones, this is so they don't run out of stock, and when the S7 and S8 get released and the S6 is no longer sold in stores or with phone plans they have all these phones sitting round and they decide to sell them, however it being specialty branded model SM-920V they can't sell it as easily as a SM-920 without the branding (e.g annother Telco who are huge buyers won't touch them as well as EU countries and countries that don't like the US), its the same phone just with some minor branding differences like when it turns on you have the verizion logo flash, its entierly unlocked just that logo comes up, and so they put them to auction and my agent in China/Hong Kong (where auctions sometimes take pleace) buys them directly form there in considerable bulk and sells me whever amount I need.

How I know why are not fake:

I have tested them in by following:
1. WEIGHED the phone against its online specifications and a genuine S6 and found it to be exactly the same give or take a few points of a gram.
2. Flashed the phone with genuine Samsung official ROM's, if it was a fake it would have different hardware and it would never have flashed/worked,
3. Ran AnnaTutu on it and got the same score on CPU, if it was a "fake" they are surely using the same CPU as Samsung which you can't really get cheaper than Samsung would and it would not be profitable to fake,
4. Quality on the one I purchased and have sold is exactly the same as others
5. The serial numbers on all the ones I purchased match up to Samsungs database, they are not and cannot be fakes, it would not be profitable to fake them in this way or even possible to do it at this price and make a profit
I use one of these phones PERSONALLY, google it for reviews to see if it suits you.

Our main payment method is Paypal and credit card through PayPal, but we also accept bitcoins.

I have been exporting consumer electronics from China and Asia for 5 years, I was operating mainly on eBay and selling to some people wholesale, I started to expand and now I see the only way to grow and become a brand is by starting my own website, these deals are not available on eBay because the fees are just too high, 10% on a couple hundred dollars really adds up and you are using PayPal so your transaction is still covered.
Orders are usually manufacturer direct (or direct supplier, or broker), the price speaks for itself as to how close I have managed to get to the supply line.

I am in the process of building a brand, just like Kogan or Dick Smith (RIP store). I'm am from Melbourne, I grew up in Broadmeadows and I am here now to disrupt the current balance of power.

Check out my other deals, I got some PHD Laptops and S7's and tie clips you will enjoy for christmas!
Don't forget to like us on facebook for updates https://www.facebook.com/PhillTheQuality/

Thanks for reading this far

  • Sincerely
    Phillip Di

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  • +3 votes

    Good luck :)

    • +1 vote

      hey man thanks! I mean I honestly believe I have some of the best prices on earth, don't know why I didn't post on here earlier!

  • +3 votes

    Hi OP.
    Your wording is somewhat uncertain. Are these phones BRAND NEW? Or they just "LOOK exactly LIKE that in the photo (brand new)"?


      Hey mate, they are brand new, I added new to the title on the listings on the S6, as the phones are brand new.
      They also look brand new, I said look brand new because the photos are "stock" photos and I thought someone might say "ohh they are stock photos" it must be ratty, and by doing so I create more questions but its good feedback and I fixed it up, have a look

      • +3 votes

        If you say they "look" brand new, it just arouses suspicion. Why wouldn't they look brand new? It's not necessary to mention that if they're new.

        If you have to emphasize that they look new, people are going to assume they aren't new, and only look that way.

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    I can't find your deals on the s7.
    Edit : found it on your website,not on Facebook

    Again, your website is not clear on phone condition. Your s7 ad says screen size 5.5“. The s7 edge is only that size. I'm starting to smell a rat.

    The website blog is still the default WordPress starter statement. Very poor QC.

    May I suggest you improve the quality of your Facebook profile picture. It says Phill the Quality but the visual quality is terrible. Was it saved as a gif? Maybe try jpg or at least save as a better quality jpg.

    Good luck with your endeavours.


      Hi mate, the s7 link is here https://www.phillipdi.com/product/samsung-galaxy-s7-manufact...

      The phone is brand new and 5.1 inch not 5.5 as we are selling the S7 not the S7 edge (could not get a decent competitive price on it), not sure how 5.5 got there, their it was a typo or taken from the wrong sites spec data.

      The hello world posts were re-uploaded from a backup, I thought I got rid of them but I didn't on the backup thanks for that they are gone now.

      The facebook profile I see what you mean, it looks ok on ozbargain, I'm checking to see if it was uploaded wrong, it was not taken from a gif but I see the grain your talking about, I mainly deal with JPG's and PSD's but I do have a marketing guy who wanted to touch up the face and make it a brighter blue so that may have been where it went wrong. Thanks for the feedback and good will


      I believe the battery specifications are also incorrect, listed on the site as 3600mAh but gsmarena lists 3000mAh


    Any dual sim Note series Samsung? Thanks


      Not off the top of my head, I got the dual sim J5 Prime (aka On5) which is dual sim running at about 249.99


        Is that J5 dual sim 4G/3G or Only one 4G/3G and sim 2 Only 2G?


          Good question! There's no way Samsung would make it 2G only, I saw no warning/writing anywhere to indicate that there was any difference between the two sim card ports, BUT I have not tested it like that before, I only tested to see that both sims worked.



          Only some cpu's are capable to do this currently. What cpu is in this phone?


          @ozhunter68: Ok, fonearena is saying "- 1.5GHz Snapdragon 617 Octa-Core Processor"
          http://www.fonearena.com/samsung-galaxy-on5-(2016)8126.html GSM Arena just says octa-core https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_on5(2016)-8266.php
          I can confirm by calling the supplier later if you want to make the order. This phone I have currently sold 15 too in the past

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    Hey mate,

    Just to be sure:

    1. These are brand new phones?
    2. These are original phones, not copies or imitations? The Samsungs were made by Samsung and the Apples by Apple, etc?
    3. Is there a warranty on these devices?


      1. Yep they look brand new from when he saw them. He uses one day to day.
      2. They look just like the originals not clones.
      3. They are drop shipped and your approval is absolutely necessary before the deal closes.

      I thought he made it clear?

      so many vague answers, so many errors on the website, poor quality presentation and branding.

      If you pay by PayPal you should be OK but I would steer clear.

      • +3 votes
        1. Yep they look brand new from when he saw them. He uses one day to day.

        There's a difference between looking brand new and being brand new. Someone could have used the phone with a case and tempered glass for a couple of months and it would look 'brand new'. Is the box sealed at least?

        1. They look just like the originals not clones.

        They look like? Why is everything based on visuals and nothing is based on solid facts. Might be a very good clone? I'm not sure but the way they word it makes it sound like a clone or its used.


          agreed, not sure why I got negged.


          Is the box sealed at least?

          His quote on the matter:

          I have PERSONALLY tested these phones

          I'd say he is genuinely doing his best and his intentions are right, but I don't think he's learned how to best advertise. He's still new to this.


          @lostn: hey mate, ABSOLUTELY correct, I have been selling on eBay all these years and I never really had to advertise my products because the prices were usually the lowest, now I got a website and no ones doing the search engine advertisements for me (but no ones taking 10% away so I decided to take it up myself).

          And here I am, "new" at selling like this.


      "Just to be sure:

      These are brand new phones?
      These are original phones, not copies or imitations? The Samsungs were made by Samsung and the Apples by Apple, etc?
      Is there a warranty on these devices?"

      1. Yes they are brand new phones. This is what I have done to "test" that as best as I can, the one I purchased I tested its guts out, I flashed it, I ran testing apps, I rooted then ran more testing apps you can only get with root, I ran the serial numbers and sold it to other people asking to test it, as far as everything I did and came up. I am fully convinced it is a brand new phone, I don't see how its possible NOT to be a brand new phone, even if the front and back case was replaced on an old phone I paid special attention to the sides with a magnifying glass and saw no dents or lines of any kind.

      2. They are originals, I have tested them in the following 1. WEIGHED the phone against its online specifications and a genuine S6 and found it to be exactly the same give or take a few points of a gram. 2. Flashed the phone with genuine samsung official ROM's, if it was a fake it would have different hardware and it would never have flashed/worked, 3. Ran AnnaTutu on it and got the same score on CPU, if it was a "fake" they are surely using the same CPU as samsung which you can't really get cheaper than samsung would and it would not be profitable to fake, 4. Quality on the one I purchased and have sold is exactly the same as others 5. The serial numbers on all the ones I purchased match up to samsungs datase, they are not and cannot be fakes, it would not be profitable to fake them in this way or even possible to do it at this price and make a profit

      3. Warranty is your standard 60 day warranty, we are not involved in the business of selling extended warranty's yet because you WON'T and DON'T need id.
        Also would have Samsungs warranty still


    do they come with Australian Charger?


    How long from ordering to being in my hand?


      If you went with DHL express your looking at about 1 week sometimes 1.3 weeks.
      If you went by Singapore post 11-21 days, however it might even be 30 day maximum because of the Christmas rush going on with the packages coming out of china.

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    Your ad says Galaxy S7, product description says Galaxy S6, photo shows Nokia 1100.
    They say variety is the spice of life, but probs best to just pick one of them.

  • +7 votes

    Your wordings seem like it came from the same Nigerian scam school. It may not be buy sure read like one.


      Hey mate, its just they way I type sometimes, if you want PM me your number I can give you a call and if your in Melbourne I can meet with you in person. Also I mean do we have to blame Nigeria for all scams? I'll tell you what was a scam, when Shannon Noll lost Australian idol in 2004.

  • +1 vote

    He's from Broady. He's trying to roll you.


    tempting for spare one, have someone bought it and paid by Paypal ?

  • +4 votes

    Has continually stated they look like the original without saying straight out they are GENUINE Samsung products. Careful with his words, seems dodgy to me.


      Have a look at the wording now. They are GENUINE Samsung Galaxy S6 phones.
      Any shonky wording like that won't fly with Paypal though, selling fakes like that is ILLEGAL and they have no issue refunding you and reporting you

  • +2 votes

    So Phil, are these genuine Samsung Galaxy S6? Or do they LOOK like a Brand New S6? Lol, your introduction just ruined your credibility.


      Well obliviously they look brand new because they ARE genuine unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Mobile phones.
      Made by Samsung on a Samsung assembly line, with procured Samsung parts, in the Samsung factory by Samsung workers and Samsung quality control.

  • +1 vote

    G920V (Verizon)

    Looks like it has very limited band support for au, verified from willmyphonework

    USA model but shipped from hk? That doesn't sound right

    • +1 vote

      Well that kills the deal quick if it doesnt have all bands.


      Hi mate, I went on will my phone work and it same up as working fine no hastles on Vodaphone, Optus and Telstra.
      I used it Personally on Telstra 4G without a problem, now I'm on Vodaphone and thats sweet, I used it also on china unicom as well.

      "USA model but shipped from hk? That doesn't sound right", may I ask where you would expect a Asian made phone to be shipped from?
      They don't make the USA phones in the USA for the USA customers, its all still made in China, so of course it would be sent from somewhere near there, in this case hong kong because it won't tax Chinese business men for products made outside of hong kong and they have got a large number of cheap ports.

      I mean I'm not going to get them from the USA and once they have already been sent from china


    Bought one from shopping square HK recently, looks new but the battery life is terrible. Can't believe the original Samsungs were like this although I realise it's a Quad HD screen. I suspect the battery is used and the unit is somehow refurbished but it's sealed and works so bad luck. Can see the battery dropping in front of your eyes like the petrol tank indicator on an old V8 Landrover. Won't order old models from HK again because when you think about it, are Samsung really still producing old models?

    • +2 votes

      Something isn't right if that's the case.

      I bought my S6 2 years ago off Kogan, and the battery life was very good.


        Mind you they do sell them on Kogan for like 629.99, call me crazy but if I got a phone for $299.99 aud (which I did and am using today) and the battery wasn't "the best" first I would examine my usage, check for draining apps, install some battery life watching apps and at worst pay like $50 and got my battery changed with one with a higher MAH rating, but thats me, id be happy saving 300 bucks


      hey mate see my explanation as to how I get the phones brand new but an older model. Battery life does diminish when its sitting on a shelf I might add, and it depends how you use the phone, my battery drops when I use the 4g and GPS of but thats drawing power

  • +1 vote

    There are a lot of "new refurbished" S6 are selling around the same price on eBay listed as "New".

    I hope this is not one of those.


      Hey mate, I have gone to some lengths to test it including using it myself.
      Now I don't know about the eBay listed one, but take their price and take 10% off, and that's how much they are getting for it, then take off $5us for postage, and it's much lower than possible to sell an original phone so I think they are just fakes


    Why don't you post deal of Samsung S7 which is selling for ~$320? S7 is much better than S6.


      I can only do one post a day on OzBargain. You can post it if you can but if your affiliated with a store its only 1 every 24 hours.


        You can club both the phone in one deal..


          This is my first post here and I thought I could post both without having to wait 24 hours, I then thought of changing it but re-wording the title would be difficult because I only have Black and White S7's and the different prices on the same listing might be confusing.

          Its coming tomorrow


          @phillipdi: Also why there is no information on ABN/ACN, about you etc?


          @pyramid: Former ABN: 77878520593 PHD Enterprises, created jan 2012 expired Aug 2016 as I migrated to company structure in hong kong as that was where most of my business was taking place (even eBay business was paid from a company outside of Australia and all my suppliers wanted to be paid in Hong Kong or China and to break free from the INSANELY backwards and ripp off Australian banking system with a $20 fee to do an international bank transfer at the WORST rates or with a broker with a minimum of $1000AUD and "only" a $15 fee I decided to go local, not being a HK or chinese citizen you needed a company to setup a bank account and here I am


          Don't forget it does not matter where my company is set up if your paying by PayPal your still going to be covered on any transaction


          @phillipdi: we had similar roboguy who had paypal etc, drop shipping from China and still stuffed up..and some of buyer did not get favourable response from Paypal.


          @pyramid: Right, well I don't know what or why that has happened but I doubt he had an ABN in Australia since 2012 and then migrated away later on to a company to expand his business. I also doubt if he was selling on eBay still. I'm not some popup roboguy, I have been here for a while the only "new" thing is I decided to make a website and break free from eBay and I decided to make a company and break free from the Big 4 bastards


          If you ever get an unfavourable result from Paypal (aka they try to screw you), do what I did and used the Financial Service Ombudsman to screw them back https://www.fos.org.au/resolving-disputes/before-you-lodge-a...

          Also this is their Australian email address where you get an Aussie claims manager.

          Be persistant in your emails and explain to them that you will go through the WHOLE Financial Services Ombudsman service which charge paypal for their services and at the end of it you will got to VCAT, worked for me, but thats only when its an "unfavourable" result


    Lol, if you know that they are genuine phones then there is nothing to worry about. But the way you emphasise it, it makes it sound fishy.
    I trust that these are real phones but next time just don't emphasise it too much infact a simple one worded genuine in the title is enough

    • +2 votes

      haha sure, I love this forum. I say once that its genuine, I get 4 people ask "Is it Genuine Genuine GENUINE though, you said that its real, but it could be a real fake, like you need to tell me its Genuinely really samsung"

      Then I say, yes its genuinely really samsung and I'm emphasising it too much. I get you mate, its all down to written communications which isnt my "strong" suit but I'll fix it up cheers.

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